Guys I don't know who's jewing who anymore. why are jews pushing degeneracy both on the west and themselves?

guys I don't know who's jewing who anymore. why are jews pushing degeneracy both on the west and themselves?

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Jews are naturally degenerate.

They've began buying into their own propaganda

Here is your answer.

Jews are trying to make their own degeneracy socially acceptable. They are trying to bring us down to their level.

Same reason (((bankers))) and (((elites))) were giving money to third Reich user.
Lower class becoming degenerates is not a concern for upper class of Jews.

so wtf are you saying antifa? is this actually a class stuggle?

It isn't that simple. There are Jews who believe in Judaism and then there are the Sabbateans who believe in a corrupted version of it that explicitly promotes sin.
(Sup Forums might argue that the original was corrupt, but there is a difference either way.)

Jews lack discipline to suppress their degenerate impulses. They are nigger-tier at self control. Instead of working on some much needed self improvement. The sad reality is our people are suffering because the Jew is currently successful in their social manipulation.

Because they're a degenerate fucking people

Because they don't want a nation, they want the world.

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Because penis is the ULTIMATE redpill, you bluepilled faggot.

> t. kike

Gosh i guess they arent a hive mind or sumfing

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Non-Sup Forums meme answer, because it's obviously not a Jewish conspiracy. The things Sup Forums blames on the Jews forcing on white nations are actually being done voluntarily and happily by those nations, of their own initiative, because they think they're sincerely good ideas. Same when it happens to Israel, it's because there's a group of Israelis who sincerely think it's for the best.

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Come heeeeere Weimar scum.

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>it's obviousy not a jewidh conspiracy

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There are Jews and there are Khazars. Khazars take the Jewish hoarding, clannish mentality to the absolute extreme, add in Babylonian money magic, and pair it with what is essentially Satanic worship, complete with raping kids and human sacrifice. Israel was founded by Khazars, for Jews, and meant to be used as tool and hideout for the Khazars.

Jews don't "push" degeneracy; they themselves are degenerate.

Before the 90s, Israel was one of the most based countries on earth
hell, even the lefties back then would be far right today
before the 80s it was ILLEGAL to be a homosexual, and i'll tell you what changed:
Rabin and Peres.
Those fuckers were responsible for homosexuality in Israel and the shoving of our National Pride down the toilet when Rabin sold us out for the Palestinians, which eventually caused the Intifadas and terror attacks on a daily basis

Spoke like a bluepilled faggot.

You make me sick.

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>t. mongol

Youre talking to a bunch of 56%ers here user, dont expect much

You jews weak the western world and with the end of murica you will get a weak target with enemys in the whole world.

Just wait for a muslim president in a western civilisation.
He will stop the jewish support

What don't you understand? It just simply wouldn't be possible for literally every single Jew to be knowingly in on this. However, it's pretty clear Jews are jewing and have been for ages, correct? The only conclusion is that there is a subset within the entirety of all Jews who is responsible. Considering that same subset of Jews makes no effort to differentiate themselves from the rest of Jews, wouldn't you conclude that they are LARPing as "Jews" in order to redirect anger at the entirity of Jews? Much like they do with whites? And furthermore, that Israel is just another cloak from which they can operate behind? That they don't actually give a fuck what happens to Israel beyond its usefullness in their global scheme?

Two different kinds of Jews running the show behind the curtain.
1) Commies- the original plan gone rogue. You see, communism was supposed to make the whole world safe for Kikes. It doesn't. So the thing grew too big for them to control. Still, many Jews are obviously still going for the "Global communism will make us safe" angle.
2) Zionist kikes- Now that they have Israel and America eating out of their hand, this branch of kikes is content. Why not just expand Israel and use the strong goy nations to get rid of the neighbors. This is the more new school approach.

The vast majority of Jews aren't in on some kind of grand conspiracy to destroy the goyim, silly. Even the ones who push this shit don't even fully realize what they're doing, so as a result a lot of Jews end up falling victim to it as well.

You all shoud be gassed and nuked. Your entire semitic root, with your "HOLY PLACES"
Fuck you. You are filth of the planet

The jews on academia and in the liberal elite can try to puch degeneracy only into western society, but it is a virus that spread out of control, eventually it would affect their own communities.

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go away mr. horowitz

Partially this

Most degeneracy is pushed by Jews but they legitimately think it’s a good idea and the goyim agree

Yes, it’s actually that bad

Aren't Jews on average more homophobic than Christians though?

go agay mr. horobitch

The orthodox jews yeah, but the liberal ones promote it alot.

They eat their own dogfood. In fact, they love their own dogfood and think its the best. Its the result of collective Luciferic ego impulse. Crazy right? Pro Patria Mori etc.

Jews have nigger tier intelligence and operate at a very basic level. So they would kill their own mother for money.

They got consumed by the fire they spred.

zionist didn't take into account tha leftist jews would act like leftist jews even in israel

>stop marrying JAPs

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They had to prove their status as the 'only real democracy in the middle east'

Thats because the real JQ isnt a jewish question, but a jesuit question.

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There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept.

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>somebody posts something and then some cheeky user replies so it must be true