Sweden Love Thread

Let's quit hating Sweden for a moment and let's celebrate some Swedish nationalism.

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>Let's quit hating Sweden for a moment
I cant its in my blood. You really think I hate Swedes because of the last 60 years of cuckdom?

No one likes Sweden?

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>lets love sweden
>posts roxette
Kill yourself cuck. I hate sweden even more now

a half swed gave us the alaskan flag and its actually pretty nice. shame its wasted on us.

I do love Germany.


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What's wrong with them? They had great tunes.

It's all ogre now.

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I don't know why you Danes hate them other than their retarded multiculti.

danes hating swedes is a meme

no, fuck off muhammad


a 1000+ year old meme that is.
also the question is: why dont you hate them? The only reason I can see is that you dont know them like we do.

They are very pretentious I must say. They have an over inflated sense of self-importance. Very passive aggressive (more than us). Other than that very likable people.

Preferred Röyksopp

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>They are very pretentious
>They have an over inflated sense of self-importance
>Very passive aggressive
oh yes
and on top of that they are greedy, low class, petty and the single most naive people you will ever meet. They make you autistic central Euros look like saints.

It's sort of an old joke. Denmark, Norway and Finland all have little brother syndrome.

Swedes barely every think about our little brothers and yet they can't go a day without hating on us.
It's a great running gag actually.

>post with meme flag
also if anything Denmark is the big brother. We are the oldest after all. Sweden is the rebellious hothead, Norway the good boy and Finland the weird.

>Swedes barely every think about our little brothers

I suspect there's a reason for that, Persson.