European femonon here...

European femonon here. I just want to say to all American men that I find it so sad that Americans mutilate their baby boy's penises scarring them for life, ruining their sex life for good.

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Well, if they didn't, how are the Jews to trust them to be their loyal mutts?

No matter which way you look at it that apostrophe was incorrectly used

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Another femanon here. They at least look better. I will never put these anteaters in my mouth.

what kinda of faggot shaves their stomach?

Post feet you whore

look at the graph of kikes in the US and circumcision in the US
look how easily the kikes pushed you all to get your cocks scarred
because kikes HAVE TO, it's mentioned like 200 fucking times
if you aren't cut, you can't even go into some kike places or eat, so
they told hitler the jews were planning shit
they told hitler to gas the jews
they told japs to get US involved
they went to US
the took trillions
they took over gov so fast
and they got you all to cut your cocks
the kraut mind is a disease.

femanon here,
I like black cock

"muh dick"
negroid levels of posting OP

You know the rules bebe

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>Jews run the world
>Jews ruin their sex lives on purpose
pick one

ok all the Sup Forums you know the drill ... tits time stamp and state you business or gtfo .. no one give a single fuk about you opinion

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viela is that you?

I wish American parents cared about their baby boys as much as OP. It's depressing to think that a parent would cut off the end of their baby son's penis without a second thought.


Tits w/timestamp or gtfo

Also thank you for your sympathy. I am sad too

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Turtleneckanon here in America. Most chicks just do not like it but seem to get used to it pretty quick.

I still wouldn't trade it, I hear cut guys don't feel as much and the thought of having to use lotion to beat off is just bizarre to me.

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While the practice is barbaric and should not be allowed on unconsenting babies it most certainly does not "ruin their sex life for good".

Back to the kitchen frau.
Leave Sup Forums to the men.

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they are conditioned to not like it by your society,in europe no one is a cutlet so women dont know any better and never complain

They don't actually need to use lotion, it just required a different technique with a loser hand.
Try it yourself by pulling your foreskin back and wanking.

Speak on shit you know about abbo.

wtf is this shitpost, go back to the kitchen bitch

In America chicks dig scars. What better place than to have a scar at the head of your dick.