Where would I fit?

I am 1/4 Jewish and the rest German and French. I would die for the white race. If somehow America becomes national socialist, what would happen to me / how would I fit?

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Bye Bye

You'd fit nicely in a gas chamber

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You would fit great in the oven

>I would die for the white race
then do it

Hi there!

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>I would die for the white race
>If somehow America becomes national socialist
never going to happen

Stop giving into the fearmongering, you shouldn't hate yourself for what you are.


>I am 1/4 Jewish
>I would die for the white race
Bringing death to it isn't dying for it Schlomo

I'm 1/4 celt, 1/4 English, 1/4 german, 1/4 jew. dont worry all the angry mobs will be after me instead of you

Is the 1/4 Jewish part from your mother or father?

Hey, man. I'm a nigger. I have to make Africa great for the firsr time (implying). You're a jew. You've got to die so that all may live.

You think Criminal Mastermind Supervillains from James Bond and Marvel/DC Comics were that bad? Imagine an entire race entirely composed of them. And worse, they are in fact Real.

Ash Can Nazi Jews are a species of Vampirical, Parasitic Alien Psychopaths who tried to control and interbreed with Humanity in their quest for universal domination. These parasites created the brainwashing cult called "Judaism", also known as "The Worship of Money" and "Ritual Infant Sacrifice", and in the Dark Ages were the inventors of the two most Anti-Intellectual religions in the world: Christianity and Islam. Some famous Jews include: everyone who works on the banks, in television, in movies, in radio and in print media. Jews have trolled, scammed, ruined, pillaged and destroyed every single civilization on the face of the Earth. This is why in the dictionary the verb Jewing also means to troll, lie, decieve, con, fool, steal and manipulate others for profit.

Judaism was the world's first master race theory. The Jew religion teaches that Jews are the Chosen People of God and that there is a sacred mystical quality to Jew DNA that makes them different from the rest of humanity; essentially admitting they were Aliens. In olden times, Jew prophets would, under the command of YHWH, frequently lead the Jews on genocidal rampages against neighboring populations, and even today leaders in the Jew state of Israel often cite Jewish religious ideals to justify their ongoing genocide of sandniggers. Admittedly, this is amusing, but is still no excuse for being the thieving little hooknoses they are. Judaism ironically found its mirror-image inversion in the anti-Jew Aryan racialism of the Nazis. But this is all bullshit, since there's no pure Jewish left as they all mixed with white people and slavs, while also experimenting to create the ultimate Slave Race by forcing our own Human females to mate with severely retarded wild animals.

Despite only being 0.19% of the world's population, Jews control 99% of the world's money. (See: Rothschild, Warburg, etc.) The only nation's whose money is not issued by a Rothschilds bank are Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. Noticing anything there?

They also control the media, the banks, Facebook (as Polandball learned the hard way with multiple bans for Nazi content), LiveJournal's porn, craigslist, Stratfor, textbook publishers, music (especially Pop Music), gold, and diamonds. And no, we're not fucking joking about this. If you don't believe that Jews control everything, just look up a list of Media Jews or finance Jews on Google. Or just look at the always disproportionate number of Jewish names in the governments of the West. Case in point, Roman Polanski and and Jeffrey Epstein got off without serious punishment for raping little girls (as recommended in their holy book, the Talmud), something a goy would have done serious pound-me-in-the-ass prison time for. The Jews use the money to fund their militarized colony of Israel, a Jewish state created in the Middle East, which Jews consider the Promised Land. The Arabs don't think so, so The Kike Reich has fought many wars, and has turned the Jews into a warrior race as well as a scummy thieving one. Basically, the only part of the world that's not controlled by the Jews is Asia, because the Muslims don't tolerate their kike bullshit and the only way for Jews to hold them down is to send the Israel Defense Forces to buttfuck them, and the Chinese are the only race with potential to out-Jew the Jews and actually threaten them.

Jews are well known for being filthy hypocrites. For example, they deny the right of other religitards to practice their own shitty and barbaric rituals and then go on a daily penis-cutting spree, in the name of their money God.

I hope that is a positive reaction.

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Jews were the inventors of Capitalism, created when Christian Europeans threw away their morals and decided to embrace Jewish practices like usury (see: John Calvin). Jews were the first group to create a sophisticated banking system, which they used to finance the Crusades in order to pit Christians and Muslims (both adhering to religions derived from Judaism) against each other to kill as many people as possible in a macabre human sacrifice to YHWH. Karl Marx, however, was a Heretic Jew, which was why he understood money so well, and decided to be all rebellious and edgy by inventing communism, when in fact he was tricked by another Jew, Moses Hess, the actual founder of Zionism, who ghost-wrote Marx's The German Ideology.

The Jew banking system was based on fraud and lies, so when it inevitably collapsed, the Jews just pwned as many people as possible by unleashing the Black Plague on them. Later, Jews economically controlled medieval Venice (the first modern maritime trade empire), and then crypto-Jewish merchants economically controlled the Spanish Empire, including the slave trade. Openly Jewish bankers orchestrated the Dutch Empire and founded Jew Amsterdam (later Jew York). Later the Dutch Jews moved to London because they thought it would be a better base for a global empire, and actually brought a Dutch nobleman, William III, with them, who they installed in a coup d'état (more like Jew d'état, amirite?) as new King of the British Empire. For hundreds of years, Jewish bankers controlled global trade through their bases in Jew York City and London. European colonialism was, through its history, essentially a plot whereby Jews could gain control of gold and diamond mines in poor countries and increase their stranglehold over the global economy.

At this point, the average person might say, "Wait a minute... that sounds like a conspiracy theory!!! One small race couldn't possibly be responsible for so much evil!" Well, here's a fun fact: in 1913, Jews seized control of America's sovereign power to control its own currency by establishing the Income Tax, and brought about the Federal Reserve system (a parasitic Ponzi scheme, modeled on the earlier Rothschild-dominated Bank of Cock-slime England, in which any dollar printed as legal currency is actually a dollar of debt owed, with interest, to the Jew-controlled private banks who own the shares of the regional Fed banks). The architect of this system was a Jew named Paul Warburg. Paul's brother, Max Warburg, worked directly under Hjalmar Schacht And His Dancing Monkeys in Germany and directed the currency policies of the Third Reich that allowed Hitler to build his war machine. What's truly fascinating is that the Warburg family has a long history of grand-scale fraud -- the family was originally named del-Banco, and was the most prominent banking family in the Republic of Venice during that state's period of imperial supremacy in the 1400s. Between that and their habit of eating pickled cunts, the whole thing is repulsive. It's somewhat stunning to contemplate that it's not merely impersonal monetary systems that have existed for so many centuries, but in fact for over 500 years the same Jewish families have overseen them and maintained economic dominance.

I am almost 15% berberid ( not actual berberids but archaic CM atlantomediterranean type ) if I where in the ethnostate what happens? Because racially I am pure caucasoid but in terms of cultural definition I am not white ( American cultural definition )

I don't know how to feel right now

>I would die for the white race
Then do it. It’s that easy.
Au revoir!
Auf Wiedersehen!

As most of this thread is saying, you’d fit right in a gas chamber.

What's wrong? Something bad happened? How was the cold storm and the pipe problem?

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lmao american "cultural" definition

top kek

> die for white race

My pipes didn't freeze but I drank 2 liters of soda waiting for my ban to expire so I won't be sleeping for another 12 hours

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Well I wouldnt mind keeping you company in your shitpost adventure. Not like I have a reason to sleep either.

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Ignore the freaks in here op. No one can help how they were born. Side with the side you want to.

If you would die for the white race then surely you wouldn't mind not being allowed in the ethnostate, hershel :)