My Hero Academia Ch:165

Violence is always the answer

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Bakugou a shit!

What killed the hype?

how do you save people with langoliers

yes yes it is

Chisaki shit.

This arc however is actually an improvement and returning to the old themes of the series, parenthood and legacy. Also no Deku to hog the spotlight from everyone else.

Filler arc

Skank hog ass

This series feels like a Boruto with out a Naruto.

This is low key the best BnHA has ever been,

>Be Endeavor
>Hate a guy for at least 15 years, probably 20 or more
>Rape your wife because you hate him so much
>Talk to the guy for five minutes and he BTFO's the last 20 years of your life by showing you why he was better than you in the first place

All Might is better than that Gary Stu

Better than the Deku/Overhaul fight at least

are you gonna spam this shit on every tread now?

best squad


I'm enjoying this all really.

Vigilantes is the superior manga.

god i hate kids who are full of themselves


its inaza touching kami's back?

The Aspergers

>tfw Camie's quirk is some lame fanservicey shit instead of something actually interesting and cool

So on one hand

>Endeavor saw he was never gonna get strong-enough at age 20

On the other

>He never wanted to be #1

So why does he want to be stronger than everyone else?

The fucked up version

Do we know if there are any puns with her name yet? That’s usually a giveaway for a character’s quirk.


He only wanted to get #1 if he could become stronger than All-Might. He already solves more crime than AM but his personality is too shit to be Symbol of Peace.

The manga peaked too quickly. This was chapter fucking 17, can you believe it? I was so hyped back then.

the smuggest

He's right. All-Might was whored out by the media.

Endeavor only cares about solving crime like a real hero.

These two should hang out together for the rest of their lives.

So like 30 chapters

To defeat All For One.

all might should endorse best dad publically to help his image

>So like 30 chapters

delete this. They're both going to make until the end

All Might's not dying until the end of Deku's second year.

If that were the case then he wouldn’t have started his autistic eugenics plan to surpass All Might. He’s lucky that’s not public knowledge yet, but I’m sure Dabi will fix that at some point.

no mater what it is Hori will turn it into another excuse to flash her tits at us

They'll probably both die. Both SHOUTO and deku are prone to rage/emotion boosting their quirks.

It'll probably lead to MEGA INFERNAL ICE STORM and UNITED STATES OF SMASH 1,000,000,000

>implying that's a bad thing

>tsuntsun Endeavor

Will this little shit finally learn anything?

>parenthood and legacy

The last arc also covered that.

Nope. Its not just deku
No character in this god damn manga is allowed to have ANY fucking character development

Yeah he's starting to learn but his dad being there to trigger him isn't helping much

Baby steps

how did I miss this one, that neck holy shit

someday he will be grateful for all of his dad hard woek

he is learning.

Yes she is.

>boring fanservice is better then an interesting character concept

I want to lick all his sweaty neck.

When are we having the doujin where we learn that this test was part of sex-ed all along?

why does nothing happen in this manga anymore? we're barely 200 chapters in and it's already flatlined. it started so hype, amazing pacing, and it's so fucking boring now.

>it started so hype, amazing pacing, and it's so fucking boring now.
agreed. Last arc everyone assumed it was just because of deku
Now I am not so sure. Todoroki and Bakugo also aren't growing.

Same thing happened with bleach.

I remember when all the Baku fags swore he would evolve from screaming autist into an actually likable character. Surprise he's still fucking shit.

This is the growing. Its like you missed the point

To be fair it almost seemed like he was doing babysteps after the fight
And now we are back to him sperging and bakufags going "we never wanted him to calm down haha dekucks"

>The two failed and are in special classes to get better
>We're actually seeing this process
>"They aren't growing" because they didn't magically fix their issues in a chapter or off panel

Or maybe you're a faggot expecting this big character development to happen off screen and not in the supplementary courses specifically meant to change his behavior

This manga doesn't need Deku anymore. Bakugou should take the spot of MC.

I want Ochako to buy a Gucci suit!


It really feels like he's talking straight to Endeavor.

Todoroki basically has his own supporting cast at this point, with Inasa and Endeavor

Deku hasn't had any character development during the yakuza arc.

Hope I am wrong but so far it looks like bakugo beating up kids is the right solution.

Todoroki is a loser. I hope Endeavor ditches him like he did with Dabi and takes Bakugou under his wing.

Imagine Bakugou and Endeavor doing all sorts of cool shit together while Shouto just hangs in the background.

Bakugou*. Todoroki will be the rival/friend.

do you think bakumom bullies dekumon?

I’m sure they’re friends

Bakugo needs his ass to get whooped by Deku or Todoroki to start being able to learn

Nah. She only takes out aggression out on her son through scolding and her husband through sex.

Even if they get character development now the manga is still stuck with a shit MC
Don't tell me to have hopes that bakugo will actually become the MC

If Bakumom and Endeavor had a child, personality wise it'd be exactly like Bakugou if not for bakudad's quirk, you'd think he got cucked

The issue is that arc was so fucking long but it was a day, and we're still on the day after.

Todoroki and Bakugou have been going to special classes for a week. this is their second trip

The Yakuza raid arc was a mistake.

On re-reading it I like the Yakuza arc a lot more now that it isn't a week to week thing.

So the main character doesn't get any character development but I am supposed to expect the rivals to get some? I wish I would have your optimism.


Nu/a/ are such bitches. You guys need to read some real asspull arcs before you start whining about inconsequential stories that don't damage anything in the long run.

>t. user since 2007

These classes are literally for that purpose. Hence showing their 'solutions' for dealing with the kids.

Their development is a lot easier because its a requirement for them getting a license. Deku doesn't have this obvious character flaw to overcome


>Deku doesn't have this obvious character flaw to overcome
He is the biggest fucking bitch who just offered his quirk to somebody and his goal is supposedly becoming the greatest hero
Don't tell me he doesn't need character development
His flaws are bigger than Todoroki's and Bakugo's

>So the main character doesn't get any character development but I am supposed to expect the rivals to get some?

This is typically how it works, like Vegeta/Goku

>good character
>Thot with no character
>happy autist
>anger management

Yeah I'd choose this over Kirishima development.

He was right though?

rate my taste

He is a bitch but its never something he has to immediately deal with.

No one is ever going to say "You're a bitch" to him the way Orca just shitted on Todoroki and Bakugou

the fact that mei and mineta is so close together lets me know the rest of the image is memes

Eh? I was
and I just said I'm enjoying this. the only people who whine constantly are the shitposters. Like if someone isn't getting punched in a chapter (and only the right person in the right way at the right time) those faggots cry that "nothing happened"

People don't hate goku as much as we hate deku though.

I think she's nice to pretty much everybody but her shithead son

there's a difference between fire and explosions. as is his sweat is nitroglycerin, if his dad had a fire quirk it would be napalm

Man, it really looks like Bakugou and Inasa are going to kill these kids.

>So the main character doesn't get any character development
>implying he didn't learn anything from Mirio sacrificing his OP quirk for one innocent victim

How do you not see Mirio and company influencing Deku in any way shape or form

He's either autistic or baiting.
Probably both.

I saw him trying to give away OfA.
Again almost spilling the secret he promised All Might not to spill and already paid heavily for spilling and essentially spitting in the face of all might because he chose Deku as a successor.

Deku is getting development but even if he wasn't how would what you said be incorrect? Plenty of MCs feel bland compared to other members of the cast in fiction. Is it your first fucking manga?