Should Kazuma dick Aqua? What would be the pros and cons to doing so?

Should Kazuma dick Aqua? What would be the pros and cons to doing so?

Yes, because Aqua is best Konosuba.

He's done so in several doujins. She's a dumbass who's okay with being pregnant so yes he should.

she'd probably get all clingy, get pregnant and be too dumb to take care of the baby

Depends how well he can pull out.

Aqua is worst girl on the show.

Depends if Aqua is capable of getting pregnant or not
>she can
Absolutely fucking not, she'd be a horrible mother
>she turns jizz into water
Learn the Create Semen spell and ejaculate inside her a hundred times a day

Yes, and to shut her stupid ass up (literally).

where is he going to stick it? she doesn't have a vagina and probably doesn't even have an anus.

aqua is the perfect breeding sow

Can gods even get pregnant?

In a few doujins they mention that she just purifies her vag of jizz so no baby kazuma to fuck up his carefree lifestyle.

She's already pretty clingy as it is. And with all the alcohol she drink she wouldn't have to worry about the baby for very long.
Either that or Megumin or Darkness go the cuck route and take care of the kid.

>fuck Aqua
>get her pregnant
>have to take responsibility forever and have her tied to you until you die and even beyond that because she's a bakagami
Kazuma can't even kill himself because she'll just revive him.

Good for casual sex but not marriage.

He could just have Eris throw him into a new life as soon as he offs himself. For hilarity he would probably just get reincarnated as his and Aqua's kid.

None if he sticks to doing her up the butt

>breeding with retards

Fuck no.

Would've been nice if your parents heeded this advice.

Where do you think they come from?

>citation needed

Where do any gods supposedly come from?

Kazama is a lolicon by rejecting Darkness and fall in love with Megumin while thinking about his little sister Iris so Kazama wouldn't dick Aqua!
Pros is Aqua will take good care of the child like she cared for Emperor Zell
Cons would be all the tea she make for you will be warm water

Is it even possible to impregnate Aqua? Wouldn't your semen turn into water the instant it made contact with her body?

>not have a vagina

How fucking dumb are you?

Takes one to know one

he's probably thinking of angels, they dont have genitals
aqua is a damegami

If she had a son, it would probably be one of those Sunohara characters.

Read gen 6

>implying Kazuma is capable of getting any woman pregnant

Remember anons Eris-sama pads her chest

The Pads only make it better.

Pros:Dick in Vagoo


She should just embrace the flatness for once.

Best fanbase on Sup Forums.

Pros: Dick in Vagoo, Aqua
Cons: ???


he can't even provide for himself, let alone for 3, why would he dick her so carelessly like that

Yes all of them and none

>have to take responsibility forever and have her tied to you
fucking hot imho
many solutions to pregnancy problem

Let's see.

Pro: Getting dick inside anything is good
Pro: Might shut her up for a few minutes.
Pro: Water goddess, she's probably lubed as all get out.
Pro: Baby can't get any dumber, might have god powers.

Con: Not Megumin
Con: Aqua's probably gotten lot of God-dick. Like a shit-ton.
Con: Not Eris
Con: Risk of Vagina Dentata.
Con: Not Hot girl who he didn't save from the first episode but was smoking
Con: If impregnated, baby would probably be fated to do something.

All in all, he should just be like a normal guy, and fuck anything that moves, doesn't move, or otherwise gets in the way of his dick.

Do goddesses fart?



She's good for anal since she's always clean down there.

She should be clean.

fixed it for you

>penis will feel very good
>retard babies
>retard wife

No, it's:

Fine, I'll Fuck You.

Or Maybe Yun-Yun. I don't know, Anons have no taste.

She is not retarded, she is endearing.


>a fucking woman
It's like he didn't even watched the interview.

She would get plenty wet.
She would lord it over him for the rest of time.

>be married to Aqua
>she does this in public after you refusing to buy her some overpriced useless shit

What do?

Smack her face.

Don't care because we're now both immortal and above the opinions of worthless commoners.

>another season never

Season 3 next year

>retard babies
It's okay, with my 5 thousand IQ they will end up being above average

What was THAT doujin where he fucks aqua for hours?

Do you not read any mythology at all?

She's already his property technically so he could do whatever the fuck he wants.

I think she's even put in Kazuma's Pet slot on his inventory which means he should still be able to recruit one more person in his party.

All the time.

What does Aqua even smell like?
I can actually imagine what Megumin and Darkness probably smells like, but not Aqua.
Megumin definitely smells better.


Useless "goddess" only useful for her body

probably warm water

How come she can get drunk and hungover on alcohol instead of just accidentally just turning it into holy water?

Pro: you'll never impregnate her, no matter how much you cum

Con: it's Aqua


Just as a side note water is not a lubricant.

Don't stick your dick in stupid.

Who knows? Why does alcohol have any affect on her at all? How can she get hungover (especially considering hangovers are a result of dehydration, something a water goddess should have an issue with). Why does a deity need to sleep, eat and, drink? The powers of gods in the Konosuba universe seem to very very limited.

Author is a dude, dude

the best girl order in this show goes

aqua > darkness > megumin

and you can place in the various sidechicks in wherever necessary, but aqua is best girl

>pro: it's Aqua

I can see Aqua taking Kazuma's virginity out of spite.

Or have a mystery arc where it would be revealed that Aqua herself is actually virgin, only one among gods because her purification may sterilize men for Kazuma's laughs.

I mean, I kind of took it as a given that a purity goddess would be a virgin

What about an Aqua covered in frog slime?

I want a footjob from Aqua

Yunyun, Wiz, Luna, and various succubi

More like
Aqua > loli succubus > who cares

pro: she's cute
con: you're basically taking advantage of a retard even the sociopathic might find themselves morally incapable

>pudgy rice belly on Aqua
I never want this meme to end

Kiss her.

I want to eat Aqua's fat butt.

>Most likely amazing sex

Cons: Her hedonism kicks in and she wants more and will find dick elsewhere if left unsatisfied


Just buy some of this.

>Good body
>Natural lubricant
>might catch her retardation
>she wouldn't do any of the work

But I want to impregnate Aqua.

nice body
probably a virgin
will shut up for more than one minute
worst girl
is a retard
retarded babies
completely useless
talks too much

Kazuma should dick some random background girl or YunYun.

>having sex with a disabled person

Darkness smells like frustration and sweat.

Their are no downsides. Cute but dumb girls make the best waifus. And she's a goddess

>worst girl


Not if they watch rick and morty user

she drinks alcohol and eats regularly while being lazy

of course she'd have a pudgy, soft body

why does she not wear underwear though

It's just invisible.

She wants to fuck.


>she sees your japenis