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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

DAILY SCHEDULE (WH Press Corps) publicpool.kinja.com/
TrumpTV Weekly Updates: pastebin.com/6HbHjbqF

>VP Pence @America 1st Event in MN 3/28/18
>UNAmb Haley @UNSC on UN Peacekeeping 3/28/18
>IntSec Zinke meets w/Tribal Nations 3/28/18
>WH Press Brief (Sarah) 3/28/18
>WH Video: FLotUS roundtable on online safety 3/27/18
>VP Pence @America 1st event in Fargo ND 3/27/18
>CJS Gen Dunford in Afghanistan 3/27/18
>UNAmb Haley @UNSC on Syria 3/27/18
>UNPolCoord Tachco @UNSC on Congo 3/27/18
>StateDep Readout: Conversation w/Producers of Last Men in Aleppo 3/27/18
>ICE Op in FL 3/27/18
>NATO Press Brief on UK attack 3/27/18
>WH Press Brief (Sarah) 3/27/18
>StateDep Press Brief (Heather) 3/27/18
>StateDep Video: Slave Day 3/27/18
>DefSec C.H.A.O.S. Mattis welcomes Indonesia FM 3/26/18
>WH Press Brief (Raj) 3/26/18
>TrumpTV Weekly Update #31 (Lara) 3/26/18
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania arrive in WPalmBeach FL 3/23/18
>Pres Trump angrily signs budget bill 3/23/18

OP pastebin: pastebin.com/nygxu29R

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>sad reacts only

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Thanks for baking, brother

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Alex Jones is the closest thing to a founding father in the United States right now.

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Bolton on Russia yesterday

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Okay by now I'm sure he enjoys prison, isn't it like his 5th time at least? Looking like an old man now


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Is he benji frank?

welcome jeb
heres your clap

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Kek, cult donated money to Clinton's campaign and one was even a member of Clinton Global Initiative

>In October 2007, then-New York Post writer Charles Hurt reported that leaders of the Albany group gave thousands to Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. And Salzman, the woman whose home was reportedly raided by the FBI, is reportedly a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

>Hurt reported:

> Executives and top associates of the Albany-based NXIVM group – along with their family members – donated $29,900 to Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to federal records.

This stuff doesn't even surprise me anymore, just makes me laugh

>“Last October, the poll found that Democrats held a 15-point advantage over Republicans in each congressional district – 50 percent to 35 percent – with the remaining respondents undecided or decided on candidates not in either party,” TheBlaze’s Chris Enloe recollected from Fox News’ poll last fall.

>Several short months later, the tides have turned, and if the trend continues, the flattening blue crest could turn into a crimson tide.

Blue wave? Meet my CRIMSON TIDE, bitch!


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Prbly beating the shit outta gay niggers as we speak

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how much longer until the inevitable impeachment?


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>all these ass roasted stormlarpers

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7 yrs

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You hear about his contributor, Ted Malloch, getting picked up by Mueller/FBI?

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Anything solid or just connections?

Until Mueller can get enough perjury traps.


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I stand corrected. Forgot how black he is.

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Could be reverse-psychology, but either way these idiots running on repealing the second isn't going to help them.

> when you're investigation is so hopeless you have to bust water filter salesmen
Mully bles huray

Yeah he did a special report last night about it with Q An- Jerome Corsi. I wonder if Mueller will subpoena Alex and if CNN will literally run the headline "Mueller subpoenas He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named".

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Looks solid to me, read the archive. The cult leader was arrested

damn that's a lot of niggardry

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You just know the 9th Circuit is gonna to violate the Constitutions again when they make rulings against that census despite that territory belonging to congress and the executive branch only.

We already have around 4 judges right now that are dictating orders to the military despite having no legal power to do so.

They actually dare to order around the DoD despite not being commander in chiefs.

Trump is well within his legal rights to issue an order that the military will ignore unlawful rulings from judges who want to play pretend as commander in chief.

These judges won't be able to enforce their orders as well because US Marshall guidelines state that they will only obey lawful rulings and the Constitution.

Any lefty judge that attempts to order the US Marshall to arrest Trump because Trump refuses to let him or her order the military around and interfere in the chain of command for the military will find out that they will have no enforcement power.

All this could be stopped though if Congress impeached these judges right now or Chief Justice John Roberts who keeps claiming he cares about upholding the integrity of the courts, actually releases a statement over how disappointed he is on how the lower courts are acting and gives them a warning that they are endangering the stability of the Constitution and then bars these rogue judges from cases involving Trump and his administration or declaring that the Supreme Court declares original jurisdiction over all executive action from now on, so leftists won't be able to run to the 4th and 9th circuit anymore.

As you can see in my post, there are plenty of options for Congress and the Supreme Court to discipline or punish rogue activist judges.

>running on gun control and fuck drumpf
what do you expect really

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why are the mods cancer

Seems like one of those dudes who likes going to jail. Some guys are like that, just don't want to deal with the outside world's shit.

>Infowars are RT, sputnik and ruptly echo chambers
FFS, AJ gets information anywhere he can and he talks to everyone.
It would be better for them to try and arrest Schiff for doing an interview on RT then.
I don't agree with everything on infowars but this is idiotic.

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Awooke nigga.

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They were/are all Moot's liberal friends, and most likely jewish too

i want to talk about politics like you guys do, but my brain is just so numb from all this shit. all i have left is shitposting and whining in me. kms niggers

why are they?

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Yesterday some guy said they are banning people on Sup Forumseddit for saying "nigger"

I got banned on /h/ for calling people niggers in a blacked thread

That was a pretty awesome video. He packed it with all kinds of shit.
>FBI sources tell AJ of possible West Coast strike from ISIS between now and April 2nd-ish
>AJ being followed by FBI
>Mueller/Rosenstein to get nailed by Uranium One scandal
>Trump's war on Bezos
>Flynn case about to get BTFO
On and on he went. Things should get fun as fug pretty quickly

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This last batch of jannies might be a bunch of redditors then

Lefties are terrible at meme warfare and are mistakenly going after infowars. That along with the blatant shilling of David Hogg are going to do to Americans what Tommy Robinson and the knife bans have been doing to Britons.

It's gonna be good.

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Every day I wake up, watch David Knight hoping to hear him say "the civil war officially started", get disappointed, and then go back to sleep.

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Jannies can't ban, just delete and report. Not to say they're not redditors


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This is new Far Cry?

There's always tomorrow, brother

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I wanna play but I'm a poorfag
Can you join the cultists? or is it like Pagan Min and just an easter egg kind of joining

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You kinda do at the end

> but I'm a poorfag
Not an excuse for not playing what you want to play.

Pirate it you piece of shit. Giving Ubisoft money is like handing it straight to a jew

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It wont be piratable for 4-5 months

Why wouldn't it be?

you technically join the cultists at the end because they were right

At least buy it second hand, just never ever give Ubisoft any money

Allegations made by adult film star Stormy Daniels have so far not affected President Donald Trump’s popularity.

A new Politico/Morning Consult poll released on Wednesday found fewer people currently believe the president should be impeached compared to this time last year. The results also showed the president’s approval rating experienced only the slightest fluctuation following Daniels’s widely-viewed 60 Minutes appearance.

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>widely-viewed 60 minutes
>nobody changes their opinion
So I guess we were all watching it for the tits, then.

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lol typical Jew blaming everything else

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Shalom krempflins!

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Why are they worried about a popularity that they can rig all the time against him?
This is all a long term con, shit to be dragged to debates and lies to be fueled as truth, they had nothing on him before, now they are just making shit up, same thing they did to Moore

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Is that what the uproar was about? I think I remember an user saying people blew up online or something. I've never played Far Cry before

>embezzles like a fucking rebel commander in the congo raiding UN food aid
>gets fired
>blames toxic partisanship

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good morning

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make this thread comfier

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>“I knew he was a shallow, lazy ignoramus, and I didn’t care,” Coulter told the audience, which was largely comprised of College Republicans, according to the news outlet.

>“It kind of breaks my heart,” she added. “He’s not giving us what he promised at every single campaign stop.”

>Still, Coulter contended that Trump's campaign was vastly preferable to those of his competitors, whom she likened to escaped mental patients.

“We had 16 lunatics being chased by men with nets running for president—and Trump,” Coulter explained. “So of course I had to be pedal-to-the-metal for Donald Trump. I’d been waiting 30 years for someone to say all these things," she added, referring to his promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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>Pagan Min
I fell for it before, should've stopped on FC 2, if they did a remake of that game it would be good, the weapons broke all the time and the story wasn't that bad, including the malaria thing, just had a shitty ending.

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mornin' fren

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that's one of the reasons. another reason why is because one of the characters is basically a boomerfag republican with a MAGA hat. there's also a Trump piss tape reference. overall more or less it confused people who wanted biased political commentary from the game, then made them outrage at the ending from that. i wouldn't buy it desu but if that's your thing then you do you

>when the ticks have all tocked on your biologic clock and you just queef sand each month

FC 3 story was pretty great, never played 2 unfortunately. They went way too hard into the trippy stuff for 4

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play FC2, it's worth it

First and second ones were great, the others I played on a cousin computer, shitty games.

She's probably an "ignoramus" as well, it's like everyone became retarded in less than a century.
daily reminder to read books by the way.

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oh no no no

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Is it missing a piece on the top?

Not wall.
Only 30 miles.

It's a work in progress

>tfw want to be a burger
>tfw can't because I'm neet and yuropoor
What do aside from jumping off a cliff?

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Rome wasn't built in a day son. Helsinki maybe, what is that like one straw hut with a rapist in it?

He wont have a chance after this November, so...

Marry me, faggot.

oh finnshill, how i love your tenacity.

Bretty much, he still needs plane fare + passport though

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Are we no longer using F in Drumpf?

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can i marry you? i'll say no homo

Show me flag

If he's chill then I'll chip in for it.

That's easy, make a gofundme or ask for bitcoin donations and pester stormniggers about "bringing more white european immigrants" and they'll pay for it.

That's about all they're good for, as well.

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fuck drum

Because it uses DENUVO 5.0, AC Origins took around 5 months to crack too.

Maybe they figured out it made them look retarded when we started doing it ironically. Xordold Shplimphs!