1 more week

1 more week.

Can't wait for all the ironic weebs to shit up the board

You don't need to wait.

You guys must be fun at parties.

Most of the chan are ironic weebs nowadays. The days of NEETs and hikkikomoris are waning here..

Sorry we can’t all be shut-ins like you.

Both of you should probably kill yourselves.

O shit.

I don't like normalfags. I'll be honest, I think normal people are the cancer killing Sup Forums. Look at Sup Forums's front page, it's all 'my girlfriend' this and 'my girlfriend' that, it's nothing but posturing bravado in my eyes and it doesn't contribute to the overrall quality of a board. Want to know why night time Sup Forums and previously night time Sup Forums were remembered so fondly? Because most of the people on Sup Forums at 2:00am PST are not 'normal' considering societal definition, often abnormal people are the most creative though, they take out their abnormality in artistic ways. That's why so many of them are good at creative writing (look at how many famous authors have been abnormalfags). And I'm not talking serial killer abnormal or, or anyone who feels the need to identify with pathetic subcultures like emo or scene, I'm talking about people who are just quite cynical and have an understanding of the term 'dry wit'.

In short, normal people are boring - they talk about normal things, their normal life with their normal girlfriend at their normal school/college/workplace with their normal friends eating their normal food and retiring to their normal apartment/house. They aren't interesting. Take that horse head dude on Nico Nico, he's clearly as abnormal as they come, yet he's absolutely hilarious as a result. The world would be fucking BORING without people like that. Basically, Sup Forums's content these days is normal people dealing with normal things in a normal way ('hey Sup Forums, i fucked such and such a girl, but X problem happened, what do I do?') Tell me honestly, is that as hilarious as hearing anons give serious advice on how to jerk off over sleeping girls? Or hearing someone recount an genuine incest story? Fuck no.

Don't take this in an offensive way, I just don't want the normalfags spreading to other boards. Let's keep Sup Forums abnormal.

The question is, why would you go to this place if you don't like the people that post there?

Don’t put words in people’s mouths.

this user gets it

>Sorry we can’t all be shut-ins like you

Русская Эпик Команда

A real kuso anime!

I didn’t say being a shut-in was a bad thing.

Is this a pasta ?
got to admit that I recognise myself in this post, but it's too late best way for Sup Forums to go back into neet territory would be for it to turn into a textboard, but hiro wouldn't allow it


Sup Forums was never neet territory, it's just that people almost never brought shit from their normalfag lives/whatever other shithole they came from into Sup Forums.

Please be live action.


cant wait for this and devilman


fit me

It is what it is. Words won’t change anything, and ‘Sup Forums culture’ is a moving target, the best definition for it is what is happening right now. Sup Forums can never be ‘’killed’ as long as it’s alive, the only thing that’s killed is your preconception.

So their is no trailer, footage or anything?

It's just going to be Vermillion Pleasure Night 2018 with Pi & Po kigurumi talking about how shit it was at the end of each episode.

>genuine incest story on Sup Forums
>"Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."

pick one


>Vermillion Pleasure Night 2018
Oh fuck that sounds great


What are Popuko and Pipimi's last names?

Popuko Popuko and Pipimi Popuko.

Touhou charm should have been the one animated.

>I'm Mario Mario and he's Luigi Mario

Bkub doesn't own Touhou, unless he's actually Zun in disguise. I imagine doujins are a lot less strict about legal stuff than anime.

[Mediocre manga stench intensifies]

Yes that's the joke.


Holy shit tl;dr


Normalfags reee, etc. Also you may have ADD user.

low effort


I hope the EDs involve costumed Popuko and Pipimi fucking around with people.

What if the anime is actually a live action Jackass-style series featuring the Popuko and Pipimi costumes and the segments are separated by animations of the 4koma?

I'm as fun as you suck cock

So not fun at all.

thats a nice ironman reference
it does have jojo references?

It's going to be shit

How deep does their relationship go? Popuko and Pipimi seem to respect and understand each other extremely well, despite their incalculable distaste against humanity and common sense.


moot is in this thread right now.

I hope the voice acting lives up to the high impact nonsensical action.
This is the key to this show.



P&P will have their lines appear in speech bubbles onscreen accompanied by screeching. All the other characters will be voiced normally.


Yo guys I'm glad I found a fairy tail thread. Can someone help me with what order to watch all the movies and episodes and shit?

I finished the original 175, and am ready to start the 2014 series. But first I want to know what order to watch all the movies in. Or at the very least, a release calendar of all the episodes and movies. Help anyone?

Do it.


You must as well just wait for the final arc to air.

Sorry, this is the Kemono Friends thread, I think you are lost.

The only worthwhile anime next season

>post credits scene of the last episode
>P&P are sitting there, staring at the screen
>the screen's edges get blurry as everything slowly zooms out
>a thought bubble forms around the duo while a certain black cat of ill omen naps happily
>the bubble dissipates as she wakes up

>not on model
fucking awful doujin


That sounds familiar


Thanks lmao

This good enough for you


It's pretty good.

This shit's gonna be 3dcg; it was made by the guys who did the Jojo OPs and they've never done 2d in their portfolio.

The worse it is the harder I will shit post.

But I like the Jojo OP's a lot, so I guess I'll enjoy it?

Those are big hands.

Even though CGI wouldn't suit PPT at all, there's literally nothing wrong with CGI gag anime.

For you.


she needs to be toller

kill yourself normalfag

kill yourself immediately

stop being a normalfag

Who is the girl on the right?

why aren't you a normalfag?

>mffw the fucking subculture bitches ITT

>lewd popuko

Are subculture bitches Japanese tumblr girls?

thank you, my collection will appreciate this
DreaminErryDay's OC

What exactly is a subculture bitch?

Blue girl looks a little retarded, but I think the art style is strangely cute.

If what I've gleaned from the series is any indication, it's an airhead, or Hot Topic girls (or is that the same thing?)





because kill yourself

this is some ironic weeb shit

are you into anime because it's sooo weird? Did you ever fapped to lolis?


because they're gay and disgusting