Where's the outrage?

Bat Attack

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didn't she get shot?

wow a screenshot.

at least link the video, faggot

dumb nogs

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the sisters haven’t been arrested—hope they’re id’ed

Well, it was a nigger on nigger attack so, nothing of value was lost.

victim not black

Watch the whole video, the victim is white, in fact the nig brings up race towards the end

She is at heart.
Too bad she didn't knock some sense into that coalburner.

stuff like this happens like every day over there

The victim wasn't a nigger
Pic related

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These Wakandans are so beautifully empowered. So sophisticated. So civilized and ahead of everyone else. Such glorious kings and queens. We can learn something from them. I am deeply inspired.

No, she was a nigger satan, so what if she was a white nigger, she is still a nigger.
You heard her speak. Have you seen her? She burned some coal at least once if you look at her kid, plus she did cut the other nigger off.
Her speech
Her attitude
Her actions
All point to nigger
It was a nigger on nigger crime

And they wonder why people hate them

I only care about autists
victim did everything wrong
don’t get beat down unless it’s police—you can sue their ass and retire

Kid is white

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The funniest part for people who have to drive around black women, is they cut you off constantly.

I mean brutaly cut you off, wont let you merge, will absolutely try to run you off the road.

It is ironic that they are so upset about being "cut off".

Also we know this was a hate crime, but white people are not allowed to be upset by minoritites blatantly being racist. Watch a hollywood movie.

Yep, constantly. In schools, in the street, at restaurants, etc.

>That's white in America

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A nigger loving wigger. You lie with dogs, you get fleas.

Since when was blonde hair not white?

Whiter than you mohamad

>"You don't talk about black period. Period."
She thought she could get away with it if she made it about race. The white woman is actually denying it as if she's the bad guy for getting beat with a baseball bat

White's are far too subverted at this point to react

Listen to that lying bitch crying racism, after the cops show up. Americans haven been sold the biggest lie in regards to its black population. This group deserves zero sympathy for its current state.

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>le 56 percent meme going too far:the post

That one is, but I saw a pic yesterday of her in the car and mocha munchkin in the back seat.
Still, her actions speech and attitude still scream nigger, and you know it

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I wonder, if you showed Abraham Lincoln all these videos in his time, showing him the future basically, would he still fight against slavery?

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Na-na Na-na BAT NOOD!

Why would there be outrage? The nigger is doing exactly what you would expect it to do.

Call me when a nigger lands on the moon and we'll have some outrage alright.

sick of these entitled damn niggers and brown folk acting like they own the world and can do whatever they want when they want to do, fucking animals. Want to know what happens to animals when they become rabid over populated and untamable they get culled.

Who cares, Whites commit 81% of hate crimes. Non whites are getting tired of your shit

Good thing racism is legal in the US. Not a cop in the country will arrest you for calling a nigger a nigger.
They will arrest the nigger for attacking you tho.

First of all, she did NOTHING wrong. Racism requires power plus privilege. As a minority she is disempowered and the white woman is not, therefore there is no racism in this act. Secondly, her people have suffered HUNDREDS of years of slavery. This is just an expression of frustration that had unfortunate side effects. White people need to just calm down and relax, just SIT DOWN and let black people take over. What are you afraid of? Treating them like normal human beings?

she starts yelling you called my sister nigger—like clockwork

Russian Spy assassination was an INSIDE JOB!

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Fair enough, I'm not saying she isn't trash I'm just saying she's not a nigger. in one of the videos on her page of the fight the negress says "you shouldn't be talkin bout black people like that, racist bitch" then she says "I'm not racist, I suck black dick all day." Should have hit her harder. She's gonna ride this to fame.

No pity for coal burners