Who could even have that girl as a waifu? She's absolutely repulsive in any way.

Megane girls are the best ones.

Even going at it from a design perspective, she's completely average. Take away the glasses and she looks just like one of Shinji's classmates; bland and boring.
I'm a pretty big fan of megane characters but she just doesn't make me tick. I don't even remember her name right now, that's how much of an impression she has made on me.

Akkey get out

how does this bitch fit into the story, who the fuck is she

She's a new figure you can buy.

I still don't understand what the point of her, unless I missed something these past few years.

A companion for Asuka, somewhat of a rival.


Manifestation of Anno's running theme of "I hate otaku"

She is best girl, desu wa

Why add a horrible amalgam of the things they like? Shouldn’t he have added another homo to the story?

She's some kind of exaggerated parody that repulses even most fan service fags.

There's something in the manga and even if it isn't canon to the Rebuilds it's still better than nothing. Mari was a former classmate of Yui's and those distinctive red glasses used to belong to her. As for why she can't age? Probably experimenting with evas or some shit.

Mari and Asuka is basically canon at this point. They share a bed and everything according to some of the concept art for 3.0+1.0.

I like the character but she just feels out of placed. I wish she was in some other series.

I think she's going to turn up in The Legend of Piko Piko Middle School Students at some point. Volume 2 seems to be about Kaworu so maybe Volume 3?

Oh no a shipperfag!

>concept art defines canon

Are you retarded user?

Everything in the real actual movies 2 and 3 told us the exact opposite of what you just said.

Play nice user

You gotta read between those lines! Just wait user, just wait. Soft Pink will be the true rebuild canon.

Oh man, I forgot about Rebuild. Is 4.44 ever coming out?

Garbage≥≥>>>>>>>>>>Mari x Asuka


Rebuild was shit from the beginning. It is Anno's revenge against Eva fans.

Anno is literally the George Lucas of anime

Yes it is. Anno said that he and Khara have started working on it earlier this year. He needed something to distract him and to get him out of the funk he was in, and the Godzilla did the job. He's supposedly alright now.

She might be an incarnation of God, aka Mako Mankanshoku/Uraraka Ochako

God is portrayed as being a silly retard who was only pretending to be retarded

>incarnation of God, aka Mako Mankanshoku

>Hallelujah literally plays in the background every time she intervenes
Mako Mankanshoku is a "light touch" kind of God.


>Who could even have that girl as a waifu? She's absolutely repulsive in any way.
That would be me.


mari is the shit