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So, are they Senkuu's father's descendants or not?

Looks like it.

Shit. Guess Kohaku ship might be doomed now, but maybe it won't since few generations must've passed.

So what's medicine Sup Forums verdict about this chapter ?

Why, because they might be related? The village must have been founded with multiple people. You cant reproduce by yourself and the village is fairly large. There were probably multiple families founding it and nothing even says that his dad had more kids later.


When the humor is on point, it's on point.

Kind of too convenient, but the whole disease/antibiotic plotline was kind of bullshit to begin with so I was expecting it. I'm just glad we can now move on.

At least the writer tried to make it a conflict of the sorts. A lesser comic would have made the first medicine do the trick.

It’s a different time
Running may very well be a thing that guys do

I actauly like the little detail that Suika still scrunches her eyes up all the time since they haven't replaced her helmet.

So I guess that you don't have to be married to the High Priestess in order to be Chief after all?

Well I mean, he WAS married to her. Then he divorced her. Still better than Magma's deal, where he was just gonna let her die.


>Their arms are gone
Might be best to develop some hospitals before reviving these two

Truly we are Shonen Jump's Doctor Stone

Will she get a replacement helmet or will Senku make her normal glasses?

Optimist hopes for helmet, realisit admits editoral will want glasses.

>have pneumonia as a kid
>get big dose of antibiotic
>turns out I was allergic to it
>very nearly die right there
>end up with awful complications including multiple pleural empyemas
>tubes hooked up all over my lungs keeping me alive and pumping pus out
>spend over a year in a hospital bed
>need to learn to walk from scratch afterwards

Senku was lucky.

or maybe you were just really unlucky

Serious answer? I can't really say. Sulfa drugs are so rarely used for chest infections where I work, I wouldn't know how medically accurate this chapter is.

Pneumonia can be fatal but it rarely affects young adults this bad. To carry pneumonia for so long and so bad that she gets pus in her chest - Ruri would've accumulated some irreversible scarring in her lungs by now.

I can say I find the arc entertaining though

Since when is running considered tomboyish? Especially after years of being in bad health and locked in.

Stone. Barney Stone.

Many months have passed so Tsukasa probably had ruin them all while looking for muscles.

Well I survived and the settlement (the doctor actually knew I was allergic and just fucked up) paid for my education up to the graduate level with money left to spare so I'm not complaining. Even the few visible scars on my sides are relatively tidy oval things and women believe and seem impressed when I tell them they're gunshot wounds 'cause I look like a rough character and come from a bad neighborhood.
With Senku I mostly wonder how he would have proceeded if the antibiotic didn't work at all (e.g. if the infection was viral).

Hey, I remember some user predicted his name is Ishigami because Ishigami means Doctor or something.

It means literally means "God of stone".

Oh yeah it was stone not doctor. So Dr. Ishigami = Dr. Stone.

BI alike zthis ibecause nscience gfuck ayeah.

When you run like a gorilla.

why is she blurry are we seeing this from Suika's persective?

Well those gunshots wounds may as well be real, with that ordeal you pretty much dodged a bullet

That's really neat.


And Mangastream's version, because they've actually been fairly accurate with this series so far.

Kinrou most likely needs a helmet for battle purpose, so it's not that sure.

I think it's supposed to be bloom effect, to accentuate the speech.
As the glow in this page to interpret that Ruri has been healed.

Now that Senku cured her sister, how will Kohaku reward him?

Hot steamy sex

There's no way she could have survived pneumonia for that long without medical treatment. It's also very hard to believe that nobody else got the disease, especially her sister.

>she's already 100% cured
Why so fast? What's with this greased lightning pace? You'd think it would take an extra chapter or so.

Wait, you're telling me that in the 6 months he's been around, never once has anyone around Senku said what the village was actually called? And Senku never asked?

There's a little timeskip.
It's not that bad, we don't need to see them doing the same things again.

>Senku's dad founded the village
We called it lads

To be fair we even see him immediatly start making more

Ruri us hot

Somebody please draw her in jeans hrrrrnnnnnnngh

>women wearing trousers

Now that he's chief, is he finally gonna make some offspring to pass science on to?

>because they've actually been fairly accurate with this series so far
I fucking wish the rest of their translators were like this. Thier OP and OPM translators are fucking shit tier

But he already has Chrome.

Wait can pneumonia really last that long?

What's wrong with that?

*Gen although two guys can't reproduce

The dude is missing everything below his chest.

Jeans can be sexy
But for the most part i agree

Chrome a bro but not his child who's gonna take over the kingdom someday.

Considering that there are no outsiders apart from him and that he just doesn't seem to care about much outside science, it's not that farfetched.

>when you can spend your every waking second rebuilding civilization from your own ideal

Procreation is necessary for civilisation.

Niggastream version makes way more sense.

Especially since Senku's super-intelligent genes must be passed down. The only smart person in this village is Chrome.

what about mini jeans with pantyhouse/leggings?

Are you trying to imply the fine translators of mangastream may be inaccurate?

Then he should be fucking someone smarter than a dumb gorilla.

Shit, that's somehow a tearjerker for me.

Chrome and Ruri will have a healthy flock of perfect children and Senku will teach them all he knows.

Does anyone have the Viz translation of this page?

Men aren't women. Outside of cultural limitations (and risk of venereal diseases) they have no reason to be particularly selective about whom they impregnate. A man could impregnate thousands of women over his lifetime and enjoy the process.

They don't need to procreate, they just need to awaken more of those people trapped in stone. The village population is so small that they're probably super-inbred anyway.

Thy release on Mondays you nog

That was last week's chapter

>someone smarter than a dumb gorilla.
Why not combine both smart and strong genes instead? Wouldn't we get perfection?

so has this stopped being boring yet

You mean Tsukasa?

Especially since if dumb people only breed with dumb people, you'll only get more dumb people. But if you add some smart people genes into the mix, you'll get some smart people and some average peope.

>e.g. if the infection was viral
At that point you would start looking for other reasons why viral infection would have been chronically affecting you for 18 years. Of course the only thing this could have realistically have been would have been really slow acting TB.

Starker Geist in starkem Körper.

This. Education >>>>> Genetics
Tsukasa seems to be smart and sharp as fuck. He has the perfect genes, but he is as anti-science as you can get.

time to kidnap tsukasa and let the village reverse rape him for the next arc

Is he actually anti science? I might remember wrong but I thought he was only against Senku's science because Senku wouldn't cooperate with him.

>what about mini jeans with pantyhouse/leggings?
>posting 3d
Come on mate