Why the fuck do Australians talk like this?

This is worse than ebonics.

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marty bryant was setup

Stop trying to speak to us and we'll stop trying to change the language.

Fair suck of the ol' sav it's not that bad

Every non-merchant on this island feels the same about tourism, this is your only warning.

how ya goin

stop being a poof or i'l smash all yous cunts.

D&C shill thread reported

G'Day Cunt!

Yeah nah how about you fuck off ya useless galah cunt. Euro gronks are the worst, fair dinkum fucking shirt lifter. Feed me more VB ya flog

too fuckin hot not to contract ya words cobber

fetal alcohol syndrome

As a true blue aussie i can say I've NEVER heard this expression before, at least not used in this context. If you're talking about how we talk in general you can get fucked cunt.

Haha, welcome.
It seems like Australians are the next on the shill list for good old D&C. Remember seeing a ton of threads like this on Americans which demoralized us, well now they're after you. They're going to make an Australian equivalent of the mutt meme to help grow this D&C. Screen cap this. The shill's biggest threat is unity.

Howwer you goING, user?

Just reread that shit and it's a disgusting misuse of a common greeting

The difference is aussies ltterally don't give a fuck. We know we live in a paradise. We know white Australians are the best most laid back funniest cunts on earth. Other people criticizing us or our culture is pointless, cos we know it's just bullshit

pls talk dirty to me

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>yeah nah
i think thats New Zealander

I read that three times and still dont get it. What the fuck does it mean?

Hehehehe, you sure, it already seems to work. Look at he is mocking your country. But it is also his country. He is demoralized. Don't try denying it, try to fight it. I also thought Americans wouldn't be demoralized and it took a while too. First it was we're stupid and fat, that didn't work, then it was we are corporate puppets and warmongers that works somewhat, then it was we're mutts and that did the trick. Do better than us and try to be unified against the D&C. But, sadly, I see you taking the route we took.

OP the real question is: Are ya keen?

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you sound like ur from melborne. the cancer state

>not saying scarn

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oi nah thats heaps fukin hectic ay cunt

Aussies are a bit how ya goin

bit of how ya goin and a little bit of hows ya father

Because they're the most loyal to their English roots. We still say shit like this. "How's ya father" and all that.

doing hektik skidz in a vt calais

Fuck off cunt you can't call yourself true fuckin' blue if you've never heard of something a bit ordinary being referred to as a bit how ya goin'.

You're from Perth, aren't you?

Fuck off the eastern states are already lost to gooks snd niggers. Western australia is the last remnant of old australia. WA is like the australia of australia

Lol, gives knowing wink

You Aussies sure say "cunt" a lot. Even the most foul-mouthed Americans are afraid to use that word because it's so offensive.