Who's best girl of 2017?

Who's best girl of 2017?


I love Chain.

You posted her.

every year

Isn't this the NTR shit doujin?

Android 18 no competition

Yeah. Damn shame about that manga. It was so awesome before the NTR.



and best boy



the art is great regardless, idgaf if it has ntr or not. but jin is a lazy bum and decided not to finish it. THANKS FEGGIT

I have to be honest.
There are quite a few girls through each season this year I'd have on the top of my list. It's difficult to choose just one.
Wouldn't you say that's a nice sentiment?


These and Dia

Do daughterfu's count?

For what I've been reading it's her the Neet cake.

Unless you want to meme Serval on it

Buu Buu
Desu wa

The only true answer

anime chinatsu is disgusting.


>This "neet" who is actually a 10/10 normie with massive tits

For me, it's MoriMori.


For me it's Hanji or Tae Takemi. Can't decide

you posted her

I respect your taste.
Finally, someone.


Great taste brothers




My dick was diamonds the whole time


>liking dorks

she's a girl, technically

Secretly I wanted to see the guy drink Chain under the table and proceed to fuck her brains out.

She counts

I wanna rub my dick on her back

More like Billboard 18

This and also this cute retard.




Not even a contest.

Finally, someone else sees the light!

The Cake





That's not Yuri

That's not C.C

That's not Hifumi senpai

The gay one.

My nigga.

Search your feelings, user, you know it to be true.

That's not Natsuki

That's not Nozomi



I don't normally fap to non H anime, but I had to make an exception for this.


Can't argue with that.


I have high hopes for that BD.