So what really happened?

So what really happened?

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Nerve gas

Someone needed missiles.

Russian engineering. batteries exploded. If it was torpedoed it would not look like that.

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front fell of

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correction, soviet engineering

are there even people here old enough to remember this?

Actual data, sent seconds before sub's link to HQ was terminated.

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It sank.

Strict communist safety standards at work.

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it sank

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Sections wasnt properly isolated, they would had survived had not the fire/leakage escaped the torpedo room.


someone on the sub didnt do their job right or more likely their fleet commander decided to play circle x and chill. Similar shit happened to a few of our subs during the 60s. Also Russia has been cutting corners on maintenance for a long time to keep face as a world power. Couple that with a shitty torpedo that was slated to be removed from service due to similar incidents and this is the result.

Anyone thats pmcs'd hmmwvs knows exactly what im talking about. This sadly was just on a larger scale.

The Kursk did not blow up. That’s a lie agreed by Russia and America to prevent the start of a war no one would survive. The truth is as follows. A US sub that was shadowing the Kursk collided with it. Subsequently fired a missile at it, probably by accident or in a moment of panic after the collision. Blew a circular hole right through that could be seen when the sub was finally raised.

US sub was damaged and limped to nearby port. Kursk sank. The Russian military knew what happened. They kept quiet. US donated them some wheat (badly needed at the time) as a form of gratitude and compensation.

Russ high-tech.

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OMG now they can sell the trinkets on ebay!

Custom flags were a mistake


Uhh all your theories are fucked, a US sub sunk it and the US back then forgotten all of Russia's debt.

I rather not know what really happened... Lets just say malfunction...

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i said the same here ..

Putin sent them to die. The boat wasn’t ready but he and his flunked ordered it into a massive Northern Fleet exercise as a bullshit ego show of force. As soon as the accident happened they stalled. Contacting family, attempting rescue, trying recovery. There’s evidence some crew survived up to three days in an air pocket. Putin was more worried about the political fallout. When he finally met the families, cameras were there, but they censored the news. The video was leaked. Everyone should watch it. At one point an angry woman complaint is actually injected with a sedative, against her will, to silence her. It shows the shameless way putin treated greivinf mothers and what a small, and pathetic, man Putin really is. This is all true.

Lack of proper training
This is literally the only reason

>A US sub that was shadowing the Kursk collided with it. Subsequently fired a missile at it
If torpedoes work like any other explosive ammunition, there is a safety mechanism than prevents the priming of the explosive before the device has reached a certain distance.

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That's not it, the survivors died because of stupid russian negligence as they have purposefully disabled the emergency buoys that would normally shoot to surface to give away their position to rescue party.

Nigger please! They were using those shitty Toshiba batteries that got recalled.

Sauce on the woman being forcibly shot up with sedatives please.

Yep. Fuck I remember Gerald Ford.

It’s all true. He was partying at his Sochi dacha when it happened. After he was told he decided not to go back to Moscow, because what’s done is done, and they were probably dead anyway.

Putin can’t show his face in Vidyeyevo. He is hated there.


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Why are leafs so full of propaganda?

The ones who will accept what you say at face value instead of looking it up aren't people we want here anyway, you are just purifying Sup Forums and contributing to the increasing standards of intelligence here. These standards only apply when one doesn't include constant shilling.

Google. It is no state secret

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Wew maximum western meme knowledge
Vidyeyevo views Putin as a hero after he lifted that submarine. He just got into power when the Kursk was still doing military exercises. He wasn't even aware of them.

You've never spoken to a single Russian, have you?
Maybe he's baiting cause so far he's saying everything that's exactly opposite of the truth.
Source: Pentagon

everyone knows that it happened like this, just millenials like you dont

>to keep face as a world power
Kursk was in 1999 no? Back in the Yelchill days. From what I've heard no foul play on the Kursk, Hydrogen peroxide concentrates are always a bitch .

swamp gas

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subs don't shoot missiles at other subs lmao

why not?
please explain. i dont have much knowledge of millitary stuff

with what do they shoot at other subs?

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Russia's occult warfare division tried to make contact with some dormant Elders and got rekt.


I want them to look it up and not take what I say at face value. The truth is clear.

This is "X-COM: Terror From the Deep" shit

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>what is meme

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Why? Scared your google search is tracked? Maybe try Yandex, Myдaк.

torpedoes yah dingus.

ok but arent torpedoes just missiles? whats differnece

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Not an argument buddy boy
Only you can provide your own sources, cuck
You can post links here

Probably the same thing that happened to the u.s.s. scorpian.

>arent torpedoes just missiles?

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He didn’t want to lift it, because the fleet and Russia didn’t have the technology to do it. The families raised such a stink, as well as some honorable navy officers, that he was forced to. And they had to pay westerners, a Dutch company, to do it. It was shameful. After recovering the bodies, they just dumped the wreckage for scrap. Someone from Vidyeyevo found out and recovered the tower so they could make a proper memorial, no help from putin or Moscow. This is all fact. Look it up yourself.

is that titanic?

He was literally the only person in government that wanted it lifted, keep trolling

The sub was sound. It was the torpedo with fucking Hydrogen Peroxide that was the problem.

What should I look up to support your bullshit? Spell it out for me. Just don't ever go saying that in Vidyeyevo, you'd get fucked up
>American narrator

I’ll take Ryazantsev‘s word over Putin.

He's not wrong, torpedoes are just missiles that travel underwater.

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The football player or the west-paid politician?

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Missile are propelled by a rocket engine.
Torpedoes are propelled by a propeller.

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> 18 yrs old
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your mission is to test new torpedo, it all goes to shit within seconds. insta kill. fuck what a life.

And one post from this “American” ID. 0700 in NY, 0400 in LA. 1400 in Moscow.

Bullshit? Did putin show up when the Vidyeyebo memorial was unveiled? No. No one from Moscow showed up. Ya, Putin is real popular there. Everyone knows the truth.

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You and the US media aren't everyone

Dumbasses didn't realize you should upgrade your torpedoes instead of using WW2 tier tech.

Quick rundown?