Classic fujobaiting at its finest.

Go Nagai was truly a visionary.

That's a weird way to spell "hack."


Satan is a hermaphrodite.


>Implying the average fujobait isn't full of tits and asses

You can have both, y'know.


Im reading the original right now and man, manga has come a long way. Some of the dialogue is pretty good for a manga, it feels like better sci-fi fiction, but jesus christ the pacing is atrocious. Things just jet out constantly like the reader has ADHD and everything is so expressive.

Hopefully Yuasa can amend these problems to save the good better writing. Though, I still dont know how this will end. Only on volume 4

Pre-demon Akira a cute!

Where are these pictures from?

Miki is cute as fuck

is this from a new pv or something? i couldn't see it on the devilman twitter

Probably a Netflix staffer is dumping them.

I've been reading Devilman and Violence Jack recently for the first time, and I didn't expect Nagai's manga to be so gay. I did expect sex and violence, but not traps and plot centered around homo affections. Violence Jack has fucking TWO traps in one manga.

Miki is so cute.

It was a different time back then.

I'm wondering how they're going to fill ten episodes with the original manga. It isn't that long at all and the most iconic scenes are fairly brief fights.

Miko likes pre-merge Akira? That's too unrealistic even for Devilman standards


According to Pixiv, Violence Jack has a loyal fujo following on Japan. Hell, if they ever make a VJ adaptation, tumblr would be filled with Mondo/Tatsuma stuff. They're just too damn cute

Probably the same way he filled 5 volumes of Ping Pong into 11 episodes of anime.

> Ryo peeking at Akira through a scope

Seems about right

With sports anime it's easy - you just make more sequences of the ball flying over the net.

so that's where he got em

Ping Pong isn't really a sports anime though


Its lewd to say the least.


In the manga, Akira's change could be attributed to a sudden growth spurt and getting more confidence after losing his virginity with Ryo. Both are realistic scenarios. The problem is Akira's change on Crybaby is too radical, they look like different characters


For you.

I still hate these designs


Everyone is fine except pre-merge Akira. It's overdone

>losing his virginity with Ryo
You mean both him and Ryo were gangraped by demon hordes in that basement.

I am okay with it.

No one really cares what you think, honestly.


Do your bosses know what sites you frequent when nobody's watching?

he looks like the Lu MC here.

Let it go, user.



Just saying what people could think of Akira suddenly changing so much. The point is he still looked like Akira but Crybaby Akira looks like 2 different characters

Miki ;_;


He looks better with pronounced features like this, but the hairstyle sucks

I haven't seen or read any Devilman, but I thought that the blond was a fag

Whos this mi-ko chick?

Nah, not even a mother could love that. For further evidence, see Screech



That Gendou pose.

Will there be a naked miki being attacked in the bath episode?

It's in the latest trailer.


>I still dont know how this will end
Aww, what I would give to read it again. The ending was really heartwarming.


yuasa at devilman night

Most likely, user-kun.

they literally look like two different characters in the manga though

Thanks, user

Also, keep in mind that this is a Yuasa anime. So a lot of animation is going on. Judging inbetween frames or even key frames like that and saying it has bad animation is just really fucking stupid.

yuasa's really going to make miki's death heart-wrenching i just know it

It looks great though

>delinquents became hippu hoppu



It's 2018, user.

The moment I saw the character designs, I knew that shit will be hard to look at.

Not really. Even post-merge Akira could act a little goofy when he wasn't full with steroid rage

that is nothing

Well, you don't have to.

Ryo looks effay as hell

It looks amazing, to me at least, but some people not knowledgable about animation will use stills to discredit a whole show.

w2c pants?

Hell puns incoming.

Those people are idiots with already pre-conceived notions of what "Yuasa" is as a director. Even though they've probably never even watched anything he's directed.


Gotta witness it myself. Gonna cry afterwards though.

Yes, and?

People are just angry about the sideburns.

That looks like shit

Yeah, you and one other poster.

And no one has sideburns anymore.
But I also didn't like ryo's hair.

That OVA felt so poorly paced.

artstyle looks like lu over the wall i.e. fucking shit

But at least nostalgiafags got something.

Lu looked good, also they look nothing alike.

You mean amazing. Have you been watching Lu drunk?

New Devilman Crybaby looks better in pretty much every regard than this OVA. Also, Akira has sideburns.

Watching it in cinema made me crave for seedfood so badly.

>those fucking pants

>Devilman soybaby

had to drop it halfway because of how cliched the story was and ugly the artstyle was

>dropping films halfway

They need to fire the character designer though it's too late