Just an average school in the UK

Just an average school in the UK.


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This is syria lol, op r u retarted

Am I supposed to be upset about something here?

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people across the channel really have changed, I thought the british were white


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holy shit, is it really that bad? and i thought germany and sweden are doomed

i see you
and raise you a scottish dyke presenter

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She has dyed her hair

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>and i thought germany and sweden are doomed

We have those places here in Sweden as well. France is easily the worst when it comes to these things

shes a north englander. why did you lie about his, mutt?

reeeee im so upset right now! im so mad right now!!!!! those british-indian children personally offend me!!!!!!

vote Trump KAG! 2020

Hindu schools tend to have indian pupils you nonce, the only people that will be offended by it are muslims

She is definitely Scottish you mong

>many of you will be working for top institutions around the globe
>in the tech support call center

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good speech

that emo music though

fucking pUKi is of no value to anybody at this point, we could as well use the island as a dump for toxic waste and criminals

more like some overpaid government job where shitskins are hired instead of whites

Did they just give refugee camp proper clothing? What the hell? Really? Let the damn world burn, we're all fucked.

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>went to get my passport
>nothing but pajeets, chinks and beaners in the office

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What is so great is if any of the UK cucks complain they will be silenced from hate speech!!!

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>went to the hospital to get my shit checked
>help signs in every shitskin language
>no french, german or english on the signs

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Far from it meme flag faggot. That's a Birmingham paki inner shitty school or Londnistan

I want a cute Paki or Indian girl to lick :(

why is this dude lying through his teeth? those kids will never own houses

>muh dik