In his book, William Pearce already predicted that Americans lose their weapons because of ZOG laws. Another prophecies:
1) NWO in book - check IRL
2) halfhuman mixing propaganda in book - check IRL
3) culture decadence in book - check IRL
4) gun laws - ...........

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make your point, please. i want some good discussion. Tell me what you think will happen, I only read the cliffnotes as it applies to waco and Tim McVegh.

Truely a woke book.

We are well on our way to the situation at the start of the book


bury your guns in barrels of oil

ZOG's nignog tough guys are coming for them.

Thread has 4 replies. 2 are OP bumping it. Fucking lame thread, OP.

I don’t know. Our world is too fast. Read Taleb, his "Black Swan". in our world every plans for the future are fucking joke

they take time to warm up

Oh, bitch boy here.
So what? It’s just beginning
I wonder what WASP people thinks about the situation

I’ll let you know after I read it


How would Russia respond to an American civil war? It would be a great opportunity to exert influence over Europe while America was destroying itself

Truth: We don’t care about Europe, we still have TOO many problems on our territory.

this book was mad gay and the author is a shitty writer. skipped lots of pages with shitty dialogue like harry potter. would not recommend. def would not be inspired like vcveigh was. really really gay book

Book actually 6,5/10
(6/10, but +0,5 for author position)

You may be right, but conquering betacucks might be the catalyst to change that. I would imagine regardless, Russia would project force towards Europe if the US was preoccupied, because why not? It's not like they have guns or even a military really. The goal wouldn't necessarily have to be taking clay...yet.


His other book "Hunter" is more likely to happen first. With the left's relentless attacks on Whites, I'm suprised it hasn't started yet.

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>hasn't started yet

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mortars, we need mortars, and lots of them

user, you...

fun fact
>andrew mcdonald hunter filetype:pdf
into jewgle gives only JIDF articles and sheeit
go duck to get it

Ru.jewgle is clear