Did Kubrick film the moon landing?

Did Kubrick film the moon landing?

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It's not a threat, it's a promise.

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Yes, but Kubrick -being the stickler for detail he was- insisted the whole thing be shot on-location.

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stickler for detail missed the continuity mistake with the carpet pattern in the scene above

unless i missed something i always thought the shining was a massively over-hyped, over-analysed film. i get what he was going for, trying to make it seem normal and then adding some creepy weirdness... it didn't really work tho...

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floor matches nasa launch site, apollo sweater, room 237

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>stickler for detail missed the continuity mistake with the carpet pattern in the scene above

or did he? tho... m8.... think about it....


most likely



Watch the Room 237 documentary and The Shining Code.

>The explanation of how Kubrick faked the moon landing from the Room 237 documentary:

>The Shining Code

>2001: A Space Odyssey
>The Shining
>A Clockwork Orange
>Full Metal Jacket
>Eyes Wide Shut

All of these films dealt with the corruption, exploitation, abuse, and control of youth by a shady or elite (((authority))). Dr. Strangelove was about the military-industrial complex. He knew what was happening and tried to expose it to viewers. He had a 200 IQ, was really obsessive so there's no way these were just random details, and he said Hitler was right about almost everything. No surprise that he died of "natural causes" a few days after showing the final cut of Eyes Wide Shut.

I think it's also addressed in Kubrick's Odyssey but I haven't watched it yet.


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There is a kid with a apollo shirt and he goes into a room what does it mean

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>it’s not a threat it’s a promise
What did Kubrick mean by this?

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Umm just think to your self... if there is no electric outlet on the moon how do they film?? Back then hand held cam corders did not exist.

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dude you are retarded. That film is a masterpiece, both in a technical aspect (cinematography was excellent), and in story. Just because you only watch re-runs of "This is War" doesn't mean anything without such a typical story line is shit.

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Watch 2001 and ask yourself how the fuck they shot some of those scenes which look better than todays shit without CGI - then remember that 2001 was filmed a couple years BEFORE the moon landing.

It's certainly within the realm of possibility, he had to skill to pull it off.

Kubrick was a Jew who was starting to redpill the public with his movies.

He was getting more and more bold then he dies, maybe murdered.

It’s very hard to tell.

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yeah, there's no way kubrick would want his name associated with this garbage.

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You're kidding right? Surely you can't be this stupid. Kubrick filmed it in a studio. Just like he did for 2001 space odyssey


>when you fuck up sets by making impossible windows
>people call you a genius anyway
Kubrick was a savant.

he was a rogue jew