How much estrogen does she have?

How much estrogen does she have?

about 4.

She is like baby.

she not interested in boys

Begone heretic.
The age of Shikaposting is dying and a new era of Kuminposting is dawning.

she's very beautiful but my wife shichimiya is better and also not a dyke

Shichimiya would definitely fuck her given the right opportunity.

Then what is she into?

Deko's flat chest and tight chuuni pussy.

What's that user, you want to become friends?


What's her weight?


How many alpha females has she beaten up?

1200USD worth after the recent crash.

Then somewhere between 70 and 600 nanograms (during the follicular and luteal phases).

She's moved on to alpha males.

Max level

How do you beat this?

With your dick.

My pathetic friend can't handle that.

psh, what a soygirl.


She could still beat most of Sup Forums up.

With this.


I haven't even seen this show and I wanna DICK this bitch so bad.

Any girl that flirted with Deko.

She's a dyke, sorry user.

No she isn't, Deko is platonic.

Yuuta is such a retard for choosing Rikka.

To be fair, the Shinka route doesn't exist.

With ease.

no, this is her final form

>all these anons trying to mess with her
Are you suicidal?

No. Just a masochist.

Why don't you fight her like a real man?

Only a fool picks a losing fight

Contrary to popular belief, Shinka is actually beatable. That's why she's the perfect opponent for Sup Forumsnons.

Losing is more fun than trying to beat her. The hard part is making it look convincing.

I want her to choke me with her muscular thighs until I pass out and wet myself in front of her.

But trying to beat her means that she will go full strength at beating you up.

That's kinda pathetic.


Saved, I still can't believe this triggered this board so hard.

Shinka's true form

That looks awful.

I love Shinka.

The writing on her looks phone as fuck, would have been way better without it.



I believe only Shinka was scanned before? Never seen the others here.

>fucks dogs.

I've seen others but they looked different, Kumin's had a darker background.

Oh, only ever saw Shinka so I bought these and scanned them with my 2004 AIO printer. They aren't the best quality but it's something.

Thank you, user.

What is the female equivalent to high test memes? Like, what would be a high est meme for women?

Like she could resist deko's chest.

Isn't high test already the women version? It implies that you need to have high testosterone to fuck her.

No, as in "you need to have high estrogen to want to fuck him"

I don't think there is one, that situation hardly comes up around here.

They are all such semen demons

KyoAni engineering

tie it into a knot, she won't be able to resist

Very funny

I want to fight Shinka.

I want to cumin kumin

What's the best strategy against her?

Let's get thicc

Extra estrogen leads to osteoporosis, extra hair growth, and a bunch of other umdesriable things.

Who is that?

Just another slut

What happens after you lose to Shinka?

The ass was fat

not an efficient use of fat

Yeah, I wanna fuck her and the pussy.

IN the pussy obv. ;)))))))))

How do you even survive this attack?

Chuunis need really fat hips to store all their energy.

I thought their energy is completely imaginary.

Imagine spooning Kumin and gently cumming inside her during the nap time.


Shinka is a divine messenger from Heaven. We are not worthy of her.

Unless you piss her off, then she becomes the devil.

It's just divine judgement.

I hope we get a KMB reference in the movie too.

Mori Summer a cute


Who did this to her?


Sup Forums just self inserted too hard with Yuuta

>self inserting as that beta cuck in denial

I want to rape Shinka

It was a more innocent time.

I want to watch you try and fail miserably as she breaks your neck with her thighs.



What do you think she'll do in the new movie?

Fuck bitches

Get money