Not only muslim raped and killing

Not only muslim raped and killing
Look at white British doing
Same trash human being, right?
Here for video from camera's UK police

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Those fucker white trash

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when you let your women being raped by muslim middle eastern and decide rape another asian and make your race get more hate. Only white degenerate

Thanks for the Pho and the easy fucky fucky Vietbro.
Your women have provided me with lots of pleasure. Just wish they dedicated more time to dental care, and less to nail decorations.

This is what happens when asians have small dicks, they cant compete.

LOL small dicks joke only for dumb people
White have small dicks too, and guess what your birth rate are low and trash just like your small dicks.
In future asian still being asian and white will becoming brown subhuman
Congrat you dumb fuck,pls don't get hurt for my joke because white race become a joke world wide

Dude you cant even open your eyes fully.

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>asian still being asian
But you won't, you've the lowest birth rate and sperm count on the planet

You're dickless, mad and impotent

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Asian have open eyes more than white trash from alabama, look at Europe and USA diversity, white race dying because you're blind and stupid, oops
and look back in Asia, who blinding now
LOL hahahhaha have fun with muslim and black people, white tard Gadsden

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nah China still 1.3 billions in 2050
only Japan lowest birth rate
In Vietnam will 118 millions in 2050
White race are dying but not from asian fault so keep hate us and let black or muslim detroyed your race faster.
No hating but your race becoming dumb and dumber, degenerate at fitnest

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but white race are dying without fighting
Your race became a joke, any countries laugh at your patheic weakness
Who're dickless now, white trash?

I hope they get raped with a power drill and then executed.

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This looks stupid as hell.

Most asian women can't stand asian men. You are living proof as to why.

>only Japan lowest birth rate
no, thats Singapore at 0.80, followed by China at 1.02, Taiwan at 1.11, South Korea at 1.25 and finally Japan at 1.40

when jews control your money and make black kill your race slowly, and you keep still stupid make whole all race hate you
Patheic confederate flag, when race war White will have no allies because of stupid like you.
So congrat your white genocide because you're doing for yourself.
Asians outnumber to you, black have more population than you now and guess what Jew control government and nuclear
Your race will have no chance if those stupid like you still exist
Race war incoming and white race not lucky this time, no hating
>> Keep watching porn pethaic white trash lol

Asian lauging because White left detroyed whole white race when in Asia China and Vietnam anti liberals as many can
Only beta white from the left let this happen
Stupid and manlet white male I guess

Poor little Jackie Chan cant compete with BWC.

>hurrrr the exception is the rule durrrr

When beta white left control media and people more than white right
and white right only watch white race slowly dying, keep talking shit but your race became like this because man let white "left" and stupid beta white " right " silent watching it happen
So you have small dicks, beta, manlet and slowly dying race. Who laughing now beta white male LOL Is it hurt?? But I guess you still keep denied, right user?

Anglos are NOT white.

whoah there chen, are you telling me you've all grown souls all of a sudden ?
Are you saying no British tourists have been murdered over in your rice territories?

Keep talking shit but White race deep throat multicultural and diversity too much when your race become a C.U.C.K
Asian don't let liberals shit happen in their land because we're not beta and manlet like you and maybe we're open our eyes more than white blind people LOL
Patheic race. Is it hurt?? No hating white race just only talking a truth about reality

Not only muslim
Look at white british doing same trash
Here video UK police
Some trash human being

If you are going to speak chinklish, at least do it in haiku, user

Pic related worked for the Banks. (((American Banks))).
Why do they all have tendency to rape, mutilate and slice and dice?

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go fuck yourself gook the only reason anybody remembers your country is
a. because we firebombed you subhumans until we got bored
b. because the french introduced your stupid asses to cows so you could make a poor imitation french soup that is all anyone finds of use in you

Maybe she shouldn't have been in Britain? Dumb slanteyed whore had it coming.

Haku is for Japanese
Retarded Anglo Weeb

I like you.

Tbh I've agreed with everything you have said about the plight of the white race opening its legs to (((multiculturalism))).

You are swiftly becoming our messiah.

yup sorry
Anglo is worst for white race because of degenerate and stupid

They also ruined Europe

If you want a normal guys in Asia feeling about white genocide, I'll tell you : we're hating it
Why we want white race genocide on earth, only jews want it, and you know what after white genocide next target will be Asian
But why Asian need allie with white when white race still stupid picking on asian and hate us.
Because of that Nazi is good Idelogy but many more people still chose Communist because of some stupid white trash.
White people don't know what is call balanced
Your people make Jews control everything now they're enemy of all race.
Is it asian fault?? Jews become power because of colony era of white people

Read about it in the paper. Absolutely degenerate, these are the type of people that stormniggers on Sup Forums consider the apex of masculinity.
While they are just a bunch of savages that are no different from niggers. They killed a mother and a person that was just trying to make her life and her childrens life better, but they are too much of pussies to fuck with pakis or niggers so they picked an Vietnamese woman.
Anyone who thinks these guys are anything but subhuman garbage that needs to be shot are nigger tier themselves.
Press S to spit on them.

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I am personally 100% for an alliance of the Asian and Aryan man. Anyone who calls themselves a white nationalist and hates Asians is doing a disservice to the cause.

The gook is correct here. Whites who do this type of shit make us look no better than niggers. Not a bad looking girl either. Sad!

yup they're white trash degenerate
They act just like those black in South Africa
Some orient eastern asian people hate white people but we never revenge something like that, because this is not moral.
No one in Vietnam hate French and France Empire is the reason why Vietnam become poor and ruined. Vietnam is rich empire before France colony.King of Nguyen dynasty so stupid if he act like Meiji change nation to modern, maybe Vietnam will be different

>sperm count
You should be more worried about west desu

>Conclusions This is the first cross-sectional study on semen quality covering fertile men from the major regions of Japan. It showed that semen quality of fertile Japanese men is comparable to that of the best in European regions.

It seems decline of sperma count is worldwide phenomenon, including third world countries.

>But why Asian need allie with white when white race still stupid picking on asian and hate us.

when british talk about asians they mean arabs, they are just fucked in the head

In Vietnam, most of people respect of Hitler because he's doing for his nation.
There is nothing wrong when you fight for your country and your race. Only hypocrite cancer liberal Globalists scum hate it.
Maybe many of us dislike Hitler because of jews media and communist media but we're all respect him inside.
Only Nationalism can save white race but you don't need White Neo-Nationalist and stop pick on Asian. Because right now you've more enemy and asian are least enemy.
Maybe in future asian and white are biggest enemy who knew but right now jews are our enemy. Because Jews hate both asian and white

Asians are major rapists and pedophiles. Look bat what they did in Rotherham, etc... They are 200x more likely to tape than whites.


It is because our Government and media etc aren't allowed to refer to Middle Eastern people as anything other than Asian. They literally don't mean Asian 99% of the time, they mean sandniggers. Its (((their))) fault for pushing the narrative in such a way as to even say 'middle eastern' is offensive now.

Entry level viet shitposting or Aussie in Vietnam fucking children and shitposting on the side

Aussie in Vietnam. You can tell due to the shitty grammar, but decent use in some words. Then the grammar gets better all of a sudden, like he forgot.

yup and you know what many british tourism come to Vietnam and they're rude af.
Some of they said it they don't like asian because shit problem from UK.
But they really stupid don't they. Vietnam hate muslim and muslim from SEA hate us too.
We're reason make ChamPa Islam Empire fallen, but we're still muslim to white people.
Liberals media never put tittle Muslim rapping instead Asian rapping gang. Fucking fake new
LOL I'm so tired of this

My broken English learning from Pepe memes
Forgive me

This is what happens when you become a tourist country you get trashy tourists.

Vietnamese don't give a fuck about grammar bro,
they writting like we call them "Cowboy" English
But I guess you still undertand it don't you
If not forgive me, my autism Cowboy English strike it again

Most of them are Liberals or leftist
I know Vietnam become more capitalism and a third world poor country..... and our leader party is Communist LEFT Fascist.

Muffugin bix nood muh dik

We need to purge white degenerate trash from the world

fuck off u 2 inch dicked lil gooklette

Who fucking let tien ban hao out of his sweatshop

You live in what can barely be classified as a country. Stay there in your orchard towers.

Thai women keep orchard towers full.

Dam, Viet user blowing you guys the fuck out. Dropping red-pills even in broken english.
> He's right you know..

What are your thoughts on based blacks who are educated and sensible Viet user?

>Jungle-asian tries to speak for all asians
You people are almost degenerate as the philippines, kys

agree with the chink, these two should have been put down the first time but she should have been in chinkland.

you need to give more context, who is this tubby?

>Your people make Jews control everything now they're enemy of all race.
They've always been the enemy of all races.

Pakis aren't the same as East Asians or Southeast Asians. There needs to be clear distinction between rice asians, curry asians, and pakis from the media.

she was Vietnamese


Are you disagreeing with his point that in the future Asia will still be Asian? I know it's hard to tell whether Taiwan stay Taiwanese in the future though.

It's weird that singaporeans on Sup Forums always seem to be assholes

Everyday you make this bread. Dude, your sister is dead. A gang of sand niggers took turns pounding her in every hole and beating her when she tried to defend her self. When they were finished, and exhausted they murdered her. Get over it, faggot. The UK won't do shit. They can't even protect their own people.

Demoralisation affects all of us mate. A society that cowers before niggers and pakis will find their worst elements emulating the 'strong horse'.
If it makes you feel any better, these cunts have the least sympathy for their fellows of any people in the UK.

>they don't like asians because

Nah, they disrespect you because you haven't disciplined them yet.
21st century Brits behave like children. Its all teehee banter XD until you stab them, then they will make excuses on your behalf; 's-s-stabbin is joost pert uv 'is cooltchur innit...'
They actually believe that they are normal, and that the way they let foreigners act in Britain is how they can behave in countries that still have pride. Negrified Europeans.