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>die Tante von den Grünen als Judas
What did they mean by his?

Lindner would have been more fitting

The bigger mistake is that Merkel is in any form or shape to be considered a saint.

If she is the son of god, then god really hates the germans.

hey there my precious kameraden!

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>Bürgermeister läuft zur AfD über - jetzt machen sich die Bürger große Sorgen

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dear germany pls delet merkel pls
sincerely a burger


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It's your job to eliminate german leaders


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goddamn just met my new neighbours and their 8 aryan kids
>we are not done yet
made them a cake just now
inspiring couple and they are still very young!

>"oh god i dont want them to be noisy"
>"shush dummes weib"

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>Frankreich führt Schulpflicht für Dreijährige ein

Great more indoctrination and less family bonding time for the little ones. I'm sure we will see the same thing here soon

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>8 kids
Back in the days the women would have gotten the Mutterkreuz Stufe 1 for that.

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oh indeed
would have been a nice idea for the cake now that you mention it

Guadn Moang ihr voigeschissane unterhosnn, hobt ihr eich aa scho auf Ostan voabereitet?
I hoff ihr genießt de doge und kennts no oan wegsteckn.

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korrigiere deinen tonfall because a packerl bockfotzn is schnei aufgrissn

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That's a very rancid man.

I don't know why, but I laughed heartily

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>possible shortage of bulls to prep
this confuses and angers the sven-malte-sören.

>check only DF news to refresh my German
stumble upon pic related (go listen to it)[launchMode]=4&state[launchModeState][suche][searchTerm]=italien
Why do you bully us, Cherusci?

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>Ostan voabereitet?
Da gibt es nicht viel vorzubereiten


Hätte mein Kumpel mich nicht darauf hingewiesen dann hätte ich nichtmal bemerkt, dass die Osterferien angefangen haben...

These assholes speak for Europe, not for their sovereign Nations. Don't put us in the same pot as them

They don't speak for Europe. They sleek for the (((EU))).
It's important to distinguish between those terms.

What a lazy day

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Because a lot of posts lately can be accredited to KC and shitposted some good boys away, because no one likes a NPD-wähler, and they are so angry that their lives are shit that they try to "raid" Kraut/pol/ by being low iq as they always are.

I see. What other radios are there where they speak in this listening-excercise clear manner around?

IB NRW user here, ask me

Eew, AfD

Civil war when?

Bumping based bread, but consider opening in a new tab:

Russian Spy assassination was an INSIDE JOB!
Don't let us slide, its important!

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Did your mental retardation lead to joining them, or does the nazi-LARPing start and the mental issues develop after joining?

>Don't let us slide, its important!
No it's not, that rapist can die for all I care.

Captain Bukkake

Everyone who accused him has recanted, but you tried. Also BUMP.

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We had shitty threads before KC died too

>No use joining IB without a job to feed myself and contribute
>Will definitely get fired if I join IB or even donate money because muh "under observation by Verfassungsschutz"
What do?

Damn, you are right...
This in fact could be the FDP-Shill

So I was in Algeria lately and talked to a german-born Algerian, who works for a consultancy firm. He was predicting a civil war in Germany if thing continue like that. He felt that so many tax payers are leaving the country, while people are imported who will never work.
Algerians in their country really fear the police and don't misbehave as much. For having a knive you get insa-jailed for half a year he said.

While, what he said is nothing really new, I was suprised how openly he was expressing his views and how radical they were. Is this a good sign?

>Everyone who accused him has recanted
As per your article, no. Are you too dumb to read your own articles?

If he were tried in Australia the judge would go to town on the Prosecution for such a fucked up investigation.

Swedish justice system is third world shit tier.

>He felt
No one cares

numbers are supporting his observations though


memeflag -> your opinion belongs in the garbage

I think you can safely donate money. Also you can join the IB and do background things like putting flyers in postboxes. You dont need to show your face, everything is your decision

We are truely fucked

i have no affiliation to IB or whatsoever.

>Will definitely get fired if I join IB or even donate money
i guess you could solve this problem by buying bitcoins and monero
so the donation can't be traced back to you.

1. buy bitcoins online
2. buy monero with your bitcoins
3. buy back bitcoins with your monero stack
4. donate the bitcoins to the donation address

>He felt that so many tax payers are leaving the country

You dumb

I have different meme flag for you then, now do tell, were you retarded before or after? Were you a fragile white male with no sense of belonging which made you join the sausage LARPer fest?

nope I am not retarded, maybe you should look in a mirror to spot the retard.

I'm also a homo, which I assume will be a problem, at least for some.

On the plus side, I might lose my job later this year in which case I will get one that pays the bare minimum I need and dedicate myself fully to either the IB or something else, if they won't have me.

>nope I am not retarded
But you said so yourself. Why else would you join the Idiotären?

Are you a sad fragile white male loser? So sorry.

>posting a Wirtschaftsflüchtling playing politician

>I'm also a homo
>dedicate myself fully to either the IB

Err, you seem to be mentally ill enough to join them though.

>Swedish justice system is third world shit tier.
Ironically, now the norm for more and more of the first world. Welcome to hell lads.

Well, you are mentally ill enough to post here, welcome aboard, My Nigger.

I have yet to see your post anything but weak bait. Be a nice chap and try to write /why/ you think the IB is retarded.
You might convince me, if you're not a shitskinned idiot.

You have to be at least a multi-millionaire to effectively evase taxes