Russia collusion stretch?

Does anyone else think their going to try and keep this russia investigation shit going until the next election to try and hurt Trumps chances of being reelected?

The thought crossed my mind tonight but Im not sure they could really keep it going that long without it backfiring and the American people realizing its all just a sham

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Keeping the left permanently distracted by Mueller's nonsense is part of Trump's strategy.
The real investigation isn't being run by Mueller, it's being run by Michael Horowitz.

>it's being run by Michael Horowitz
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Yes, funny how the ((((FBI)))) had no problem tracking a bomber that left little to no evidence in hours but have trouble finding ANY evidence of the Russian collussion shit in MONTHS, which should have left a massive digital and paper trail. Its nothing but a leftist political hit job intended to sway this year's elections in favor of the DNC.

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Takes a while to get everything set up to impeach the president. Took over a year for watergate.

Do you think it will stop before the next presidential elections? I figure if they do try and hold onto this up until elections and they clear him he 100% guarenteed wins the next election but if they stop it too early he also has a good chance to win I just cant see how they can hold it up till and during the elections

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The longer the Russia collusion BS goes on, the higher the chances of Trumpenfuhrer's 2nd term.

The Dems still dont know why they lost, so they cant even begin to address their problems. As Trump delivers on more promises each day, and seems more flexible than any other recent politician, Dems will increasingly become a lunatic fringe.

What it is is projection. While Hillary was secretary of state the Russians paid the Clintons a quarter billion dollar bribe to approve the Uranium One sale.

The Whitewater investigation lasted 5 years before Starr finally baited Clinton into lying about a blowjob. Mueller ain't going away until he finds SOME retarded bullshit to slap Trump with.

In the long run that's a good thing though. Pic related

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I think we are going to see the backfire resume this November.
The Democrat leadership is in for a rude awakening

Im thinking the same thing, it feels like they wont give up on this shit and even close family of mine who are super liberal are starting to say wtf is taking these dickheads so long

i think other options will be just worse than Trump

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Yeah I cant imagine who the republicans will try to run let alone the democrats

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Russian Spy assassination was an INSIDE JOB!

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