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According to media reports, the deputy director of one of the local schools, who was also a class teacher, started an affair with a 17-year-old tenth-grader.

It is noted that the couple did not hide their feelings - a schoolgirl and a teacher published in social networks joint photos with confessions of love for each other. In addition, there was an explicit photo on the web, in which a half-naked woman and girl passionately kissed in bed.

The investigators became interested in the story of the teacher's and schoolgirl's novel, a pre-investigation check has already begun. As reported in the Novgorod department of the police, in the event that the information is confirmed, a criminal case will be immediately instituted.

Parents of schoolgirls refuse to communicate with journalists, and the teacher herself explains her numerous admissions of love with platonic feelings. In addition, there was a version that the story can be rejected by the girl's fan.

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Different countries have different amount of grades per school