Sweden Sucks Now

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stop treating your people like disposable incomes to drain off of.

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they can literally drive off to any country they please on the continent without hassle

fuck kangaroo and save your boots from spiders Aussie soyboy

I have gone the way of the abo and can just not wear shoes around, But when I do put some boots on we are going to go ahead and kick some arse.

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Sweden have always sucked.

lol listen to Flock of Seaguls soyboy

It might suck now, at least it hasn't fallen as much as the UK. Can still turn things around.

Lulz, and you guys have always talked like you are gargling several cocks at once.

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what did you just call me ?

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Good meme, yeah Doplph needs to kick some feminazi communist asses


Imagine being Danish, can't even understand what other Danes are saying.

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Do a soy barbie on your bonnet cuck

>foreign population 17%
>17 people in 100 are foreign
>3% are mudslimes (3 in 100)
>squeezed into ghettos and largely ignored
>Americans are 50% "white"
>oommmggg sweeeddess wtffff

>recent development shows the foreign youth gangs have grown more anti religious sentiments
>woow islaam is taking overrr!!
its like you dont live in sweden and have any fucking clue as to what is actually happening or something

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memeflag look at me I am the ruler of kekistan the traitor sargon will be destroyed and so shall you if you continue your enterprising activities into the field of shitposting for purely comedic purposes.

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or you shall be destroyed I now relinquish my control of kekistan unto the peoples!

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>Good old times
I live in Finland now.

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Ivan shitposting again because he can't afford any other form of entertainment. Sad. Bigly.

Ivanistic sentence structure, primitive asiatic-slavic mongrel grammatical profile and slightly fetal alcohol syndrome-affected word choices.

Folks, we have a snow nigger.


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That picture needs "and it's beautiful" next to the 2010's

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>about 10% foreign population
>of which 5% is swedish
>maybe 1-2% non european population
Imagine a room with 98 people staring at 2 and blaming the collective problems on those two people. We just described Sup Forums


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Russian Spy assassination was an INSIDE JOB!

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Look at this cunt some one should check him out.

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I can imagine room where 2 priests molested you
and then Varg Vikernes' deeds seems to be justified.

Holy fuck, though. In the 60s, 70s and 80s you even took in Ameriniggers as asylees. Thos fucking cunts drove a huge crime wave that you never reported, and their kids are fucking rapists and losers, too. When the fuck will you deport the niggers and hang a cunt for bending you over for their ridiculous feminist feels?

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>Information for you who are married to a child
Well done sweden

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Someone post schoolgirls comparison.

Imagine a room of 98 people staring at 2 people who are shooting, stabbing, raping and grenading people while the 98 look on and do nothing, even though they have the numbers, the strength, and the power to stop the suffering. This is Sweden.

Yeah man, crime never existed in sweden before. Its not like swedish bois are involved in the criminal world in sweden. I mean vikings are famous for being entrepreneurs and inventors.
Who could imagine existing criminals recruiting an easily exploitable group of recently arrived negroes amirite. Unimaginable.

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>tfw good guys always lose
Ivan lost
>Karate Kid
Bobby lost
>Beauty and the beast
Gaston lost

why even live

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How is it going with Goblina and gun grabbers?
Hope you will win dude.

Yeah, I'm implying that shit can still be turned around.

While we in Sweden gives out pamphlets, the UK rape gangs are going around raping kids then making kebab out of them. I can also write shit like this without going to jail, as well as own a knife that isn't shorter than a chink's dick and made out of safety playdough.

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>ameriburgers talking shit about things they dont know anything about
more accurate if those 2 people are stabbing eachother while the 98 just watch yeah
>muh mcdonalds fucking cucked swede
yeah bye lmao, when the muritards join the thread its time to leave

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That pic can't be for real!

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Don't get me wrong, man. I love Sweden and I do respect your wish to do the right thing, etc. But honestly? Take in some white(ish) refugees and stop with the Muslims and niggers, they just never will be useful for anything but virtue-signalling faggotry and terrorism.

London will be a fun hunting ground for sandniggers, at least it's gonna be hard to not notice all of the fat wandering bin bags and the overbearded goatfuckers shoving their anus to the sky.

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Sure, will stop taking in rapefugees once the government issue has been fixed. Currently working on it, they will soon find a wonderful new future in Sweden as commercial fertilizer. Can't really think of any higher purpose any sandnigger or spearchucker can achieve.

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Chill, Breivik. Nobody buys that shit-talk from a Swede, anyways.

>absolutely halal

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Don't be a fool.

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That's good, then I can continue shit-talking and no body takes me serious. Then one day, nothing happens.

>more accurate if those 2 people are stabbing eachother while the 98 just watch yeah

That sounds a bit like Finland, except too many people at the same place. maybe 5 people would be watching 2 people shout perkele at each other and start stabbing with knives.

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Can concur.

t. Dane living in Sweden

>foreign population 17%
>In 2004 the population was 79% Swedish
>In 2016 it was down to 69% Swedish

The number of western immigrants did not really change in that period. The only exception is that we have had an influx of Polish people but other than that the entire increase in population since at least the 90s has been entirely driven by shitskins. If this keeps up we're probably going to be a minority between 2026 and 2030. And remember these are only the official numbers. The number of illegals is completely unknown since we surrendered our border control to the EU.

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If Sweden is so shit, why are you living here ?

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reeeeeeee it's ypeepos fault, all the dindos was doctors and engineers until the biker gangs recruited them

>nigger driving bokes
>niggers driving anything

Poor dindu's must have all met the "Men in Black" and all had their minds wiped. Imagine all of the planets we would not be busy exploring if they were not mindwiped.

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>Le 69% face

pic related literally the only option

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>In feminist Sweden big muscles always = steroids

Yeah, there is no chance in hell that such nonsense like weight lifting and resistance training could give you large muscles.

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Yeah, 2016 was just before the period of the largest influx of gimmegrants that Sweden has ever seen. It was during that time Sweden saw 10.000 shitskins per week for several months.

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