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Britain's final finale: Feel free to post yours

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Literally literally everything is illegal. It's called plutocracy and you should carry on doing exactly as you like, but maybe consider investing a little in a lawyer


What happened to us.

England is fine

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This is what happens when you rely on a (((common law))) system with no constitutional protections. Oswald was their last hope and they will be sorely missed RIP.

This is Britain we are speaking of.

Pic related.

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>charging someone with crimes for....reasons
And it will only get worse from here.

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this will accelerate the right wing push back. so it may be good in the long run. they won't have the capacity to arrest/imprison everyone anyway.


Fuck the Jewnited Cuckdom

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>they won't have the capacity to arrest/imprison everyone anyway.
Most people dont want to end up in prison so the vast majority will most likely shut their mouth and think twice before speaking

Also you need to remember the very thing that has kept people silent for so long, its not fear of prison but rather fear of social consequenses.

In Sweden a guy recently brought some printed facts about migrant crime from 2005 done by the official governmental statistics bureau (before you ask, they havent done any newer studies because "racism").
He was called a nazi and a racist by an african woman in class and the african woman gathered up an angry mob of migrant men who followed him around.
Not only this but the school is taking diciplinary action AGAINST HIM for this and his class mates have shunned him
(put the link through a translator, should be fine)

Never underestimate fear and peer pressure, this is what keeps the people under control

I believe that classifying anything as hate crime if the recipient believe is hate crime is hate crime, what now ?

You should research the soviet union.
You don't have to feed corpses.
How are the dying South Africans faring?

He looks like a cardboard cutout


if it comes to that then fight back. people are only comfortable with shitting on being european because they don't fear us enough. we need to be more violent/intimidating against anti white traitors i'm saying this will accelerate right wing sentiment and we may get more people on our side.

if it gets to the point of violence, fucking fight back. kill traitors. south africa got to that point because they didn't act accordingly.

it's called " a chilling effect".

Fuck, it's over Eurofags. Now do they understand "muh 1st & 2nd Amendment"? The cradle of Western Civilization destroyed self inflicted cuckery. Fucking pathetic.

>if anyone else believes

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People need to start complaining that everything Sad IQ Khan says is hate speech


Muslims and Jews. They must be stopped.

The only way for Britain to resurrect is to use Muslims as the driving force behind the new Holocaust. Remember, most Muslims like Hitler and have immunity from law enforcement.

>if it comes to that then fight back
You dont get it, its not about me or you fighting back
Its about politicans and governmental employees using institutional power to keep the population in check.
Its an anarcho-tyranny, they are afraid to use their power against the real criminals so they oppress the law abiding citizens instead.
The only way to fix this is to wake the population up and remove some of the power that the government holds, then you can begin to fight back

>it's over Eurofags.
Its not over, dumbfuck. Things are actaully improving in many parts but its going very slow.
Look at Sweden, current polling shows that their national party is the largest to third largest (by a few %) depending on who does the polling
Denmark are getting tougher on migration, as are norway and all across the continent sanity is coming back

Ha I remember when they used to ask for funds to go after Islamic terrorists. Now they just get everyone using our money to do it. Using our own money paid into the public sector to get us. We are paying witch hunters to witch hunt us with our own cash. Hilarious. Adorable.

> Nice one, officers.


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I wonder what Donald thinks about the bongs right now?

Pretty fun to realise that west will bury freedom of speech in a matter of next 10 years.
Instead you will have approved thoughts and checked ideas. This is allready happening.

Whatever Israel tells him to think

>What is a hate crime?
>--something that isn't a criminal offence--
I mean, come the fuck on!

they said in the case that it wasn't a crime that it was a "hate incident" instead
pls read senpai

The demografic is changed forever though.
Unless you get really authoritarian.

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>You dont get it, its not about me or you fighting back
it is. kill traitors. there is no political solution in terms of starting movements or parties. only getting rid of traitors will scare the establishment. if you're going to be thrown in jail for existing may as well take some traitors with you.

mandela didn't get power by being a pacifist in south africa, he was violent as fuck.


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Was he given a criminal charge?

Yes, but he wasn't charged with a hate crime, so you can calm the fuck down with that

>It wasn't a crime.
>But here have a criminal charge.
>Now calm down.
kek the absolute state of britbongs

>The demografic is changed forever though.
A peaceful solution:
1. zero tolerance migration
2. Expell those who arent in need of shelter to their home country
3. force assimilation
4. Promote native population to have many kids

Simple really

Radical solutions wont change much right now, trust me
The media controls alot of whats being said and through them the population wont know shit.
Look at Breivik in Norway, he took radical action and what happened?

You were getting mad because you thought the police charged him with a hate crime even though they said he didnt commit one
which is incorrect because he wasnt charged with a hate crime

The Brits ended the world in 1918

>If a white person does something that isn't a criminal offense,but the victim or any other person of color, believes it was motivated by hate or prejudice,we will classify this as a "hate incident". Though what the white person has done may not be be against the law, their whiteness is. This means we will charge them with a crime
This is what they really meant

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>You were getting mad
Nice projection.

>come the fuck on!
thats what you said, seems pretty miffed to me

>Look at Breivik in Norway, he took radical action and what happened?
he blew away a sizeable amount of future traitors. it will take more than one man to fix this problem you're right. yeah it's ugly, it won't bring much good reception, but it's more effective than shouting into the void about how outrageous everything is. you can have a 'woke' populous, but how do you gain political power without violence?

>it's not against the law but we'll punish it anyway
reminder that brits aren't free people but just property of the royals. they should have hanged their king/queen a long time ago.

>still projecting

I see its the classic "realise I am wrong so just start greentexting and saying kek" defence
Americans are especially known for this due to their lack of education
Just admit you were wrong mate, its nothing to be ashamed of

>It's not *actually* a hate crime.
>Though we're charging you for a hate crime.

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OI! Don't make a stink!
Bin that Wrongthink!

Good luck proving that in court.

Burden is on you to prove your innocence against thought crimes, citizen.

>he blew away a sizeable amount of future traitors
From where i see it he galvanized the population and is STILL being used as an example of terrorism in europe despite muslim terrorism being far more deadly and frequent.

>how do you gain political power without violence?
There is no given answer to this and you know it
You can gain it through elections, just like the current leftwing rulers did and through slow brainwashing.
There are many ways to gain power, violence is just one of them

Keep in mind that Hitler was shot at when he first marched against his own government and the nazis were violent as fuck

To think I used to look up to Britain in my youth.

>Keep in mind that Hitler was shot at when he first marched against his own government
Yeah, by Jewish citizens.

Wait. I get what you're saying here...

WTF UK, this is nonsense. Let me guess it only applies when talking about non-whites.

Tried to fix the wacky lens distortion.

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we're in for a dark future on this island

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So, what you are saying is that all you have to do is complain that literally ANYTHING that someone else did made you feel hated, and they go to jail?

oh my fuck

this isn't about looking good or winning votes it's about ethnic survival, you never will win enough votes. you can't propose any radical solutions on a political platform, you will be slandered and censored if you propose any white nationalist policies. also the current demographics will make it impossible to gain enough votes.

you won't replicate hitlers rise to power. he barely got enough votes when germany was 100% german. only intimidation and violence will scare the establishment. forming ideological alliances with armed europeans will be big enough of a threat to challenge the establishment.

funniest thing ive read all week haha

the absolute STATE of britain

Yeah, those stupid fucking bri--
>checks flag

Jesus, sorry bongbro. Englandistan just got even shittier.

>ANYTHING that someone else did made you feel hated, and they go to jail?
I'm not holding my breath, expecting this to apply if you are a white CIS male getting outright death threats from shit-skins or leftists

Sounds like Brit Pol needs to start reporting it's politicians for hate crimes or hate incidents

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This. Feel for you granddad. Not sure how you're getting out of this one without some heads rolling.

as a white Christian homogenic country free from human-animals, anarcho-tyrrany and other degenerate faggotry I am torn between showing compassion and laughing my ass off

So, what you are saying, is that being white is illegal in Britain?

Who exactly thought that May was a good idea?

were all in this together mutt boy

America has a common law system you absolute brainlet

>thinking christcuckoldry is something to be proud of

You can change the political landscape enough to allow more and more radical movements

AfD was barely started and got ~15% of the votes in some elections
Its massive

The battle can and should be fought on many fronts and information is key
Violence isnt out of the question but its not an easy solution and it can backfire rapidly

Hi Muhammad

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literally fake news

Jesus christ. If that's real the UK needs to be fucking nuked.

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Its bad when brown ID sweden is looking down on you.

>If someone does something that isn't a criminal offence

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this is what happens when jews are in power. Feel sorry for you guys, you are going to get exterminated

yeah right the cuck british police would probably arrest you for complaining

tfw gained two patriot points by reporting all the posters in here to my local police station

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it's false hope to be honest. the demographics are against us and it is only getting worse. the time it would take to get enough people on our side there will be hundreds of thousands of more racial strangers being brought in and procreating.

we need some acts of violence to get the borders closed and influence politics. it is unfortunate it has to come to this but they have forced europes hand. Set some clear policies on what we want and coerce the establishment into enforcing it.

- set up deportation centres (give money to leave)
- birth ban on non europeans
- get native population having more kids
- lock up or kill traitors

if they don't act on this then attack traitors. simple as. the threat of violence is more effective than rallies and feigning outrage at every policy that is used to fuck us.

Carnaby Street, London 1980

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At least autocorrect knows the actual spelling.

>This is what happens when you rely on a (((common law))) system with no constitutional protections.

not arguing with that but following iraqveteran8888 / hickok as much as i do, i've noticed the government over there is trying to squeeze some more inches on the 2a; the ATF is moving towards reclassifying anything with a 'rate increasing device' as a machine gun? which as chad pointed out is basically a go for anything semi-automatic because you rate increase anything semi-automatic with your finger (without even bumping it.... just pull the trigger quicker? rate increased? hmmmmm)

Please tell me that's photoshopped.

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Jesus, what a shithole.

This is literally like Romania back during the communist times. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

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Personally, I think protesting is absolutely stupid because the result is always zero for the party that is protesting. Some comfy rhino isn't going to give up his power, backdoor money and whatever else perks they are receiving (from their peers) to a bunch of faggots out on a lawn with signs screaming at the wind.

There is only so much back and fourth people can do until enough is enough with the tyrants making the laws irrespective of the will of the people. The United States explicitly has the 2nd amendment to remove tyrants by deadly force when the will of the people determines their government no longer has their guaranteed freedoms protected.

Britain is being lost on several fronts and they sure don't have a democracy any longer. Additionally, as a burger in Germany, I see that the Germans are not far behind Britain. The political atmosphere and personal freedoms are bad here.

Is this shit real?

>we need some acts of violence

>if they don't act on this then attack traitors

>threat of violence

fyi user, assuming you're not from reddit and shitposting, you should probably be extremely careful using those particular phrases as they're a.) probably not going to work in practice all too well, b.) going to make it very easy for the media to point at you and call you a retarded extremist, c.) very, very likely to get you actually arrested once you start going on about threatening and attacking people; that's not an if / but / maybe situation for the police, they can very easily arrest and charge you for that (intent to cause harm)

>go to jail even if you didn't break the law

haha OH WOW

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>be britbong
>not break the law
>go to jail anyway

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>Sites government sources of aggressive behaviour by certain groups
>Said group retaliates with aggressive behaviour


And the Tories will win again next election.
>B-but we have to stop Labour!

you're right but we need to stop being cucks. stop letting them fuck europe relentlessly. we need to stop caring at some point about what happens if we speak out.

it is a dire situation. people are utterly scared of anything remotely ethnic nationalist and the laws are fucked about speaking honestly about this.

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