Diversity btw

Fucking retarded leftists

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Shiet, that's my old unit. Weaponized shitskins all the way up there? The big happening can't happen soon enough.

this is what happens when there is a degenerate president!

they chose a Rothschild banker
now they reap what they sow

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That, and the small-scale terrorist attack last week... muslims look like they really want to spark something.

Guerre civile when, Raoul?

How's it being in the French army

Just anoda day in France

Fun fact; Raoul is also jokingly said to mimick someone retching

I left a long time ago so it might be different now, hopefully. Back then it was pretty shit.
>yearly training in Norway cancelled forever because no money
>brand new material stays warm in garages/store rooms and we use old and busted shit
>shooting 30 rounds per month at the very most because it's too expensive
>AT training limited to the simulator and maybe 1 live missile every 2 years if you're lucky
>go to Ivory Coast supposedly as neutral peace keepers, but actually cuddle up with the scummy loyalist troops
>every squad is undermanned

>The big happening can't happen soon enough.

the big happenings already happened, why did the french not avenge themselves? why are there no reprisals against north africans?

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Because North Africans are badass af desu

Everybody is too comfortable, and there's the:
>I have a muslim coworker and he's the nicest guy ever!

>the big happening
You had more than one big happening already
How many you need to uncuck yourselves?

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Too many

No there not I lived in Paris for 4 years they only attack in packs and most of them are skinny little rats. Most f the time it's fine it's just when it's like Bastille day or NYE where all the nogs crawl from there shit holes and come to areas where they don't belong and then comes the problems

>Too many
Les Français sont bien trop domestiqué pour se bouger le cul. L'armée aurait déjà du faire un coup d'état 20 ans plus tôt.

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Yeah that's what I mean. Right now there could 200 dead in Lyon for example, it would do nothing because the rest of the country doesn't feel it. Even the rest of Lyon would barely feel it. Everyone can keep working or doing whatever they're doing.

Feels like nobody will do shit until there's a happening in every single French town

never trust Muslims

I sure as fuck don't, but it's a difficult message to pass along

must be weird going to work with a Muslim terrorist not knowing one day he'll snap and mass murder everyone around you

no deaths?

Or even a "normal" muslim, knowing he will laugh internally when he hears people panicking about the latest attack during the coffee break
Mountain troops too agile for shitskin in shitcar. then again, the news doesn't give a description. Maybe it was an old white dude who had a bit too much of the red for breakfast

>ppl trained to kill and be killed were almost killed


NATO countries shouldn't have armies. Too murderous.

>Because North Africans are badass af desu

LMAO maybe the french are simply too weak...

>"I want to kill all Moroccans" and he kills a drug dealer: arrested a 39 year old Italian
>arrested thirty-nine Italian resident in the Comasco, because he was held responsible for the murder of Ghazal Azeddine, the twenty-seven-year-old drug dealer who on January 26th had been killed with a stab in the abdomen.

>Father and daughter investigated for the murder of the Moroccan Khalid Lagraidi.
>Marco Barba, 43, responds to voluntary homicide aggravated by premeditation, by the futile and abject motives and concealment of corpse.
>The Italian first tried to strangle Lagraidi. Then he would have thrown several blows to his head causing him several fractures to the skull. Finally he would try to hide the corpse in a metal bin and dissolve the body with numerous bottles of muriatic acid.

>Naples, the summary justice of the Camorra: how they brutalized the Tunisian rapist. The Tunisian Abdelmadij Chafai was feared in the popular district of Naples between Piazza Mercato and Case Nuove because according to the story of a resident he had raped a young boy.
>The voice, explains Corriere della Sera, quickly arrived to the bosses of the area, the Mazzarella clan, who issued the "death sentence" against the North African. And today Salvatore Sembianza, the material author of that murder, was arrested.
>Sembianza told the investigators the macabre execution of the man: lured in June 2015 in a house of Poggioreale, killed with two shots to the head, torn to pieces, closed in an envelope, burned and abandoned in a landfill.

>That, and the small-scale terrorist attack last week... muslims look like they really want to spark something.
>Guerre civile when, Raoul?

not now because the french seem too scared, I sincerely hope they understand that they have to react before it's too late..

Part and parcel

Fear isn't the issue, it's the pointlessness.

lol the French are faggots, they don't have balls

>Fear isn't the issue, it's the pointlessness.

North Africans are slaughtering your people, if you don't react they will exterminate you, they think you are weak just because you don't react to their attacks.

Tell me, what happened to the people in your previous post, and what effect it had on the other Italians?

>Tell me, what happened to the people in your previous post, and what effect it had on the other Italians?

We have tons of them, they hate us but don't attack us only because they know there will be reprisals, that's all. In France, however, they know that there will be no consequences..

it's a Muslim tradition

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Because it's pointless. You kill that ISIS imam that's about to get deported, the end result is you rot in prison and the (((media))) side with the poor imam victim of a hate crime