Is trump lying or just dumb?

Space is fake. Why isn’t he coming clean about it?

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We cant leave LEO

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how do you explain that you can see stupid fucking space and starts at night or the sun at day or literally basically that every country that has a satellite in space is all conspiring together even with their most hated enemies to keep it secret from a population that could not care less either way?


If space is real why do astronauts give out pieces of wood? Why not give out actual moon rocks?

yeah but the costs of literally doing anything with space or whatever you think there is instead is already so goddamn expensive no normie has even the chance of being part of it.
At the very past you need a lottery hell of a chance and maybe MAYBE you end up like spaceex but even then everyone wanting to do anything in space still needs the approval of the goverment regardlessly sooo.. yeah.

Non-CIA Presidents generally know very little about what's going on.

Meh i just dont attribute malice, or a world wide conspiracy between countries for no reason at all when stupidy fits just as well.

It's quite selectively convenient that you've been conditioned to believe that anytime a specific category of powerful figures conspire to fuck people, it HAS to be them just being stupid and getting random results.

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Ok well then why not replace the wood with a real moon rock now that we know?

>Let's see those Dutch fags makes shoes outta this

Just America fucking with the tulip boys.

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Its not always, just when it actually makes more sense then the retarded alternatives that go something like this "we as countries lets all work together even though we all kinda hate each other and dont work together on ANYTHING else that actually helps the world... and we work together to hide something that 99,9% of all people on the entire planet could not afford anyway and dont even really care about it either way and it doesn't even influence their daily lives in one way or the other... so why again are we wasting literal billions to keep this secret from dumb fuck average joe working at mcdonalds? All while being force to work together with our sworn enemies countrys?!? why again?"

I mean at some point even the dumbest motherfucker has to realize not every conspiracy theory is right or even has a spit of truth in it. This is one of those.

Moon trees confirmed

We can only bring back a certain number of moon rocks. We want these to study and to put in our museums. We don’t even have enough for most of our museums to have any.
Why the hell would we give the dutch a real moon rock when we can give them a worthless peice of an old tree and they won’t even notice for 40 years?

space isnt fake dipshit

yes it is

How do you know?

your mums tits are fake cunt
same way i know that ultraviolet radiation isnt fake

space is a meme

your face is a meme


Shouldn't the real question be; Why is there petrified wood on the moon?

fucking kek

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Its part of the role of the presidency. It's an act, all of politics is a psyOP. Has been this way for a long time. Its a fake democracy. The world is controlled through 3 "city states".
Washington DC
City of London
Vatican City
They don't play by any rules of the countries, these three entities control the world and serve the cabal bloodlines.

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>Checked like a mother fucker

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im a certified badass

its flat

the ((globe))

watch out - if you use logic the jew will get you

they didn't want to give moon rock to anyone
so they knew the museum would be retarded
they probably had a clause not to experiment on it
and they broke it
finding out it was wood
which is how you write a contract

Well then why not just say that these are rare moon rocks and therefore we can’t give you one? Because now people have doubts about the authenticity of the moon rocks in American museums.

Spy assassination was an INSIDE JOB!

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All i have on nasa
Also earth is a hollow sphere