What does Sup Forums think of these two characters?

What does Sup Forums think of these two characters?

They fugged

Best ship


Second best pairing behind cat/crab

Literal cucks.

They literally cucked Araragi.
> secret meetings with Kaiki
> secret phone calls
> told Kaiki what panties she wears
> flirted with Kaiki all the time
> "I want to thank you, Do you wanna meet one more time?"
> told nothing about it to Araragi

Wonderful interactions between these two.
Hitagi End was one of my favourite arcs.
If only the Op wasn't a fucking "Schlager" song.

>If only the Op wasn't a fucking "Schlager" song.
I don't know why but this made me laugh.


But Kogarashi Sentiment is the second best OP.

Don't forget this
>"Kaiki, I feel lonely knowing that this is going to be our last conversation"

Kaiki is best girl.

It happened.
Ok maybe she tried to manipulate him but it's still cheating.

Can you tell me the source of that pic please?? The name of that doujin.

Crab is shit and Araragi would be better off without her anyways.

Just search Bloody Okojo or Akutagawa Manbou

Fuck are you serious? Like really? I mean, Araragi kissed 3 girls and flirted with other 10 while feeling them up.


Their interaction was probably my favourite of the whole series and really made the arc for me.

>kissed 3 girls
All of them are were undead


>when Kaiki throws juice in her face when she offers him her body
The fucking best

Still girls.

Still believing, cat is good.
She's nice and smart, but she's certainly not a good fit for Araragi.
That shit was established from the very beginning.
Araragi is not the only one for Senjougahara.
Hitagi is the only one for Koyokoyo.

She offers to sell her body to pay him.


Same as kissing a corpse

Yes that is true
I like that he threw the juice in her face though

Snail and Doll kissed him. He didn't kiss them.
Shinobu is basically part of his body.

D-Did you kiss corpses? And it's different user.

Kaiki is great, Hitagi is cool but kinda gets old.

There are flashing textcards with Kaiki's thoughts in Koimonogatari. He thought that Senjougahara tried to fool him wih her flirt. But what if he was wrong?

And yet he both enjoyed it and did nothing to stop them. Shinobu is still a woman, no matter if she lives in his shadow he kissed another woman despite being engaged. And let's not start with all his flirting and touching up the other females. Senjou needs to kiss 3 shotas and start fondling the balls of every male in the cast to be even. I swear weebs are the single most socially inept creatures in the whole universe.

One is best girl the other is shitty crab.

All Araragi's shit is just a fanservice. Senjou really cheated on him. Also Araragi is a man, he can do whatever he wants.

She NTRed loliliragi

Open relationship. Very modern very progressive.

I like them both but you literally cannot bring either of them up without inviting a wave of NTRfag shitposting.

>Also Araragi is a man, he can do whatever he wants.
This is so wrong but ok.

So do meganefags want to fuck her in those glasses?

>Also Araragi is a man, he can do whatever he wants.

Well, it is NTR. She called Kaiki from Araragi's house, from their bed even. Like really? What is it if not NTR?

>All Araragi's shit is just a fanservice
>despite being shown multiple times in the show it's not canon because I say so!
>Senjou really cheated on him
>despite the show never mentioned them having a sexual intercourse or inappropriate physical contact she cheated on her molester boyfriend because I say so!
>Also Araragi is a man, he can do whatever he wants
shouldn't you be dead Elliot? Are you a ghost like snail now?

>people actually think they fucked
>people actually think their "love" and "flirting" was real, in the arc about false love
>people think the two biggest liars and manipulators in the series weren't lying
>people actually think Crab wasn't having fun during the whole arc
Nisio managed to piss everyone off spectacularly while laughing about it, and people are still mad about this arc

Cheating is not just
> a sexual intercourse or inappropriate physical contact
Think about this situation IRL. What she did would be considered cheating 100%.

Who is mad about this arc? I always see people saying it's one of the best in the series.

What the hell are you saying user?

>Think about this situation IRL
She saved the one she loves in a way that was impossible otherwise, wow such a baddie, at the very least Araragi should let her cuck him for that

Look at all the people arguing
NTRfags are mad it wasn't actually NTR
Vanillafags are mad at the NTR bait
I'm saying Nisio did what he always did, he messed with everyone

>Implying Senjougahara and Araragi's relationship isn't fanservice.

She saved him but didn't tell anything. She was afraid because she knew it was cheating. She knew it herself.

It's not only that retard, rrrg wouldn't stop pestering Kaiki which would make his job harder

She has a nice ass, for a slut.

Not really, at this point nobody really is too fond of their relationship.

Kaiki messed with girlfriend and especially with his sister, the dude was lucky Araragi let him live

She didn't tell him after job was done. He still doesn't know. Fucking Gaen knows, Doll knows. Poor Araragi.

>the dude was lucky Araragi let him live
Come one now Araragi would never kill him, not to mention an human.

What creeps me out is that while Kaiki makes it clear that he sees Hitagi as a kid, people think he would fuck her just because they would fuck her in his situation.

>that ZR

This made me barf.

Wew a girl flirted a bit on the phone with a guy she wanted to manipulate despite never intending to do anything lewd with him. The only bad thing she did was blueballing Kaiki, that's it.

I really wanna know if Raragi told Senjou about all the times he randomly assaults Snail or about that time he kissed three little girls. No matter how you see it, Araragi is the filthy cheater.

The OP made people think of a romance


I'm an NTRfag but I don't expect actual walking to homes in a PG animes. IMAGINATION is the key to NTR.

Now go back It's pol fags who always get mad over someone else's fetish without understanding the appeal.
>Inb4 maddox "cuck" video.

Crab knows
Remember Nise, she can look in his eyes and see how many girls he interacted with recently

Monogatari is PG?

He told her about it for example
> However, when he is torn to pieces by Shinobu's practiced sword techniques in an elaborate Katanagatari reference, he wakes up not in Hell, but in Heaven. Face to face with him is Princess Acerola, naked but for a demon mask. They discuss herself, her regrets, and Suicide-Master; finally, she instructs him to close his eyes, whereupon she removes the mask and imparts a mouthful of her saliva into his mouth. He returns to the real world and unloads the saliva into Suicide-Master's mummified mouth

Araragi is in a pretty unique life situation, and that makes a lot of his horsing around kind of excusable.

If I was dating a girl who was soulbound to a vampire lord, and that both of them were going to outlive, I'd probably have to make either accept that there would always be sexual tension between them and get over it so long as it wasn't blatant cheating, or decide that I couldn't deal and leave her because the soulbound vampire thing is never going away.

Out of the ordinary relationships require out of the ordinary concessions.

The OP is clearly a joke though

Yes. Unless you're nipple mod or the mod who bans loli threads.

Who is that busty bespectacled gentlemen who is dining with Kaiki?

Apparently not clear enough

Imagine monogatari series with this form instead of a loli. Poor Cat and Crab.

>were going to outlive,

You can always go satou or shieldbro route and become am gods.

Lolililililiragi proved many times that was into both loli and oppai. Too bad he's not MC of Danmanchi

There's still a difference between /h/ and /e/
/e/ is clearly allowed on Sup Forums and that's what Monogatari is, it's not PG, but not /h/ either

That sounds terrible.

It's not just Shinobu tho. He can't have a normal relationship with the other girls too.

I think it'd be dumb to say that the lyrics of the OP song are not romantically charged, but the whole thing does seem kind of like a joke. It's "fake" if that makes sense; the OP's animation reflects that

Araragi kinda uncucked himself in Zoku. He took a bath with Kanbaru's mother.

Didn't he already take a bath with Shinobu in Nise?

Kaiki loves Kanbaru's mother not Shinobu.

Ah so it's an arms race between them

Kaiki most underrated character
Also angry snake is best girl
Prove me wrong

the best

I agree. I didn't see it coming, but Kaiki was definitely among my favorite highlights of season 2.

both are cucks

And both cucked Araragi

Conducting business?

I'm not particularly fond of crab but she's 1000x better than cat.

Snake > everything else

Either way, crab is the worst of the girls

I'd hang out with a crazy bitch like Nadeko just because she likes retro vidya