Fuck off, we're full!

>Fuck off, we're full!
>Let those white South Africans in immediately!

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Anglos were never white anyways.

The world complains about niggers and jews
Nothing more

Colonists are nothing like “immigrants”. The word immigrant has become virtually synonymous wih “unskilled, illiterate shitskin”, so in other words, nothing like our proud White ancestors.

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And Muslims.

And Latinos in the U.S., since they're unfortunately situated right next to Mexico.

Name a more influential ethnic group.


Whites should be priority immigrants in white countries. At the very least, those with similar cultures should be top of the list. There should be an ideological test and immigrants should be sworn to uphold the nation's values or constitution.

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Anglos are the new jews anyway, We are a Global race

>complains about immigrants in uk
>sweden flag
i just cant even
you wont complain about all the muslims invading sweden but lets have a moment of ironic silence for our idiotic allies in the uk who are doing the same traitorous bullshit, right

haha how naive are you?


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>Trying to cow Sup Forums

DESU, we're full to niggers. Pls no more niggers.

I don't support colonialism. It was a Jewish thing and was more beneficial to them, and offered more bad than good to the European people.

>Complains about colonialism
>Wants their native culture to accommodate the immigrants rather than have them assimilate

>Colonise the Earth
>See how badly it ruined all those other cultures
>Think, "Oh wow, that was terrible for them, better not let that happen to us"

This seems perfectly consistent, what's the problem?

this lot were big

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They can apply to come here like anyone else.

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'Racial pride' must not be in the vernacular of the simple Swede.

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Kek. Nice fucking joke. They spanned no further than the Mediterranean.