Surprised you fags missed this, you're all over everything calling it a false flag the minute the story breaks...
>Ecuador has cut Julian Assange's internet connection at its embassy in London, preventing him from communicating with the outside world.The move is to prevent the WikiLeaks founder from interfering in other countries' affairs, Ecuador said. It comes after Mr Assange questioned accusations that Moscow was responsible for the poisoning of a Russian ex-spy and his daughter in the UK on 4 March.

Source: archive.li/hYuMA
Assange's tweet: twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/978368105322827776

This would be an ideal false flag, similar to Project Northwoods, as a pretext for armed escalation, not against Russia directly, but against any of her arms purchasing allies in the Middle East (Syria, Iran). We know that's the Neocon agenda of the Deep State, to engage us in transformative territorial wars in the ME. I'm not seeing a lot of digging threads on whether the assassination of the Russian ex-spy was an inside job. Don't get too distract just coming up with ways to counter-spin leftist shill narratives being spammed around you, it's not as important as digging in other areas. Priorities, priorities, priorities.

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Nothing ever happens. Grow up.

Australians will be the second ones going in the ovens, but I know I'm either third or forth (Indians)

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its simple, when julian is being a bad boy he gets his internetz cut off and a time out...when hes a good boi he gets his wi-fi turnt back on...there is no cuntspiracy, it's just discipline.

Ah whoops here I am bumping your thread again OP

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he dead or escaped

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>assassination of the Russian ex-spy
You have to be dead to be assassinated, senpai.

What is this suppose to be? When was the other ones taken compared the last.

kek they have me on that game too

Assange has been dead for over a year. This is just smoke and mirrors to make us think he is still alive.

Oh, sorry! FALSE FLAG!!!!! There, better?

Assange is dead. No one cares about CIALeaks. They shut it down, because it was getting stale.

Why was there no deadswitch then?

I've only seen it brought up so far with respect to the "dead man's switch" on his info in the event his internet was cut off, as is happening now. Not sure if/when it's supposed to trigger, or if that's a non-issue entirely.

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who the fuck cares, we all hate him here.

The cunt kept doing bait'n'switch tricks all through the US election

>Hey guys i have THE DIRT, you know, THE GOOD STUFF
>News conference at 10pm! THIS IS IT!


>Please buy my book.

If you read this, please continue to post your reply.

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Sure as long as it doesn't promote anything too obviously retarded or degenerate

>Assange is dead. No one cares about CIALeaks.
Or this is the shill narrative to keep us from listening to him.

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The first pics are from years ago when Assange got in a scuffle with one of the guards there. Fake news pic.

You people have to realize that Ecuador has changed leadership last year and the new government refers to Assange as a pebble in their show from the last one, they are going to try to drive him out of the embassy.

No degeneracy. I can't give details of my plan because other faggots will steal it. What I want to accomplish is quite elaborate and will take decades to truly accomplish, but I am absolutely willing to commit. If possible, please don't reply to anons telling them what my post was, but I can't stop you obviously.

Why does Assange look so weathered for a 46yo man?

If you want to be safe then move to some country where you would feel safe. Then learn IT, cybersecurity etc to stay sort of anonymous online, to make less digital footprint. Lurk more on Sup Forums.
Will you have a catchphrase? I want to recognise you if you turn out to be big

he sleep way too much .. not enough stress for is life in a foreign country in a small appartement ...who know why ?!

Well he’s been locked inside for quite many years now and he doesn’t look the most athletic type.

because he's been dead since 2016

I think Julian Assange might be dead.

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>Surprised you fags missed this
Noone has missed it, there's been a billion threads about it already. This whole thing is a buillshit.
1. free internet access is not an asylum seeker's law
2. there are conditions Ecuador has set for letting him stay and use the internet, which are basically to not escalate things with shit he says, which he's constantly breaking.

>oy vey why are you cutting my internet

All I got to say is, nobody better hurt that kitty cat or I will cut them.

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We are just now getting deepfake technology in the public, who knows how long the deepstate has been able to do this where you can properly replicate a persons face.

There was. Its buried in the block chain. Why has he not signed anything with his PGP key since 2016?

Assange is a self entitled narcissist. He talks things up about himself for his own benefit. He also wants To be the self appointed arbiter of truth, basically saying governments deserve to have no secrets for at purpose whatsoever. He is a disgusting pig of a man, and if he wasn’t a hacker he’d be a nobody.

Imagine living in fear of a bullet through the window, in the same four walls for years on end, and all you have to do is read through gigabytes of proofs of all the unholy evil the good leaders of the world are up to.

>there's been 6 Gorillion threads about it already
try a more believable number next time faggot

All of you are stupid, assange is confirmed alive.
There was a fucking 10 hour podcast with kim dotcom and cassandra fairbanks said she was with him last week at the embassy

>Assange is a self entitled narcissist.

Sure, if today is the day you first came to Sup Forums then those thread might've not existed for you, but for the tiny amount of time I spent here yesterday, I've seen at least 2.

Im betting its been for a long time my friend

>basically saying governments deserve to have no secrets for at purpose whatsoever
Only ones that only serve to self-destruct the ideals of the foundations of their own societies. Don't know how you don't get it by now.

What the shit?

Kek grant me digits

watch his left eye as well.

the fuck is


Sup Forums has covered it in it's own way. Back when the left thought he was on their side he was a god to them, then trump got elected....they have been trying to get him killed ever since. The very people protecting him have posted story after story of him stinking and saying horrible shit about him.

He use to be on democracy now all the time now I think he's enemy # to them.

>Sure, if today is the day you first came to Sup Forums
Which search terms should I be using to prove you right, because nothing obvious seems to be working right now? Or could it be that you're just a retarded faggot?

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bump for interest, fuck the slide

His hope was to move to Russia at some point since its the direct opponent of the US which is after him.
Hes a liability to the west and our enemy (EU+US).

>Russian spy assassination was an inside job
Where do we start digging?

We discussed it a lot within the threads made for it. No specific threads made to prove it, because we stopped caring about it. Because the whole thing felt like muh yellowcake 2.0.

Julian Assange hired that italian brain transplant doctor to smuggle him out of the embassy 1 limb at a time. He started by grafting his head between Pamela Andersons tits a few years ago.

Getting out will be the hard part. I think hong kong or taiwan would be best for him to get lost at.

how did the fire start?
was it a single mother defiantly smoking a cigarette in the kid's area?
how did it spread in 3 seconds?


>people believing that this guy is still at such a small security place and hasn't been assassinated years ago with ease

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I wish Assange would just sacrifice himself and release the motherlode. If his deadman switch is still active, he must have something of use to ruin the people in charge...

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>Being grounded by the equidorian government.

What other privileges will they take away if his bad behavior continues?

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It's a morph cut.

It's a morph cut.

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it's a morph cut.

Is it a morph cut?

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its a morph cut!

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He has nothing lol

>Surprised you fags missed this
I posted this story over 24 hours ago, faggot


He already released the pizzagate emails and those were the most obvious shit that pedo psychopaths run the world , but the sheep cattle are still sitting on their asses , paying taxes to their overlords and going to "work" nonetheless

Nothing will change these braindead people other than the trauma of war or some huge catastrophe

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Are you saying that the clinton foundation took over equador to get to assange?

Yeah nah, you're in the blower cunt

Im saying that Ecuador is much less of a friend to Assange now than it was a year ago thanks to its elections.

You did a great job, two replies and one was yours.

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Hahaha a fucking weak as piss leaf thinks he can take on Australia.

M8 canada is like Australia's soyboy transexual kinda hot, 13 year old male cousin. We will fucking end you, we keep you around because you're kinda cute and harmless and we might stick our cock in you one day when you're drunk

Look at the drapes. One is straight, other is curved.

>Surprised you fags missed this
You're a day late faggot.

>Im saying that Ecuador is much less of a friend to Assange now than it was a year ago thanks to its elections.

Pretty sure I remember some news a while ago that the clinton foundation was putting pressure on equador to silence assange or give him to british police.

The CF literally took over an ENTIRE COUNTRY just to silence one man.

ain't that some shit?

To be fair, it shouldn't have come and gone like that. This is obvious and huge, we should be on this. Funny how many shills are here to brush it off.

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I'm down to push Canada's shit so far up them that it pours out of their noses and dribbles into their mouth. They will be tasting and smelling their maple shit and our massive didgeridoo cocks.

Q fags and constant shilling have virtually killed weaponized autism. That Sup Forums is no more.

To hell with that sentiment

why would you need julian assange to tell you that poisoning was false flag.
it must be litterally the most obvious of all the false flags we had in the last decade.

Have you seen weaponized autism put to use effectively since the whole Q thing? Or potential insiders being taken seriously? I’m telling you, those days are over. There’s been data dump lately, more news on the Vegas shooting, a lot of things worthy of being looked into but Sup Forums has become a den of shilling and shit flinging. Not that it wasn’t, but now it’s much worse.

no way, it did however show they want pol to look like teir tinfoilers and tie that to the right wingers. which doesn't work on pol after a decade, and doesn't ever work out for them

I feel like this happened already and Julian Assange was black backed to the US.

So what is it this time?

kill yourself shill rat

16/10/16 never forget

Good stuff OP, good stuff


go back to /lgbt/

>who the fuck cares, we all hate him here.

you don't speak for me, faggot.

intelligence agencies are not intelligent
this is all so tiresome

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I was way ahead of my time.
Also, I wont be spoken to with contempt by a swede -- your people are literally cucks

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>didgeridoo cocks.
Checked. I’ve seen that bizarre gay porn too mate

Well, thanks for bumping this thread at least

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That's a feature from adobe premiere to morph one frame into another rather seamlessly.
Ever seen that shit happen in a Disney movie?
Of course not, because CGI doesn't bug that way.

>Inb4 Assange accidentally shoots himself in the back of the head twice

>We know that's the Neocon agenda of the Deep State,
>{{{ deeb stade }}}
I laugh every time I see this nut-job conspiracy theory. And I laugh at the fuckwitz who keep falling for it.

BCH blockchain spammed yesterday.
October 16th all over again?

>3rd or 4th
>a fucking leaf
>not first....