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Just give her the cake already Oda.

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i love how she calmly responds to jinbe

>Brook cuts Zeus in half and shit talks Big Mom to her face twice
>Chopper tanks a direct hit from an emperor in guard point
>Jinbe also blocks a direct hit and blows Big Mom the fuck out with Vagabond Drill
>Nami turns Zeus against Big Mom AGAIN and takes him for herself

>Sanji bakes a cake

"Year of Sanji" indeed.

I'm giving Oda the benefit of the doubt until BM ate that cake.

Year of Sanji was 2016.
>but he didn't do anything!
So what? That's when we met his family and he got his second flashback and all the drama.

I love the relationship between Perospero and his mom. Perospero probably spent his whole life manipulating her but Big Mom is not smart enough to figure that out, she trusts him unconditionally, and even goes so far as to defend him even when confronted with the truth. It's cute.

Did she awaken the Rinnegan?

I love the fish so much.

>Luffy offscreens Kata

I love re-reading this chapter. I love the art!


More cute nami for my collection


It's gonna be the other way around Luffyfag.
This is a training arc before Wano. Luffy doesn't need to win, he only needs to get better.

So did Jinbe lose an arm?

>we didn't see her panties
Nothing happens: the chapter.

actually i be down for this then he can pull out some flashback on how while fighting one of kaido's cronies like jack

> of Jinbe's death/filter/text/page/1/
>Retard spams Year of Jinbe's Death so much throughout 2017 that it has 11 pages in the archive
>last chapter of 2017 is him BTFOing BM

it's actually the first chapter of 2018

Characters who will NEVER join the strawhats


Now you can stop talking about them

im sure he did

Lol if Jimbe was able to beat her Luffy gonna erase that big meme shit

Based Jimbo once again proving the doubters wrong.

that honestly kinda surprised me. like after we got "what are you doing, you lowly son of mine" when kuri tried to protect mama at the wedding, i really expected her to immediately jump back on the candyslug but no, she really trust perospero on this one. i mean, granted that her hunger pangs are a factor that should be taken in consideration but still...

YOJDfag on suicide watch

I'm ok with this

>Big Mom being manipulated
She might be an idiot when it comes to her belly, but it's clear that she reigns in her crew. Also, we haven't seen Perospero being specially in a higher position of power compared to other brothers. At best he seem to be just like Mont-d'Or, smarter than the average and the one who quickly takes command when things go south, but stuff like arranged matrimonies and the whole Germa and giant business were clearly Big Mom's ideas.

He didn't beat her, he just pushed her back you dumb Spee D. reader, there are a lot of your kind lately.

Yes but we didn't.

> her face when he hit her
How does it feel to be a brainlet?

Most likely. It fits with the yakuza theme Jinbei has going for him. If yakuza fail or attempt to leave their "families" they need to cut off a finger and present it to their boss as compensation. Since Jinbei's also technically leaving the Big Mom family, it's only fitting he offers up an arm to compensate for his leave and join the SHs no strings attached.

I know the whole chinese zodiac thing is going on here blablabla, but the characters he chose are a bit random. Like the cow is Minotaurus instead of Dalton or Kaku as a joke? Marco as chicken instead of Baron Tamago? Mansherry as rat? Wew man.

Ok this is just a shitpost and I know it but I'll say this anyways. Jinbei didn't beat her. There's a difference between viciously knocking someone out and just pushing her off a ship. I could physically beat you to death or I could just push you off a ship. The former means I've won because you're fucking dead and the latter means I've only stalled you because you can just climb back on the ship. This is the latter situation. BM is still more than capable of slaughtering the crew and all that the SHs did with their efforts was stall her.

Maybe he just fucked up, happens since he did use haki after losing his arm.

Is there any reason Nami is being such a dick to Zeus?
Why slave? Why not cute little companion?


>yfw shanks activated haki on the wrong arm

What the fuck is up with Big Moms body? She ages really strange, and the fact that she gets skinny from just not eating for a couple of hours

why is Kalifa there? Who is supposed to be the goat?


You got put Marco there since he is way to popular to skip, as for Mansherry probably since Dressrosa was recent as for Minotaurus is the most random one, rest are recent or popular characters.

I never said all she ever did was at Perospero's suggestion, but it's obvious that this is not the first time Perospero is wrapping her around her little finger. "I thought I had deceived her" clearly suggests this isn't the first time he's doing this.
Moreover Perospero isn't the first guy who deceived her. He's basically just taking over the role Streusen used to play in the past.

It's One Piece where physics gets raped in a sex dungeon but if I have to get a pseudo-scientific answer it would be that her metabolism works extremely fast. So whatever she eats (and she eats a LOT) gets instantly converted into energy which fuels her monstrous strength and durability. But on the flip side, the longer she doesn't eat, her metabolism works against her by breaking down her fat and muscles and turning that into energy instead so she's still as strong, but slowly becomes thinner because her body's cannibalizing itself for energy from not getting food.

Is this old or new? Just posted by OnePiece on twitter.

Maybe her natural body is actually skinny, but she eats like a pig which makes her fat. Like if she doesn't always eat 300% of what she needs, she'd be skinny. It's some sort of reverse "Life return" technique.

2 weeks old news friend.

This was actually a fun chapter.

old jump festa news, when oda annou

Makes sense desu.

>Ugly as fuck when a child
>Ugly as fuck as a teen
>Looking good in her 20's
>Milf in her 40's
>Ugly wrinkled old lady in her 60's

So we have a chinese zodiac page. What if Oda does a western zodiac colour page? Which characters go with which?

She's goat

I posted this in the wrong thread...

Is he the MVP of WCI?

>maybe her natural body is actually skinny
"Naturally fat" person detected.

Not manipulation. He is her oldest son, and she is clearly becoming more lucid. She will kill him if he's lying, but doesn't want to believe that she was lied to by her oldest son.

*oda announced wano for 2018 among other things

Why are people so mad when possibility of Jinbe losing his arm is brought up? After the cut we don't see his left arm at all, majority of the panels are cut in such a way you wouldn't see it, and the only one when wee see him in full is from afar (though right arm is clearly visible, and left one is ambiguous). Revealing next chapter he has lost it would be pretty damn Oda-like.

I'm fat because I eat a lot, but nice projecting none the less.

Thank God for that.

yeah he didn't really put a lot of thought into it. for the most part all of those characters are recently relevant, except for caulifla and minotaur. it's basically a "luffy and his new crew mate" +fodder

>tfw brook probably saw her panties while cutting zeus

>natural body is actually skinny
what the fuck does that even means ? fat and skinny are conditions and there's no natural body, someone fat can become skinny and someone skinny can become fat
American education everyone

but why I don't get it
Why not have like Sengoku's pet goat or something?

Zeus for final nakama

Definitely. He got the SHs a Road fucking Poneglyph scrubbing. He fought against BM solo and survived. He's taken out one of BM's main Homies for good. He's asked to see a Yonkou's panties, took out her weapon and lived to tell the tale. He's slept with that Yonkou. There's no outdoing Brook this arc, not even Sanji with the cake can do it.

Why don't you read the rest of the post?

Slaves are NOT nakama.

Why the fuck is Big Mom so thin now?

because people are fucking tired of this obsession some of you have with jinbe either dying, not joining, and now missing an arm to satisfy whatever shit fantasies you have because you think shit like hxh is cool when nobody characters die or get maimed for "plot".

How does that imply he's done it before? He treats it like it was a desperation tactic to steer Big Mom away. He didn't have her wrapped around nothing, it was akin to a cartoon character putting on a pair of glasses and saying "he went thatta way". He got lucky that she bought his lie while she was raging, as two or his brothers died doing the same.

Then explain Gastino

How is lying to get your way with someone who trusts you not manipulation?

Nami is probably second having defeated Brulee and landing several hits on Bog Meme leaving swirly boy in third.

she's losing souls at a rapidly increasing rate

Hotori and Kotori
Ms Valentine/Machvise
Crocodile (used scorpion poison)

>her panties
yellow front, brown back

That reminded me of ~6 years ago when Vergo first showed up and we thought we're getting Zodiac themed enemies. Good times. I guess it's never happening anymore.

because she hungry

>5 mins into the movie and she gives you this look

Aeris = Khalifa
Taurus = Blueno
Gemini = Kiwi and Mozu
Cancer = Doffy
Leo = Lucci
Virgo = Sanji
Scorpio = Cobra
Sagittarius = Brownbeard
Capricorn = Sadi
Aquarius = Kaimi
Pisces = Arlong

>Doffyfags not even once

Prometheus in her hair does nothing but look menacing? Burning the sails was not done deliberally.

It would seem

The cake was a lie.

I'll get my coat

Yeah it was my mistake the jaimini translation "I thought I could get away with it" suggests more that he hoped she would have forgot it was him who told her about the cake by then. My bad.

Nah, second is Jinbe:
>broke out Nami and Luffy out of the jail
>arranged alliance with Bege
>provided necessary distraction at the wedding
>took over the command during the escape
>saved SHs two times himself



Why is Carrots fur so bright in this?
It looks like freshSNOW

What kind of panties was Big Mom wearing this chapter?

Just a head's up that Jaimini mistranslated this page. Jinbe does not call his attack his "ultimate" one.

>It's Gyojin Karate Ogi: Buraikan (魚人空手「奥義」武頼貫 Gyojin Karate Ōgi: Buraikan?, literally meaning "Fishman Karate Secret Technique: Mighty Reliant Piercing"). This is called Vagabond Drill in the Viz Manga and FUNimation subs. It is also referred to as Vagabond Drill in the English localization of One Piece: Pirate Warriors and its sequels.

We still don't know for sure what his best attack is.

>yfw the next time we see Big Mom its with Boney and she reverts her back to being 28.

I'll be heavily disappointed if we don't get a Shokugeki no Soma reaction from her

The way you said it implies Perospero is some genius whose been tricking his mother all his life, when we've only see him lie to her this one time out of desperation.

>Chopper, Brook and Nami could barely defeat Jora from the Donquixote Pirates
>now they're putting a fight against Big Meme all by themselves

Is Oda a hack?

wet ones

Nami and Brook counter Zeus and BMs DF
Jinbe hard counters Prometheus

Zoro calls Sanzen Sekai hid ougi, and that's his strongest move.


>jora powers are about staying away and not fighting really
>big mom is just a bigass hand to hand fighter when hungry
gee wiz

>didn't have Jinbe
>didn't have zeus

Would be gg, if Jinbe wasn't with them right now.

Well no that's not what I meant. I meant something more along the lines of what Buggy's doing. Lying, getting in over his head as a result, almost getting swatted, getting lucky, ending up having his way, and mistaking that for his own competence. Something like that.

One piece has abysmal pacing