Ask an asian who browses on Sup Forums anything

Ask an asian who browses on Sup Forums anything
Proof its me -

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Do you decorate your Christmas tree with color lights or white lights?

I dont keep Christmas trees

how many times will you post this?

>checks flag
>checks pic
I thought your dad bought you a ticket to China in the last thread you made 3 or 4 months back. Kys larping faggot

Until i can live in china

pick one

What are you guys gonna do with the whites once you take over Straya and Canada?

Gangzhou? A city where?

how's your mum?

Is it hard trying to keep your eyes open all the time?

How do we know you are the guy in the passport picture? You all look the same to us.

Do you keep birthday trees??

Pretty sure he's a chinaman not Australian

Already came back. Pic of me in chinese taxi.

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Are you Chinee? If you're not Chinee, does it bother you when people call you Chinee?

Just break into China

what's it like seeing the world in letterbox?

You look pasty.

Deep fried dog doesn't suit you.

How do we know that's you on the passport? You all look the same afterall

Why the fuck should I care
browse as ye want

>good man

Grow facial hair.

toilet paper over the top or from the back?

you're a chink i see.
Which society do u feel the most rivalry with ?
Which society do u feel the most allied with ?
Do chinks have chink guilt , like whites have white guilt ? ( whites have a LOT of instinctive guilt, even about things they didn't do )
Which race of women do u think is most attractive? ( where would u choose to go for a 'gentleman's holiday' )
What do u think will happen to Australia if the kikes keep mass trafficking chinks into it?

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That isn't OP, the picture and video is from the 14th of Jan by an r9k poster getting shipped back to where he came from

How would i know? Im born here.
Better actually. Because i have a job now.
About as hard as it is for you to not blow yourself up
Good question
I am an Australian of Chinese ancestry. 华裔
I could take a new pic with the passport but i cbf. Youll just have to take my word and my video proof of my trip for it
This was probably my 2nd day in china i gained weight and looked healthier while in china
Fuck up. Shit flag

I don't even think you have to break in, they want more people like them as is.

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Nigger why would you believe he'd re-use that proof for a different ID months later