You will never deliver a grim reminder to your enemies and have your waifu urge you to come back home

>you will never deliver a grim reminder to your enemies and have your waifu urge you to come back home
Why even live?

This new Eren is just too kakoii.

>that hair on Mikasa
Muh fucking dik. Isayama you bastard you finally delivered

He's Sonic?

new chapter out?

Fuuuuuuuck I knew that outfit was similar to something I knew
They really look a lot alike.

>This man killed a million Marleyans and basically you're fucking stupid. Click here to find out how.

Cant unsee

>You've been visted by cute loli legs. What do you do?

Test how quickly a certain shifter's ball can regenerate.
Then feed him to the Zackley Machine.

fuck you

Run like fuck and hope I don't get raped by half of a building.

Try to lift the rock up by myself and completely ignore the sea of frightened Marley running right towards me

>nooo it was supposed to be a fun day

>dem hips

Eren is a terrorist.

Historia please

Endgame right here, brother.

Did he kill himself?

So, new chapter until february?

Eren did everything wrong.
He couldn't even do grim reminder right seeing as he was about to die.

>Colt literally carrying a dead child while towing the worst of the four along
>Colt's going to die if/when he finds Falco

I always knew it would happen but it feels terrible

Holy fuck this chapter was insane. WHT design is fucking terrific.

I'm legitimately interested in where he's taking Gabi's character.

>RagetardBowl 2018 soon



>Eren please come home. Historia is waiting.

What did Mikasa mean by this?

How will Levi unique design look?

Also did she got taller?

At least she died instantly, Udo´s death was honestly more horrible.

>Did she got
Why the fuck are you fuckers so bad at english

Female titan - can call/alert other titans with her scream. Crystalization probably not an inherent ability.

Armored titan - Is Armored.

Colossal titan- 60 meters tall, release high pressure steam.

Monkey trouble - absurdly long arms allows him to climb, and can through things extremely far and extremely fast.

Jaws - Extremely agile. Cannot harden inherently.

War hammer titan - Can materialize objects, and stalagmite ( most lilkely made up of the same shit as the armored titan).
stalagmite isn't too durable as eren could break it.

Founding titan - Can control all the titans, wipe memories, isn't necessarily strong as it was easily defeated by the attack titan.

Cartman - Runs on all fours so it's easily the faster titan, extremely durable while in titan form.

Attack titan - Fast regeneration, extremely strong, can hold many times it's own weight.

I'm thinking the fire mode from the anime is the attack titans special ability, like absurd speed and power but can't regenerate at all.

Who is this cute ojisan

>th-the grim reminder isnt going to happen guys! Here's my ER tumblrwhale pixiv art as evidence!
I love you for destroying the shipper faggots, Isayama.

Actually it doesnt make sense. Wasnt she supposed to be the hot smug shit? And she is basically a war veteran, that saw people dying in most gruesome ways.

i’d fuck it

Seeing hell at war and seeing hell at home is completely different I imagine.

Was his head split open?

Eren did everything right.
Killed and ate the supposed WHT, and immediately attacked his families little tent when he realized it wasn't him. and nearly killed WHT before she could even transform.

It was a great idea, things just didn't go his way, naturally there's a plan a b c d e and f.

He knows the WHT has never fought against the walldians and stands very little chance due to poor ignorance and lack of experience.

does that means that she is the next one who will die?

>My daughter Zofia

Oh dear. This poor soul.

is /ourguy/ in marley right now?

Probably, it´s hard to tell with Isayama´s messy drawings.

I'm pretty sure a giant god like monster jumping out of the movie screen and killing your closest friends before your eyes would shock anyone.

Probably didn't consider her enemies human. Pretty different from two friends being brutally killed.
She's taking Udo being dead pretty well afterward. Colt could probably prop him up somewhere now.

definitely, can't wait for his scene during the monkey trouble fight, it was really powerful.

I said overripe fruit, but orange that got stomped on is more accurate visually. Looks like his eyes are pulverised and his head has that huge split deep into it.

I had a feeling she wasn't going to make it. Didn't expect Udo to go so quickly though.

Isayama seems to be on a plump thighs phase.
I don't mind.

During birth, yes.

she looks like killy now.

I unironically like Mikasa's tomboy hairstyle.


jean looking seriously slick

Didn't Reiner also climb the wall?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone. I hope your 2018 is very nice.

He looks like he's going for the Kenny look

What if Gabi turns into Eren 2.0? What if she dedicates her life to exterminating everyone on the island and becomes a crazed edgelord?

Ymir and Historia should have gotten married

I don't think the Attack Titan regenerates any faster than the others, and its strength seems on par with the Armored Titan (so it's probably weaker than the Beast Titan). It's more of a very strong all-rounder. Good strength, decent durability, high precision if the user can tame it

But Marley declared war first

Most posters here are esl spics, gringo.

Reiner and Falco should be "Unknown", regardless of plot armor memes

Man, Falco is gonna be so surprised whenever he actually sees all the chaos going on. 2 of his pals dead and the other getting severe ptsd.

I don't get it. Do the walldians seriously think they can win in a conventional global war? A few artillery pieces almost took down Eren themselves, and the crews weren't even well trained. If it was the !Not Ottoamans manning those guns, Eren would be swiss cheese. Unless the Walldians are willing to commit global genocide using the colossal's on every other nation, there's no way they can win. They just don't have the numbers and capability. What strategic value did this grim reminder give them?

Eren was raped by those

>these will never be funny again
Just die.

Nice chart

Oh yeah I forgot to change that

This chapter truly was the best. Even chart user is back.
Zofia thighs live on in our hearts.

Historia is the wife tho.

He crippled the entire Marley leadership without any losses on his side and all he has to do to genocide all of his enemies is either hold hands with his brother or with a titan Hisu.

Speed of Sound Mankasa

what the fuck is happening?

Maybe Marley should have sent that really fucking overpowered titan to Paradis instead of a bunch of 12 year olds.

Jesus Eren and Mikasa happened

Utterly lame. Please refrain from doing this ever again.

Mikasa is turning into a man.


I'm trying to make some predictions on how long it'll take for the anime to get here, Anyone know the exact chapters S1 and S2 ended off on?

>Survey corps became a right wing death squad
Me likey

Mikasa looks like Ninja Slayer.
>No commentary on Zofia's thighs

S3 will end with Eren pointing to the other side of the ocean.

A picture is worth a thousand words user

You fucked up totally with Zofia.

You forgot to comment that her manko can still be used.

>Reminder none of this would've happened without Hanji's approval
Can't wait to see her lads.


>Mikasa isn´t underage anymore

I suddenly don´t feel as attracted to her as before.

>When McMarley's screws up your order

Isn't he voiced by Eren's VA?

maybe this fucking powerful titan was doing something more urgent at that time including involving politics and couldn't go

So basically the last two chapters confirm that Eldians are black jews.

This was basically a senseless Eldian Lives Matter chimpout.

As usual, the majority of Eldians die by Eldian hands but they blame Marley cops for it.

So does he know what it feels like to eat a shifter?


Why is the attack titan so sheiiit?

>For over 6 years

She looks like Ada Wong now and that makes my peepee tingle.

He is still better than Femme-presenting Titan. Her only special ability is to shriek like a damsel in distress to call in the whiteknight niceguys.

He knows from Grisha´s memories.

Or maybe since he didn´t see/feel any changes, he knew something was wrong.

Would only allow it if it's 25 episodes long

Hisu is all over Mikasa now with her short hair.