We have a high iq chad leader who is philosophically and politically educated

We have a high iq chad leader who is philosophically and politically educated.

If we all just got behind him even if he is not perfect we could actually have a chance at the ethnostate.

In your heart you know I’m right.
In your heart you know you’re alt-right.

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Does Richard Spencer accept hazel eyed individuals such as Southern Europeans and Anglo Celts?


he's a fed plant

This speech is from 2013
It’s like the man had a crystal ball. He has vision and he is only getting more accurate by the day.



Not with that gyno he has and his beta reactions.

calling it an ethnostate is a surefire way to make sure you never get an ethnostate in America. I would rather focus on realistic shit like stopping immigration and kicking out illegals and then letting nigs starve or kill each other until there's no more left if they can't integrate into society. basically just reform immigration and stop affirmative action/gibs. move to vermont or montana if you want to be around other whites that badly.

Russian Spy assassination was an INSIDE JOB!

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>high iq chad leader who is philosophically and politically educated

I'm proud of him for staying in the game despite the pressure on him. He's still leading the way, with Paul Nehlen in a close second.

Who would suck on prime FSB tiddies?

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>posting this CIA nigger
In my heart I know you're a faggot.

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He's a fucking idiot with no knowledge on philosophy and economics.

Start reading some books

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come here too discuss important discovery
it's now science

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Fucking Jew tits.

leaders aren't appointed and we never chose this faggot. Sup Forums doesn't leaders

No one even knew who Richard Spencer was until right around the time of Trump's inauguration. He's a plant. Here are real right-wing leaders: Trump, Trey Gowdy, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Paul Joseph Watson, Mark Dice.... But no, let's all worship the guy who popped out of no where with the MSM covering him constantly

Top jej
Sage spook plant threads. Especially this limp wristed toadie.

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