Shinmai Maou no Testament

With departures coming out at the end of January, do you guys think there's hope for a season 3?

This is supposed to end the series, so no.

fuck shitmai I want s2 of hagure yusha

It’s unknown what they plan on adapting with the OVA so there’s still a possibility for an S3.

The BD also comes out in late March and has scenes that are too lewd for theaters. Mio's VA says they're pretty good too. Hopefully it lives up to expectations.

Why the fuck would you want another season? All this series is good for is the porn.

The plot is actually pretty interesting in the later novels. The lewds are god tier as well.

Thank fucking god no

All I want is that scene of Mio giving Basara the blowjob and titfuck of his life. Holy shit that was a hot read.

And I just want to see all the girls getting porked.

Do you have a link to where Mio's VA talked about the lewd scenes?

I just want this but I think they already skipped it.

Chisato and Mio are best for procreation.

For plot and PLOT, what else?

Production IMS is fucking dead, and so is this series.

Just go watch some hentai...

Best part about that illustration is background picturing insides of her womb.

Unite 5 Kurumifags

Dind't there used to be 6 of you?

Best illustration yet?

Reporting in

Uesu hasn’t talked about Hagure Yusha in years, and very well could end up just writing a sequel series to Shinmai after he’s done with volume 12 and the other side stories.

I am here.

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