Consume 5 soylents a day

>consume 5 soylents a day
>adamantly avoid onions
>remove the cold water from my shower system
>never lift
>pre-ordered nintendo labo
>got a vasectimy
>work for anti faschist group
>donate to clinton foundation
>own a bucket
>march at gay rallies and LGBQT+ events
>deliver anti-gun leaflets to homes with registered guns
>burn the american flag and call for removal of general lee statues/confederate stuff
>allow my girlfriend to explore her sexuality with black men, sometimes I suck them off too
>changed my census gender to "other"

What are some things I can do to keep annoying alt-right losers?

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If you're white, suicide. If you're not, suicide bombing.

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what the absolute fuck is relevent about owning a bucket?
Am I getting rused by a non-sequitur?

t. shlomo

>>own a bucket

>own a bucket
Wow, the shills are out in force tonight. Nothing wrong with owning a bucket, I own several and I did three tours of duty with the Canadian military in the arctic circle. Fight me.

>>own a bucket
I don't get it.

i swear if i see one more soy with a bucket i'll lose it

Epic triple digits, want explanation too

>I cowered myself in shit and started running around
>that'll show them

buckets gtfo
how can buckets ever complete

>Annoying alt-right losers

You aren't annoying us, we are laughing at the extent to which you are cucking yourself. Enjoy, and please come back with updates on your health and relationships. I would like to see where this goes.

Spell fascist wrong so could not be a bait (jk exactly same thread yesterday)

The best way to annoy the alt right is to film yourself cutting off your reproductive organs.

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Someone make a bingo card out of this. I got 1, but if I could remove the cold water I could.

Suicide. Right wingers hate suicide

>ITT: b*cket shills

if you shoot yourself with a gun you not only remove a white person from the population which will hasten the decline of the white race, you'll increase violent crimes committed with a firearm statistics and push the repeal the second amendment agenda.

This will really upset the right and get them triggered.

drink local craft beer
do selfies in public places while alone
drive a subaru
own a french bulldog along with your cat
get a tattoo of harry potter

fucking what

Soyboys always look so happy. Maybe they're on to something.


yes laughing this hard hurts my tummy

I find it funny that when leftists do shit like this they think they're "annoying" or "fighting" us.In reality, you're helping us win.

So please, get weaker and look even more like a wierdo. It only draws more people to right leaning causes.

>got a vasectimy
if you're a dead end does it really matter what you do at all

fuck off newfag

+1 this
Do it soyboy nibberfagsucker

The vasectomy took care of that already.

>sabotaging his own life to annoy others

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>adamantly avoid onions
I fucking love onions dude, I don't even know how you live.

>Maybe they're on to something.
Only if you think oxytocin is worth dementia. It's up to you, really.

Dems have poison to the well

>>adamantly avoid onions
Who the fuck cares about onions?

Anyway you are not annoying anyone, you are just fucking yourself over.

Are you also a Leaf? THAT would be annoying

Holy fuck, I've found the axis of the faggotry

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>Owns a bucket
Then use it to collect shit and then eat it you fucking scat-cuck

>went around the sucky circle three times blowing niggers and chinks

no u

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What did you do in the Arctic circle anyway? Fight polar bears?

Masturbate to porn 5 times a day

>Who the fuck cares about onions?
me, fuck you.
onions are delicious
carmelized onions go with everything

Oh hell, this was all an elaborate ploy to make buckets a meme of the alt-left.

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You have a gay dancing PM, your PM is married with a woman. YOu take a pick who is most gay. COrrect answer it is you.

I don't know a single gay person even, but in Canada all people are faggots. KYS you fucking LEAF

>carmelized onions
Is that even a thing? It is like putting ice cream in your fucking taco. Fuck you!

Buckcucks BTFO!

I mean our PM is married with a woman, Tredue is a gay cunt

WTF? I hate bucket cucks. I want all people that owns a bucket to die. now

Not literal caramel you fucking moron.

>I'm going to press the self destruct button on my life in order annoy those problematic bigots on the right
Be my guest, op.

>he doesn't carmelize his onions
I bet you've never even seen a bucket.

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Draw me a fucking picture then you pissant

Fuck you and your fucking buckets. I rather talk with a walrus

yeah that sums it up.

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Obviously. I only own pails.

Don't blame him, maybe carmelized onions aren't halal

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>Draw me a fucking picture then you pissant

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imagine how much caramel it took to do that
i mean thats a whole bucket of onions

oh you crazy kids... loving the new memes...


All you need is HIV.

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Looks like sauteed onions. I sautee my onions daily. No bucket though.

stop it or abdul short circuits.

What the fuck

MFW I see a nice sexy bucket

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Wow...fighting the good fight in the arctic!? Man you sound like a guy I wouldn't want to cross paths with

What the fuck is bad about buckets?

Man I bucket water my vegi garden b/c I haven't bought a watering can. Does that mean I'm a soy boy now?

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Look at those cavities...How does he even eat??


There is nothing wrong with a fuckin Subaru

Big nose tribe take Sog toy, Sog swutch new toy. Sog like toy

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Inject soylent directly into your testicles, if you still have them.
Post results.

it would really annoy them if you killed yourself

especially if you did it in a very painful way , oh how much it would annoy them )


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why would owning a bucket piss white people off ? kek

Found the Soybaru owner

or "the alt right"

you could kill yourself
that would annoy the fuck out of me, that it's not me doing it

Gas the buckets, pot war now.

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>tfw bucket

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Is owning a bucket soy?