I was told this was a masterpiece but until now it feels like a bunch of autistic ramblings pasted together

I was told this was a masterpiece but until now it feels like a bunch of autistic ramblings pasted together.

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pretty colors though

Movie 5 is the only really good one.

> a bunch of autistic ramblings pasted together.
>Not a masterpiece

It's written by that Fate shitter and the hack that wrote Psyco pass. He's never written anything actually good dude. Remember rape and cutting of your hair are really deep ways for a female character to go through development

they're all pretentious and boring. they look nice though. Plots are boring.

Watching this after reading Tsukihime and Fate back to back was a mistake, I'm too burned out of Nasu's writing by now

Sounds like you grew up

You can see the progressive disappearance of the nose.

Shiki killed the concept of drawing noses

>the pretentious meme

It had Kalafina songs and some nice animation sequences. I'd hardly call it a masterpiece since most movies were boring as fuck

To be fair, the first movie does a relly shitty job of explaining things to newcomers. I get that the point is that you watch the rest of the movies and put everything together, but didn't they think that it would scares most viewers off? or they just assumed that everyone watching it would be familiar with the source material? I understand that these things are targeted at otaku, but I imagine some clueless jap going to see the first one on cinemas and leaving the theater thinking what the fuck was that.

>It's written by that Fate shitter and the hack that wrote Psyco pass.

Nasu regrets that the first chapter is done that way and even insisted in re-writing it for the movie version, but Ufotable insisted on it since one of their producers was a huge KnKfag so they just rolled with it.

Godtier OST

Really now? You called me a retard? However will I live it down.

Well, that makes more sense

Urobuchi didn't write KnK retard. He didn't write any of the original Fate either. He just wrote Fate/Zero.

>you're right
Always lovely to see the truth come out. Thanks for admitting to your mistakes. Have a nice day.

watching it right now and just finished paradox spiral and I think it's been pretty fun. I like how there are a lot of prototypes for some of his later characters in it too. Definitly not a masterpiece though.

Paradox Spiral is definitely a masterpiece, though.

Did any of you folks even read the novels?

Why are the movies out of order??

To be pretentious, of course. Just like Haruhi, chronological is the only way to go.

>neo/a/ lacks the attention span to follow the plot of KnK

delete Sup Forums already

If there's one thing you got to admire Nasu for, it's how often he calls his own work shit.

That said, Ufotable probably made the right move not letting him rewrite it, he'd have produced 3 more novels worth of content if they had.

He depicts insanity/pain very well though.

How would that be better? The writing is the worst part of the movie and the visuals and soundtrack are the best. Seems like the novels are the last place you'd want to go to.
But this one is, it has a whole episode with characters just explaining different concepts for forty minutes. That's poor writing.

Kinoku Nasu? More like shitnoku Pussy

>I kept reading his stuff and then I got burned out
Yes that's a sort of behavior one could conclude to be insanity. I agree.

I'm waiting for a translation.

Oh stfu you faggot. Fucking morons decided to swap and rearrange the goddamn order of the movies so anyone who is following has to do research before hand just to understand this shit.

Oh and throw in as well how fucking boring Shiki is and the rest of the cast....and you see why "neo Sup Forums" thinks its shit. Pretty colors, nice fight scenes and crisp animation is all it gets.

>it feels like a bunch of autistic ramblings pasted together
That's because you process the world through memes.

Great: 3, 5,
Okay: 1, 2, 7
Shit: 4, 6

Urobuchi didn't write KnK newfag.

7 was great.

nasu can't write

Dude are you floating or like are you flying xD deep stuff man

Honestly I wasn't sure 7 is okay or great. I should rewatch it. 3 and 5 are definitely the best though.

It feels like a bunch of pretentious nonsensical ramblings with no structure because it tried too hard to please the hardcore Nasu fans by shoehorning all the characters and concepts only his readers would be familiar with, failing to give proper exposition or even context to any of it. It's not a masterpiece, if anything it's worse than the Tsukihime anime.

Best aozaki

Dirty red > blue

Only thing I didn't understand was why they made a big deal in 7 about her not wanting to become a murderer after what she to araya in the 5th movie. Or is it because it was technically a puppet body

She may be the runt of the little in terms of power but she is still a badass.

That's what all Sup Forums masterpieces turned out to be.

>yfw Tsukihime is the only good Type-Moon work
>KnK and FSN are both hot garbage

I got memed into watching it too. I loved Tsukihime manga so I had high hopes for both KnK and Fate only to find they where poorly written drivel meant for edgy pseudo-intellectual teenagers. I even read the fucking VN for Fate. It's embarrassing to think there are people out there who unironically think that shit is good.

The animation is the only redeeming quality of KnK. I recommend you stop now. It only gets more pretentious and autistic. Ignore the people defending this garbage. They're too far gone to reason with.

That wasnt shiki or SHIKI it was Shiki you know?

Araya also probably would be a sealing designation candidate for artificially extending his life. He's a very very strange exception, it's dubious that he's capable of being considered murdered.

What she does without a fuckton of power is downright disgusting


Araya was barely a human. I think Shiki just didn't count him as a kill.

Not necessarily "murdered" but killed is a better way to say it.

Thats kinda all Nasu's stuff. Shit makes only the vaguest of sense and only if you buy in

The art style is pretty consistent through the main 7 movies, it's only afterwards they change it up. It's a stark disappearance.

>reading comprehension

KnK is a simple love story. The fact that you don't understand that reveals that you're the pseudo-intellectual here.

I only hope that the Heaven's Feel soundtrack is a lot like Kara no Kyoukai's.

I found the ramblings entertaining because they were all very in-character even if what they were saying wasn't particularly interesting. I liked the characters, so them working through barely-coherent chuuni lore verbally was enjoyable, and usually built to some kind of exciting payoff eventually.

I think people might get too caught up in trying to parse some kind of actual argument or point from the wordiness. It's just flavour. It does bog down the story and make it slow and dense and plodding, and it's fair to dislike that. But, it's silly to think that each movie somehow fails as a whole because the answer wasn't hidden somewhere in the copious dialogue.

This. KnK is a love story that also just happened to lay the foundation of the lore behind most of his works.

I'll have to pay more attention to it next time but I thought it was more similar to Zero (not that that's a bad thing).

I still have not found an OST that beats KnK to my liking.

This but unironically.

Also this. Worth noting how in the novel that Mikiya actually zones out whenever Shiki and Touko go on their philosophical rambles, which is hilarious since it goes to show that it's really part of their personality to do that. I also like how the lore is actually fairly simple since most of the ideas are taken from ESP/paranormal shit and a combination of basic Taoist/Christian lore, except in this case it's simply given a chunni spin.

You've got a point. Many people thought every KnK is like Overlooking View. Even I admit movie 1 is a bit confusing and full with chuuni ramblings, but the better stuff like 3 and 5 actually was much more simpler in that department. Also the plot is more engaging and the villains are actually quite menacing. Yeah 5 has some confusing moments but I feel like it was more of the chronological order of the events and the viewers just have to connect them together.

>Ignore the people defending this garbage. They're too far gone to reason with.

You're delusional. I hope you're memeing, if not then go tip your fedora elsewhere. There is no excuse for the poor pseudo intellectual writing. You simply have shit taste.

Kara no Kyoukai? More like the Garden of Hipsters

watched one movie of it. literally had no idea wtf was going on.

great music and animation though

Sounds about right to me - the only ones I really enjoyed were movies 3 and 5 (not the fellow you replied to).