Looking back on it...

Looking back on it, was he just an idiot who just got lucky all along or did he just suffer some kind of brain damage when he interfaced with Bael?

>was he just an idiot who just got lucky all along
He was actually fairly good at everything. He was arguably the most skilled pilot in the series and generally competent.
>or did he just suffer some kind of brain damage when he interfaced with Bael?
This is where he fails though. He suffered brain damaged as a child fucktoy and was a massive chuuni sperg manchild about Bael. He was like that his whole life. Once he finally got Bael, he didn't really know what to do.

He was literally right about Bael. The elders in the council were seriously considering handing over control of Gjallarhorn to him, and the only reason they didn't is because Rustal and Gaelio revealed the fact that McGillis was basically assassinating heirs and ruining families to usurp power in a play to take over Gjallarhorn. Even then they all promised that if he could defeat Rustal they'd just hand over all power (their fleets) over to the victor, but they didn't want to get involved yet. If he had just killed Gaelio Rustal would've never known about neither McGillis's treachery nor plan to steal Bael and would have no right to challenge McGillis's legitimacy or honor.


No, they were never actually considering handling over control to him. He was literally holding them hostage, nothing more.

They just called his bluff when he demanded them help him fight Rustal. What was he going to do? Kill them?

He was literally me.

He was literally LARPING during the decisive battle with Arianrhod. Rustal had more ships, mobile suits and veteran troops, but he was the only real organized obstacle left. All McGillis had to do at that point was break out his own Dainsleifs, give them to Tekkadon and annihilate Rustal in one salvo.

McGillis's entire worldview is that he's the hero in a fairy tale and there's no way he could actually lose. The only reason he didn't follow through with his 'might makes right' mantra is because he LARP'd too hard and started to worry more about playing as his idolized version of a conquering hero, which he refused to tarnish with practical tactics. He literally could not imagine a scenario in which he could actually lose the battle to Rustal. In his duel with Gaelio, he was so delusional that he thought everyone was just watching him in awe when they were actually just waiting to blast him away.

I'm pretty sure he was originally planning to slowly build up his power base before making his move but Gaelio being not dead forced him to act much quicker than he planned and he ended up going full retard.

Anyone else completely and I mean barely could put together scraps of a memory of this show? Years ago yes but besides certain characters, I completely don't have a single recollection of wtf happened. My memory is absolute shit and it was pretty damn good as a child...what happened?

Christ. I am only 21 and a show that I love I can barely remember. I know this blonde hair guy was in some sort of special knight thing and he was number 1....or was he not?

Going to have to rewatch the entire series.

Holding them hostage when his fleets both operate in space and one of the councilmen literally controlled the Earth-side army. No, not really.

He very well could have. It's a recurring theme that "the people" need a strong leader and are helpless or confused without one. Tekkadan is this with Orga, Naze's harem/fleet is this, Gaelio was this, Ein too. The Revolutionary fleet filled with youths needed specifically McGillios in the Bael to guide them. The Inner Earth Regulatory fleet was this and Rustal actually even points it out, calling them mere sheep following a leader that he can take in once McGillis is defeated. Rustal literally takes in a fleet he was just demolishing with Dansleifs once McGillis is beaten back to Mars.

Going by the trend just killing the council members and using Bael's status to take control probably would have worked.

Anime needed trollsubs. The scene with his fiancee crying would be improved with "why did papa have to fuck his ass"?

He never should have killed Gaelio anyway. The actual smart decision would have been for Gaelio to marry one of the other Seven Stars. If he did that, then his alliance would command the power of 4 Stars (Carta family, his own, Gaelio's, the other one) and he could just outvote the remaining three.

Don't feel bad. There were insanely long stretches of literally nothing important happening. The series had enough decent ideas for 12 episodes, maybe 24 if stretched.

>In his duel with Gaelio, he was so delusional that he thought everyone was just watching him in awe when they were actually just waiting to blast him away.

And yet he's not actually all that delusional. You're applying your own bias on a show that has a different internal logic. Mika in the Lupus, going HAM on the Hashmal was moving so fast that the monkey and Isurugi couldn't keep up. McGillis in the Bael was literally untouchable by the grunts whom he slaughtered by the dozens using just a pair of swords and he would've destroyed Rustal's ship if Gaelio hadn't stepped out in his own super special Gundam. And in the end the Lupus Rex and Gusion Rebake FC take an orbital barrage of dainsleifs and then slaughter the grunts until they run out of juice. In IBO the strength of the individual is something that can history. If the Gundams just rushed the Arianrhod fleet during the first battle Rustal would be dead. The only person in the Arianrhod fleet capable of matching Mika or McGillis was Gaelio but against a team even he wouldn't stand a chance.

The only problem is that for some reason McGillis pussied out and didn't believe in the power, Mika's power, that convinced him to just take Bael and claim authority over Gjallarhorn. He chickened out and hid behind a shitty fleet of grunts that did nothing and constantly needed babysitting from Bael.

Nothing in the show has EVER been shown to be able to dodge a Dainsleif shot. Rustal would have turned McGillis into a pincushion if he wanted to.

It's not a matter of reaction speed when talking about those kinds of velocities. The machine would not have been able to physically move out of the way fast enough. Even the Lupus Rex would have been destroyed in a second salvo if Rustal wanted to end it fast.

They never actually had a real chance at victory.

Are you serious? Mika and Guts literally stand still for a good 8 seconds on screen waiting to get hit even though their gundams have unlimited energy and can move so fast the human eye can't keep up with a 18m tall giant robot. For that matter Shino literally pushes the kid out of the way when he sees the dainsleifs coming. They're powerful but nowhere near as powerful as you think AND they require a backup team to load them into the MS. Also, the Isaribi or w/e took multiple barrages to the top and didn't even blow up, it just stopped functioning which wouldn't matter if you had 4 Gundams pushing it forward. Ships themselves are a great defense against dainsleifs, or really any thick enough armor plate

He literally bought into the mythology, then expected everyone else to just bow down to it. It'd be like someone showing up in the middle of Parliament with a sword claiming the Lady of the Lake just handed it to him and now he's the true king of England and everyone in the room needs to bend the knee and do homage. What he neglected to notice is that with Tekkadan, who wrested their freedom from oppression with deadly force and no quarter because their enemies weren't just going to roll over because they said to, people didn't buy into the Bael story and just go along with accepting the new order. I sincerely believe McGillis thought the vast majority of Gjallarhorn would just accept the new paradigm that as long as he was in Bael he was their rightful master, regardless of how he got his hands on it and whose corpses he had to walk over to get it; shit don't work like that though, and so he failed and dragged Tekkadan down with him.

He suffered from "Oops, we forgot he was supposed to be a villain and made him too competent, better make him a retarded man-child with no actual plan within the span of one episode".

The last quarter of the series was so bad you literally blotted it out from your memory. Don't worry, it's quite a common occurrence for people who watched IBO. I just wish I could do the same with AGE.


Best Gundam series in recent memory.

Give me my (you)s faggots.

It's been almost 9 months and I still can't bear to watch IBO after episode 38, should I just fucking do it and never bother to touch it and mention it again, Sup Forums? I pretty much know about everything happened in season 2.

so what studio was terrible with the second season? it was sunrise right?
>code geass
>E7 AO
was seed destiny also done by sunrise?

I loved IBO s1 but any expecttions or hope I had was eviscerated when it felt like they were reusing the same plot from s1 even though they were in a higher position.

and wasn't rustal cheating by using those spike cannons? they broke thier own rules

id' say watch it just to see loki gets his desserts or just skip to episode 50 nothing good happens till then.

Watch Build Fighters S1 instead.

I really think sunrise need to either stop making s2 or give it to someone else for a chance cause holy shit is that list long.

It was a fun ride. Maybe it will help gundam virgins to get into this amazing hobby.

He was an idealist in a world of realists. That was his fault.

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cause I like IBO s1? ok I liked seed s1 too.I think buildfighter s2 was way better than s1.

I actually watched his death scene, but I didn't feel satisfied at all. He's just too much of a joke to be taken seriously even in his last moment. This character shouldn't exist in first place and he's the sole reason I stopped watching IBO.

The problem is that they keep giving attention to Try. Nothing that touches Try ends up good. NOTHING. Try island wars is one of the worst animated gundam works while GMs counterattack ended up okay for what it was. And all the good Battlogue episodes were the ones without any Try characters. Try was only good for porn and BF s1 still beat it at that.

>not knowing who bandai is
>not know that sunrise always makes gundams
>not know who sunrise is

Fuck off newfag

>was seed destiny also done by sunrise?

You realize that Gundam is literally Sunrise's IP, right?

>I actually watched his death scene, but I didn't feel satisfied at all. He's just too much of a joke to be taken seriously even in his last moment. This character shouldn't exist in first place and he's the sole reason I stopped watching IBO.
completely agree but I have to believe that his death was worth or I wasted my time with s2

>not knowing who bandai is
dont they make games?
>>not know who sunrise is
I wanted to be sure.

I wanted to be sure, now I am.

I miss murder manlet his autisn spoke like poetry to me at times.

>dont they make games?

And toys. And model kits. And amusement parks. And a bunch of other stuff. Bandai Namco is a massive holdings company with a ton of smaller companies under its ownership, many using the "Bandai" name but working mostly independently of one another. Sunrise is the company that owns Gundam, but they themselves are owned by Bandai Namco. Bandai hobby is another group under Bandai Namco and are the ones that make the gunpla. Sometimes people get confused though and think that "Bandai owns Sunrise, and therefore gundam" means "Bandai Hobby owns gundam".

thats cool to know. that amusement park is definitely new to me

How do you feel about product collaborations?

hard to say. but that actually made me gasp. such a shiny finish,

Why everything has to be char customized?

Because it makes their performance three times faster.

Because Japan that's way

>Implying a Char Custom Printer wouldn't consume three times the ink for the same print job

You know how Disney is making a star wars version of everything? Imagine if it just had to be darth vader to sell, wouldn't you make a fuck ton of Darth Vader printers, and toyota's and anything you someone came to you with?