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shit chapter as always


no u

It's better than the Yakuza arc already.

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that was fast

>hey kid, nive to meet you. I have daddy issue
Holy shit, Todoroki is actually autistic

So nothing happens?

Things happen. they just don't interest you.

>the kids are better villains than actual villains
Really got me thinking.

Is it Tetsutetsu's brother or illegitimate child?

>Bakugo's Mom beat him up as a kid whenever he acted badly
>Bakugo grew up to be a violent asshole
>Bakugo still thinks that violence will solve all of his problems, even violence against children
Man, Bakumom really fucked him up.

>walls of text
Can someone please murder the Niggastream staff already?

He doesn’t have the weird eyes like Tetsu

Why do mouthbreathers like you even post.

It's not their fault that this chapter was garbage

>LOL I called him a mouthbreather XD THAT WILL SHOW HIM

Looks like he's fucking her doggy style.

It’s not Horikoshi’s fault you’ve got shit taste

God, i dont know what is worse, hating a chapter or just being plain bored by one?

Its not like this chapter had particularly negative points but it didnt have anything im really interested in either.

Bakugou sperging out like always. Inasa being like before...and it wasnt funny ever so its just meh. Camie pretty much doesnt exist outside of some comments and Todoroki is as autistic as always.

At least next chapter seems promising. Have Baku/Ina/Todo show their superiority to the kids in some nice impressive and flashy way.

Would be really cool to see that...which also means, the only thing i was really interested in in this chapter was the last page.

I couldnt care less about Endeavors problems. Fuck hori didnt give us ANY reason to have ANY sympathy for that asshole and now he makes his issues something we should give a care about. Fuck off with this shit.

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No this isnt my blog user. This is a thread talking about the latest BNHA chapter. I posted something about it.
If you have a problem with that you shouldnt come to this kind of threads.

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Bakugou was based again

I hope this mini arc will give us at least one Camie /SS/ doujin

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As always.

Does Bakugo not realize that heroes and delinquents are completely contradictory concepts?

So what IS Cammie's quirk?

He read Kongou Banchou and Part 4 of Jojo. So its understandable why he would confuse them.

>Bakugo stops arguing when he remembers that Shoto was beat up as a child
good shit

Every once in a while MHA reminds me of the promise it made with the first few chapters' panelwork.

This is a solid reference to a X-Men cover (#275).

This poor kindergarten teacher needs a full-time assistant, preferably several. Handling this many kids is already hard, but add Quirks into the mix and it's pure chaos.

Posting for reference.

I really think that you're reaching, their poses are all different, I don't see the resemblance.

I'd believe you if you were remotely close.


What is the context here?

Yup, Bakugo was clearly a bad egg from the start, and his mother only made it worse, his meek and indecisive father probably didn't help either.

MHA had some really nice reference covers but this comparison basically only exists because the cover features 3 males and a female standing more or less in a line.
If its a homage, than either the mangaka did a poor job at adapting it or he didnt want it to be as obvious as the previous ones.

Does anything happen in this chapter? Don't even feel like reading it, seems boring

All Might gives a speech to Endeavour about how they're different
Pic related
Fun interactions
Kids using quirks at the end

In this chapter: Everyone wonders what the fuck is wrong with Bakugou.

Also holy fuck the translation is bad, it made it hard to enjoy it. Sasuga Niggerstream

Is it legal for the kids to use their quirks? I bet they don't have a permit and thus are criminals.

The quirk usage law is just there to give the police an excuse to arrest anyone using their quirk in semi questionable ways. In most cases it'll get you off with a slap on the wrist or just ignored if the particular quirk doesn't do anyone any sort of harm or put people in risk. Now if Momo started creating designer purses and selling them, then they'd be on her ass.

>Hot Winded tries to reason that naughty kids can't be heroes
>Kid points out than rather than being good so they can be heroes, his causing trouble at the exam makes him just as bad as they are
Well and truly BTFO, I love it.

One would think they are allowed to Quirk up with pro hero's permission.

someone needs to take an anatomy class

Garbage-tier chapter

Someone needs to take a fap lesson.

Don't even bother, it's a filler chapter

>Huuh?! That's how I was raised, y'know!
That explains so much

Man, I like this team a lot.

>Spend at least 15, if not 20+ years hating a man so much that you rape your wife over it
>Five minutes into letting him talk he completely schools you on the dream you did all that for
How did Endeavor make hero again?

For fuck's sake, there's already a general up


>Spend at least 15, if not 20+ years hating a man so much that you rape your wife over it
Sauce: Your ass.

now all you have is ad homs. You can't even disprove your failure. pathetic .

Why is he always right lads?

But he's wrong, delinquents suck and deserve to be out of fashion.


He never raped his wife you brainded soy-addicted bugman.

Is Hori making fun of how black kids talk using Camie?

BNH threads have always been a cancerous generals

Nah, she's a retarded gyaru ditz. Like a totes bimbo with bleached hair and poopiehole.

The was forced to marry him. It's pretty safe to assume that she didn't want to sleep with him.

>i don't want to read
It's a weekly manga, how lazy are you to don't read a few bubbles? You are posting here, it's not like you have anything better to do.

Literally kill yourself, you pathetic Westerner bugman projecting his delusions onto Japanese manga.

She wasn't "sold off". She said yes. She wanted his dick. She enjoyed it bigly.

She said "yes" because her options were either marry Endeavor or her family would disown her and throw her out on the street.

Why are you even replying to him?

>Why am I even replying to her?


I am a woman and I say she did not get raped. By your own rules & standards, you should believe me.

I mean you can have the look and still be a hero. Like Crimson Riot.



wtf i love bakusperg now

Not necessarily.

failing in or neglectful of a duty or obligation; guilty of a misdeed or offense.

Depending on societal context and perspective, you could be a delinquent and a hero. If the duty, obligation or rule you fail to follow perhaps is something that might keep you from doing something heroic, they might even go hand in hand. Lawfrogs wouldn't agree, of course.

delinquents can't be heroic because they break the law, gero

What disprove? All you did was write "fuck off". Dude did you seriously think that was some sort of argument?

And this is why Bakutsuyu or whatever abomination it's called will never be a thing. A delinquent will always stay a delinquent kero. Tsuyu only fucks with the law, and the law only.

Tried and failed at coloring it but whatevs.


I must have gotten turned around over Christmas, I thought there was no new chapter for another week, how long's it been out?!

few hours ago

Serendipity, I haven't missed much then. I haven't looked at the threads for days, dunno what possessed me to check in now.
Are we on a stable weekly release again from here on out?


Can we go back to undressing her?

I already finished that friendo

Anyone else got the feeling they are on track to also fail this test? What the fuck are they doing?

The Yakuza raid arc was a mistake.

Bakugo is definitely still on track to fail the test. I sure as hell wouldn't think that a guy who thinks that beating children up is the solution to his problems should be a hero.

Dang, autismfag's timeline btfo by unrealistic anime prodigies

Or Hori has just given up on making bakugo learn something from it and reflect on his personality and will find some bullshit reason he passes anyway.

>it took him 2 years after UA to be better than everyone except the hax quirk

Endeavor is a god

I wouldn't be surprsied if her job had serious risk attached. I've done partime assistance for elementary schools and imagining those kids with super-powers is fucking horrifying

They’ll pass. There’s just no point in them turning the kids around in one chapter

>they're dangerous so I left them unfastened and easy to steal!
??????? What did he mean by this?