Zyklon-B here, ask me anything

Zyklon-B here, ask me anything

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hallo Zyklon-B, Zyklon-A here, how are you today?

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Continentals should all be firebombed.

Hi A, I'm doing great, thanks for asking. Hope you're doing great too.

Hi mutt, please take a deep breath

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All right, I just do not get rid of the stench of hydrocyanic acid
what is your secret?

>what is your secret?
Papa Adolf doesn't allow me to reveal that, sorry.

1 Anne Frank > all Goyish Dutchmen

come on I also want to become as famous as you

You both are speaking English to each other.

This makes the Anglo very happy. Welcome to the the civilised world.

>civilized world
harr harr

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Waarom ben je een vuile drollander?
Waarom heb je geen meesterras Belgo-Romeinse genen maar ben je van het polderjoden vuilbakkenras?

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Opgetyft nep Dietslander, Holland meesterras

>hydrocyanic acid
>enchanting sweet marzipan odour

your germanness is showing

lul now you're self-conscious so you switch your circle jerk into gobbledy gook

Très bien, plebs

>memegië wil meedoen

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Wij waren Salische Franken en Merovingers en Belgae dappersten aller Galliërs dixit Caesar en kak.

Kom aan me polderjood.

>>enchanting sweet marzipan odour
sounds delicious

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Flikker op Drollander met je vieze Randstad

Unironically I'm whiter than you Muhammad

Hi living meme

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Kaaskoppenverdediger gespot.

Ga toch lopen saksenzwijn, wij Vranken (Vrank en Vrij(tm)) hebben ju!llie altijd overtroeft. Uit misnoegen voor onze schitterende daden, wij die Europa succesvol verenigd hebben,wij legitieme opvolgers der Romeinse keizers, ja daarom alleen al zijn jullie met het schaamrood op jullie kaken de oceaan op getrokken. Dan nog liever scheurbuik lijden dan moeten het licht der mensheid, der rechtvaardigheid, der grootsheid, ja der goddelijkheid, te moeten van dichtbij aanschouwen.

Net als jullie vader, Satan.

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>hebben ju!llie altijd overtroeft
Jullie hebben geen eens normale wegen lmao

Is rust image from your nice dream last night after you fell asleep wanking to American made bbc cuck porn?

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On the topic of cuck porn here's some 19th Japanese cuck porn featuring the Big Dutch Cock

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I don't see a second guy. You seem to see everything through cuck eyes

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The Japanese monkey represents the cuck.

Also this is what you are trying to be. You used to be the Jews of the sea. What happened Pieter?

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>monkey represents the cuck.
Ah mutts see monkeys as people because mutts are so similair to monkeys? Interesting.

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Ever crushed the leaves of a lorbeerkirsche (us franks call it paplaurier)? There must be one growing in your neighbourhood, try it. It contains the same ingredients as bitter almonds, namely mandelic cyanohydrin, and if you crush the leaves in your hand and smell them, the hydrolytic enzymes immediately split off hydrocyanic acid, not merely enough to kill you, but just enough for you to enjoy the sweet marzipan odour of prussic acid.

Also a good reason why to do this, is if you are a lab worker as I am. One in four persons miss the gene that makes you able to smell cyanides.

The first time I knew this I took a stock solution of zinc cyanide in the lab and carefully wafted the fumes toward my nose. The smell of paradise, of a bakery around holy Easter.

A foreigner soyboy collegue who saw me immediately started to freak out, whined to my boss, until I calmly explained that knowing that I carry the gene that makes me able to discern the smell of hydrocyanic acid is essential towards me having to work with this shit in the lab, i.e. to earn my living doing this. Suppose you are of a lesser genetic stock and you are unable to smell cyanide, and you have to work with it in the lab and something happens releasing gaseous HCN, how would you know? Checkmate, chemophobes.

Betaal onze wegenvignetten polderjood.

>letterlijk aan het bedelen

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oi..oi...oi... OI VEY GOY NEVER GORGET THE 7000000”0””””000

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>mutt mutt mutt mutt mutt mutt
You're autistic like Hans, huh

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So you huff cyanide for a living?

Jullie zijn echt als blanke nikkers, komt onze wegen onderschijten en verwacht dat wij achter hun gat opruilmen

not huffing, more like a professional perfumer

België heeft derde wereld wegen

Speciaal om jullie op de zenuwen te werken. Onze lokale wegen, waar geen Hollands nummerplaat te spotten valt, zijn in zeer comfortabele staat.

Helft van België is niet lokaal? Ben je hersendood?