One Piece

Now that the dust has settled and we agree on 32 x 73. Let's rate the chapter /10 and discuss if Nami should be able to dodge Big Mom. Pic related

Katakuri>Big Mom.

How do we fix the Hackda problem? He keeps fucking up.

Just because you imagined yonkou to be invicible it doesn't make it canon.Strawhats are yankou level crew.

>tfw Nami will never bully you into becoming her slave bf
it's not fair

>Brook cuts Zeus in half and shit talks Big Mom to her face twice
>Chopper tanks a direct hit from an emperor in guard point
>Jinbe also blocks a direct hit and blows Big Mom the fuck out with Vagabond Drill
>Nami turns Zeus against Big Mom AGAIN and takes him for herself

>Sanji bakes a cake

"Year of Sanji," indeed.

What if?

Is he the MVP of WCI?

Definitively, stole the poneglyphs secrets, saved Carrot, smashed Mother Caramels picture and battled BM twice with more success than Luffy

Chapter was amazing. That's what I want to see, minor crewmembers being able to take care of a yonkou.

Year of Brook


Is her fur supposed to remind me of snow?

>The Kaido takes care of 3 supernova crews at the same time by himself on a random island easily
>Big meme with her pirates incapable of capturing strawhat crew in her own territory
Weakest yonko confirmed.

Nope. How can any one defend this?

Luffy would have become one of the Fantastic 5.

Brook is to WCA what Franky was to Dressroba. The underdog that actually became fucking cool.
I literally shat meself when I saw the first Brook vs Big Mam fight.

Big Meme is the biggest disappointment to come out of this manga so far. Whitebeard is laughing in his grave at her performance.

>One piece has a shit writing
In other news water is wet

>be big mom
>be old and retarded
>be starving
>take out jinbe and likely fuck up his arm
permanently with a single sword slash not covered in haki while not using any elaborate technique,just raw strenght,against a powerful haki defense used by someone that is naturally tanky as well as very experienced
>be big mom
>be old and retarded
>be starving
>be covered in water
>facetank with no haki defense what is likely the most powerful punch an expert fishman karate user has ever thrown to anyone on-screen
>be big mom
>be old and retarded
>be starving
>be covered in water
>get one of your most relevant allies team-sniped to fuck with your balance and to electrocute you,while youre still covered in water
>facetank it without haki whatsoever,again
>be big mom
>be old and retarded
>be starving
>be covered in water
>be facing people that can easily exploit your weaknesses while not being helped by anyone,barely being able to connect any attack,and still get next to no scratch while doing absolutely no effort to take less damage
>be called a jobber by powerlevelfags because she cant teleport behind people and behead them in 2 seconds

Never change


Anyone else already masturbated to the panel of Nami telling Zeus to RELEASE?

Akainu > Big Mom

kaido taking care of three shit characters isn't that impressive

Nope Oda is a hack. No one with a brain can defend this chapter

>>get one of your most relevant allies team-sniped to fuck with your balance and to electrocute you,while youre still covered in water
>>facetank it without haki whatsoever,again
she suffered damage otherwise she wouldn't have screamed

>weakest yonko! blah blah blah

How quickly you forget that Whitebeard was successfully stabbed by fucking Squard, the lowest, shittiest Whitebeard pirate.

She's in a weakened state. Plus she took no damage from that

This might be a small observation, but anyone else think the "fight choreography" was really well done in this chapter? Some lesser artists would not have as clear a sense for where big mom was on the boat/knocked off/floating alongside

Big Mom obviously has diabetes and is on low blood sugar. Doesn't count

BnHA has a real problem with this. The art looks nice but it doesn't clearly communicate who is where at any given moment like Oda does.


Franky is gonna have a heart attack when he sees the Sunny again.

As far as we know he only fought Kidd. Apoo cowered and Hawkins dipped .

>Shanks jobbed to a Sea King
>Blackbeard+Crew jobbed to Magellan
>Whitebeard jobbed to Squardo
>Big Mom jobbing to fucking NAMI
>Kaido has jobbed to fucking everyone but always lucks out of it

I miss East Blue/Paradise when we had real threats to worry about.

But he will never see the Going Merry.

He'll understand it was because of Big Mom, you have to give credit to the Sunny for dealing with not only her weight, but the damage she put in her state.

Anyone else starting to find Big Mom hot?

Kaido took care of Kid. We know he did not take care of Apoo as Apoo bitched out and joined Kaido's side. We have no idea where Killer and Hawkins are. Most likely they got beat up or just ran away.

If Kid, Apoo, Killer, and Hawkins were in place of Jinbei, Brook, Nami, and Chopper in chapter 890 they would have gotten destroyed. It's all matchups that you should take into account for future references.

>Job job jobbity job job
Take your meds user

Oh I know he'll understand, but he'll still flip his lid seeing what happened to his baby. Hell probably be raring to take out Big Mom as payback.

have you ever been electrocuted?it hurts like a motherfucker no matter how much actual damage it does to your body

Z E U S 4 N A K A M A

He built a pirate ship, user, of course it's expected to take damage. The whole reason he joined in the first place was because the Straw Hats needed a mechanic who could do steady maintenance and repair damage instead of letting it accumulate until the ship sinks.

If he has to remodel, I hope the rematch arc has ship battles in it to show how serious Franky is about showing the Sunny's power to her.

This chapter was pointless, invincible BM > weak BM. I bet Kaidou will job as well.

Doesn't mean Franky won't be furious with Big Mom for busting up his baby

>expecting an antagonist not to lose in a shounen manga

It's too much to handle for their pea sized brain. It's like DBS to them because fighting style/weakness/surrounding
doesn't count and everybody should just clash head on.

Brook jumped from mediocre to best strawhat in a single arc.
He and Usopp are probably the only two who got better after the timeskip

Wow. A cook cooking? Fucking Oda, what a hack.

So i have to remind You that a single bite of that cake basically knocked out and hypnotized Bege?

Sanji can FIGHT with food. And scents.

The damage Sunny took, however, does give a good excuse for Oda to expand the Sunny a bit for Jinbe.

Hey just gonna our this right here

Post the cutest Yonko.

You're forgetting he fucking dare to ask for Mama's pants. Top tier Skelly

At this point of this arc, yes, it's pointless to see a weak BM.

They saved Sanji and Germa, made of copy of the polystuff and the cake is finally baked.

>Dressrosa had Usopp display an incredible feat of sniping
>Zou had Chopper display a highly skilled coordination of medical care to a small country
>WCI will have Sanji display a highly masterful culinary feat
Oh shit, it's almost like the arcs have been giving the Straw Hats chances to show how fucking good they are at what they do.

Your brain is tiny

Nah Jinbe is just going to sleep in the fish tank

She's burning man

How would people react to the older Straw Hats if they were being treated right now

And be honest about it

Big Mom handled Jinbe, Luffy and Bege. Which is pretty much the same

What do you mean? Expand in what way?


More bedroom space in the men's room for Jinbe


Are we reading the same manga?

No but seriously, is that Robin's ass?


There's clearly a line underneath the skin colour as if to imply some ass.

I loved the teamwork of the fight and how fucking Oda managed to nakamize Zeus in a realistic way.

Also, great sense of humor. I lost my shit with Brook.

And people are complaining. Fucking bitter faggots

I love Robin’s ass regardless.

It’s just the outlines of her thighs overlapping. If you put your fingers really close together they do the same thing and blur together

I honestly get the impression that if the Germa turned up in the middle of this fight, the Big Mom crew would be completely destroyed. The only commander there is Smoothie, and Grande Madre looks weaker than ever.

Why is the people saying BM is weak???

Have you noticed that she's riding a GIANT BALL OF FUCKING FIRE just because she lost her Kinton and is not giving a single fuck to the burns?

>Why is the people saying BM is weak???
Because they're actually causing visible harm to her, as opposed to back at the wedding when she was basically invincible.




>Zoro is stronger than Carro-

One piece is about showing no one is invincible, and fights must be taken if you want to be free. It doesn't matter you're made of smoke or electricity, or if you're an untouchable Tenryuubito or a fucking Yonko. You're yet an human.

Also, she's tanking everything in a weakened state, and only teamwork has worked to... What? Push her out of the boat? To zap her nipples a bit so she screamed?

Ffs. BM is a fucking monster.

At the Wedding, she was on land. Right now she's on a cloud and can't fall down or she's done. At the Wedding she was more calm than she currently is so her observation worked better at the Wedding. At the Wedding she used armament to withstand kong gun, while she didn't against Jinbei.

i feel like this is falseflagging by anticarrots

how can you love the bun and simultaneously think she's stronger than a candidate for the strongest swordsman in the world?

So here's a question for you faggots.

There's a full moon going on. What are the inhabitants of Zhou doing with it?

Because swordsmen have never been that strong

For example: a candidate for strongest swordsman has never been an antagonist as far as I can remember, they’ve always been subservient to them

Not looking at it.

Having a massive orgy.

Posts like these and people like you are why Im glad I dont pay attention to fandoms.


Swordsmen are always jobbers.
Even Mihawk jobbed to Shanks regularly

Is this just a simple gag, or can we glean something from this? If it means anything at all, it's one of two things: either Zoro no longer has the use of his left eye, or there is something special about it that will be revealed later.

U r mad lol

This. I agree with you user. I re-read the chapter over and over again this morning. Nami is being cute and being a slavemaster was amazing. Brook is now my unanimous MVP of the arc. Jinbei managed to oust Big Mom in her weakened state. Chopper did his job to protect Nami, which is cool. I’m enjoying every chapter until the end of One Piece. Just enjoy the chapter guys!

Sup Forums's OP threads are made of users who are too blinded by fanboyism to know when a shit chapter is released, and too stupid to defend it on public forums. They come here because there's no accountability, so once they are exposed for the retards they are they can just pretend it didn't happen.

Literally every other OP community is admitting Oda fucked up this chapter and that Pig Meme is shit, but you are incapable of criticizing One Piece because it's the last thing you have in your pathetic NEET life.

Prove me wrong.

I fucking hate Zorofags

Keep pissing them off it’s funny

too long didn't read lol

It's just a chinese comic book that we pirate every week. Who gives a shit lmao?

Shanks has one arm
WB had aids
BM has diabetes

What dumb weakness will Kaido have? Bipolar?

>Implying I care about what other communities say
Go back there and don't come back

This is actually the perfect chance for Jinbe to get rid of Big Mom
Prometheus is weak to water and if Big Mom falls in the ocean she's done for

Why don't you point out the problems and I'll genuinely blow them the fuck out.

Basically this

>becuase the other guys said its bad then it must mean it is!
How about you just leave it be, and go join the other forums