Are balkan people proud of their ottoman heritage?

Are balkan people proud of their ottoman heritage?

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Are you proud of your Turkish overlords?

I'm personally proud of my insect-infested home.

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Pretty good cuisine tho.

Why not gas them?

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i like the food

the mosques are shit though, take them back

good to see Turks are accommodating in Germany

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are there a lot of white muslims still around? it would be really scary imagining hordes of whites converting to islam.

They should be. Look what happened under ottoman: No debt, peace, ruling egypt. Look what happened under soviet union: wars, communism, no power. Look what happened under EU: debt, joke of europe, seen as lowly eastern europeans by us westerners. If only turkey could take them back

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albanians, turks and gypsies are muslim

some slavs are muslim too but not many, probably less than 1% of the pop

>danish education
most bosnian land didn't develop at all during ottoman rule
and during austrian rule it literally made more progress in 10 years than in 500
also, yugoslavia != soviet union

What did the ottomans do with all of their taxes?

Are you proud of your kike banking overlords?

>Balkan food
>Ottoman heritage

Excuse me user, have you heard about the Byzantine Empire?

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Nope. Fuck shitskins and their retard religion.
Osterreich heritage is best.

Come back to join us and we'll take them down for you.

aren't bosnians and goranis muslim too?

The only ottoman heritage we have is thousands of dead roaches in our land


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The best part is that the Balkanoids' nationalism literally amounts to arguing over who sucked more Turkish dick and who was the better servant. What a strange land and peoples. Well, 400 years of occupation will do that to you. Balkanoids are really tsundere toward Turkey even to this day. That is why they hate each other way more than they hate Turkey.

>implying we have turkish heritage

i grouped them all in as "slavs"

yes, you have goranis, bosniaks and torbesh here(bosniaks are serbo-croatian speakers and come from bosnia or sanjak region in serbia)

Yes, especially serbturkians
You were beaten with rocks

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yeah, serbs cherish turks the most

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You are literally got anihhilated by a bunch farmers


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you conquered every thing you got by breeding.You bred like rats and a typical turkish woman would have up to 10 children.All of the boys would be soldiers.Do you think you are brave?KEK,you needed an albanian general to win the war against greece.There was no smart turk,and there has never been


worst of turks, were cucked by timurids and safavids

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>still butthurt
Slav subhumans think they achieved something when the... i mean when britian, france and russia attacked ottoman empire. You subhumans need turkisj overlords just like the arabs do, imagine balkanshit without EU gibs??
Greece is still bankrupt

>you breed like rats

t. albo

t.greek from albania

Aren’t yiu guys so cucked you became muslims?

read this

What is it about the blue and white cross that makes it so good against overwhelming odds?

There is no Ottoman heritage to be proud of in the first place.

How about we create a White Nationalist version of Islam and use it as an excuse for everything?

But that is a Bulgarian Emperor.

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So you are a rapefugee on top of that


>BTFO by turks
>BTFO by crusaders
>BTFO by persians
>BTFO by goldmansachs

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>small irrelevant battles

Good bait

balkan is such a shithole, feels bad to be related with this kind of people when you say you are from there

what,how am i a refugee

What's culturally different between Germans and the "Eastern Empire"?

Gas who? The edomites? Why gas anyone at all?

Take it ez bruh

>small irrelevant battles
literally gave the greeks independence.

and yet still here
>your people will not survive this long
>enjoy your oblivion

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Catholicism. Habsburgs. Different dialect. Good at uniting minorities, and killing Turks.

angry little Gr**ks are cute we like them to stay there

> Look at me
> I'm an americlap
> And I'm retarded!

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>implying the wishes of roaches are relevant

isolated in your meme peninsula ever since your terror state of byzantine was dismantled :^)

>we don't share our wishes we get them

fuck incidental meme arrow


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is that why you fled for the netherlands with your tail between your legs?
>someones afraid of a greek-turkish war

>the absolute state of mohammadan education

lel your all stupid

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complain at my dad being a faggot for coming to here, my school is sending me to superior Turkey after graduation

>t. greek rapebaby in denial

top kek ;)

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We have bigger benis

>tfw you find out that Vlad was so mad because he got raped by a bunch of Ottomans as a kid

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>BTFO by literal starving mountain thieves
>have to mobilize large forces to subdue a little village full of sand goatfuckers
>practically beg for European gibs while trying to be tsundere
Why do T*rks suck so much at everything?

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have fun wasting your future and getting sodomized by your compatriots

turkniggers can't even create their own meme

>Impaling an individual along the body length has been documented in several cases, and the merchant Jean de Thevenot provides an eyewitness account of this, from 17th century Egypt, in the case of a Jewish man condemned to death for the use of false weights:[1]

Lol Jews!

Vlad 2.0 when?

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>terror state of byzantine
What is it with muslims and projection anyway? Every time you argue with one he'll throw in a "u r terorist" out of thin air
I guess that inferiority complex runs as deep as incest in you

I guess you guys did get a solid millennium raping the shit out of the turks.

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>being proud that a barbaric muslim horde ruled over you

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