>Height: 159cm
>Three sizes: B85/W59/H86
>Weight: 44kg

>Height: 154cm
>Three sizes: B73/W53/H76
>Weight: 42kg

Explain this.

>A muscular body such as this would surely be unattractive to men, right?

>No flag


Saber is 14 years old.

Seibah is ripped.

who cares I'd have a threesome with both of them any day



In real life, saber would be gross I bet. She'd be like those body builder chicks with the hard muscle titties.

I unironically want to be like Jeanne. Something about her unwavering determination and resolve to do good, never giving up and staying true to herself despite all the awful stuff that happens around her really inspires me to become a better person. Plus she's fucking gorgeous and who doesn't wanna be a qt girl?

I feel the same way.

Sounds like your typical shonen protagonist, except for the cute girl part.

>A man from her village claimed she had broken betrothal with him, she represented herself in court and fucking humiliated him even before she'd become famous

>Argued theology with her judges so well that she made THEM all look like heretics, and they were in fact later all excommunicated for it

>Jumped out of a 12th story window into a dry moat and broke both her legs in an escape attempt and survived

>Led the charge to capture Orleans while she had a neck wound from an arrow

>Only was captured be she insisted on staying until every single soldier had left the battlefield

>Trial begins. Jeannu trolls the fuck out of everyone for six solid months:

>Inquisition asks if she's in God's grace
>this is a loaded question: saying yes is the sin of presumption, saying no means you're evil
>Jeanne answers with "If I am, may God keep me there. If I am not, may God bring me to grace"

>Inquisition asks if she can hear the words of the Saints
>Loaded again: if yes, she's lying because she did not know Latin, and apparently they only spoke Latin. If no, her entire crusade is a lie since she supposedly heard the words of God and the Saints to give direction
>Jeanne answers with "whatever they speak in, it is certainly better than your French"

>Inquisition would often ask the same question over and over
>Jeanne would then say they already asked that question, along with the exact time and date
>the scribe would then check and realize she was right
>Jeanne would then say to get on with it and stop wasting her time

>Inquisition would sometimes mumble to themselves or insult her under their breath
>Jeanne would say "I heard that" and mock them

>It took them almost two weeks to just accurately get her to swear to tell the truth because she kept trolling them.

Jeannu legit WAS a shounen MC. She was fucking beast.

Jannu wants to fight!

WHAT fucking muscles?

Mordred >>>>>> other Saberfaces

THESE fucking muscles.

The lowest form of life that walks, crawls, or slithers is a traitor.
Slink back to the obscurity you belong in, witch-boy.

I’m still waiting for Oyakodon.

>gets killed by Mordred

Get fucked sun boy

Reminder that Lancelot could have worked his way into a threesome with pic related and the queen but was too much of a faggot to do so.

she was so good at it. they coudn't even prove their own made up shit.
all they could convict her on was crossdressing.
something she only did while a prisoner, to prevent the guards from trying to rape her. (as pants at that time took way longer to get off then a simple skirt)

because lancelot probaly viewed her as a dude
or at least his KING.
hell he was even ashamed of his feeling for genevie, even though arturia supported it

>we could have had pious tomboy bantz-slinging tank-spec Jeannu
>instead we get Sento wearing a stupider outfit
I still mad.
I will always be mad.

Me as well. I feel like most of my role models are fictional anime characters these days. Maybe that says something about how shitty real humans are in our time.

Someone tell Papa Bones one of his skeletons escaped.

I want to fuck the king and her son at the same time. I want Arturia to use me to teach her son how to please a man. I want my dick between the king’s breasts as she and her son practice performing oral on me. I want the king to kiss feed her son semen and teach her to swallow. I want the king to ride my dick like a horse and I want her son’s vagina on my mouth. I want to cum inside the king as I eat out the king’s son. I want the king to part her son's legs and show me her vagina. I want Mordred to scream for her daddy as I pound her. I want to fill her with just as much cum as I filled her father. I want enjoy Arthurian-style oyakodon.

That's not a skeleton you half-witted mung bean.

>Saber spent the first half of UBW eating Shirou's cooking.
>Jeanne spent the first half of Apocrypha running.
Pottery debunked

Shirou and Rin got a threesome with her.

I don't know how old are you but sure it was optimistic

This gif made me look up more info on her, and now I unironically believe that her accomplishments were miracles she performed with God's help

Better optimism than falling into the zetsubo that much of Sup Forums has succumbed to.

>Three sizes: B85/W59/H86
>Three sizes: B73/W53/H76
I dont know what exactly those mean

But those aren't Jeannu's Jeannus. They are Leticia's.

Chest, Waist and height.

Lancelot never had romantic feelings for Artoria. He respected and idolized her as his King. When he had an affair with Guinevere, he felt ashamed over betraying the one whom he respected more than anyone else and yearned for punishment. But Artoria forgave him and blamed herself, but Lancelot felt he couldn't truly be redeemed unless he was punished, which drove him mad.

actually the third is hipp


Great taste and excellent culture.

I'm 28 so I need her hope and optimism more than ever.

Jeanne is worse than Sieg. Prove me wrong.

If my death may serve to further my ideals more than my continued life would be able to, then so be it!

Hopes and dreams are rather flimsy


I see, thx user.

>Gilles was actually 27 yrs old when Joan was burned at stake. He then commited evil acts after that event.

why do people draw the stupid headpiece
do they actually like it?
I refuse to believe anyone can call themselves an artist and still have such abysmal taste

Lancelot was gay.

But we see Jeannu in Fate/Zero and she looks literally exactly the same.

It's kinda like a warrior's version of a crown or tiara. It makes her look royal and dignified.

I think it was canonically stated that Leticia's bust is noticeably bigger than Joan's

Muscle is much heavier than fat.

How are you gonna tell her apart from the other seibas?

Both of them are actually slightly underweight for adults, by clinical standards. They'd be in the healthy range if they were literally 16.

>Height: 150 cm
>Three sizes: B83/W56/H82
>Weight: 42 kg
Umu's umus are almost the same size as Jeannu's.


the real life jeanne also had big tits acording to her squire.

is this the girl that the ugly caster in zero was talking about?

Whore of Babylon needs more protein. She’ll be sucking off another hundred men soon enough.


jeanne/leticia also had a vibrator in her backpack....the one karna wrecked

>the girl
>the girl
>the girl
Do... you not know who Jeanne d'Arc was?

Can the franchise sink lower than this?


it's probaly a butthurt englishman.
still salty they got their ass kicked by a 16 year old peasant girl

Jannus pussy belongs to Sieg
Both of them



How come Jannu is so much better than Saber despite dying so young
Even her followers are better

I want to marry and have 7 kids with jannu!

That game was good

Heard you were talkin shit

Arturia's miracles come from some shitty wizard
Jannu was the handmaiden of God

>full foot taller than Jannu
So do servants suffer from dwarfism or something?



In the middle ages, most people were badly malnourished, user. Jeanne was 5'2" and considered fairly tall for a woman.

>Jannu will never entrust her banner to you as she prepares to draw her sword

Post canon couples

>male Hakuno
You are mistaken, good sir.

I’m legit mad Mordred killed her master for literally nothing

nice fanfiction, /u/ user

Female hakuno isn't even canon


Further information: Assuming an average-sized neck and an age of 19...

Body fat percentage: 13.5% (Athletic)
Figure: Hourglass
Shape: Standard
BFP: 5.3% (Grossly underweight)
Figure: Hourglass
Shape: Standard
BFP: 12.3% (Very lean)
Figure: Hourglass
Shape: V-like

>choosing to stare at a guy's ass for 50 hours

>tfw no jeanne gf


Saber is 14 bodywise.


Semiramis is mortally wounded and can barely do anything anymore. That wasn't a useless sacrifice

It was lancelot who killed him in the mytos tough

The only information I could find said, "late teens", which makes 19 an adequate guess, since that's when Jeanne, who looks nearly the same in age as her, was executed.

>BFP: 5.3% (Grossly underweight)
>Saber is permanently stuck in starvation-mode
That actually explains A LOT if you think about it.

Who the fuck is that



She also would be infertile in that state, and might not even have a menstrual cycle.

Feed me Shiro

No worries, I'm into older women

That means she is an adult already

So she is a pedo for Sieg?