Classical Liberalism/Minarchism

>Only 200iq will understand why this is the best ideology.
>Our founding fathers were true liberals.
Why do we get mocked with ancap meme? our ideology erected this god damn country and if you appose us, you aren't American.

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Ancaps want to learn from history instead of repeating it.

Ancaps and coms should move to Venezuela and live their dream

Libertarianism is too idealistic for any full-brained person to entertain outside of the shower.

How would ancaps and commies even live together, theyre literally eachothers opposites on the left/right/totalitarian/liberal spectrum

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.

Reminder: Jesus was an anarchist.

Who said something about living together? They just should get their larping asses to Venezuela or Somalia and compete about who is right, and the last man standing gets the crown of anarchism

t. need someone else to tell him how to live his life

Its the idealistic nature that drives innovation and success

my ideal america is one where the government barely exists, only to protect us from foreign threats, like war or brown people entering the borders because they are a threat to liberty. past that the fed can suck a fat one though. dog bless.

ancom could exist in an ancap world, not vice versa though.

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Look at the government we have now... we need to CUT IT DOWN NOW!!!

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Ancom can't exist anywhere.

You're right, but you are also approaching it as if all men are equal, when your society only functions with white men.

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>We must ensure the people of this country have freedom
>The founding fathers were liberal! if you oppose my opinion you're not a real American!
Hey want to know the difference between the founding fathers and you?
They were a 100% White, unlike you 56% mutt.

Sounds nice but due to human nature its unsustainable.

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I was like you once... But watched the left act the way it always does year after year with no respect for peoples rights and ignoring the social contract. I just can't give people the power to violate my rights and sit around wishfully hoping they decide not to.

That's what finally sent me to ANCAP

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>this instantly kills the lobertardian

You can't refute pic

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The preference of the mother or sister, who needs support to produce offspring

Libertarian / Ancap
The preference of the young male, who seeks to accumulate resources and wants maximum flexibility and minimum obstacles in the way

The preference of the established older male, who seeks to preserve accumulated wealth and safeguard society from outside attack

Understand that these political preferences sync up with a person's evolutionary and competitive interest. All three preferences will exist in any society. They can't all get their way, neither does it work to favor one to the total neglect of the other two.


Ancap meme dump thread

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fuck off lefty

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Jesus, Libertarianism BTFO

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> Corporatism is a fascist ideology, not liberal

You are just a Chinese proxy so opinion disregarded

Quit conflating IQ, which is essentially aptitude, with ideology.

The libertarian rhetoric was used to create enough momentum to force the issue of revolution, but in the end, Federalism and centralized rule by the elites was maintiained.

>Implying, sadly, Canada.

slit ur throat retard

you should take ur own life lmao


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reminder: he was also a cuck and a commie

you're a retard

White ethnonationalism made it work, it can make almost anything work.

You idiots just harp on shit which is completely irrelevant at the moment. First segregate, then worry about economics.

Dumb shit.

How does rampant advertising fit in with the NAP?

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>Jesus bowed to the men in power
Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha. No.

>don't tread on me
>consistently treaded on for over 50 years straight

CIA is haters. Long story short.

He did, though. He accepted their judgement.


He died for your sins, not because (((they))) put him to death.

He could've not bowed to their punishment, but he did. Sometimes it's the noble thing to do, and the only way you can make people wake up is to be destroyed by their systems.

build a road dreamer

Individualism is self destructive because any collective which does not place itself as number one priority will be consumed by the ones that do.

Aren’t there actual ancom communes which actually work (poorly).

Yeah! Cut the taxes of george soros right now!

Yet ironically Minarchism is more socialist than the constitutional republic the United States started with.

Before we can hope to even practically even begin to fathom minarchism/classical liberalism/libertarianism/anarchist-capitalism, govt need to be wholesale reduced. Which is a Herculean challenge.