Yu Yu Hakusho

There will be a new episode next year, is gonna be some Eizou Hakusho crap or something like “episode 113” showing the older characters with children.

Not this shit again, man. Let classics stay classics, damn it. Force Togashi to get goint with HxH instead for fuck's sake.

Last 10 chapters animated.

I would suggest Togashi try out whatever dark ideas he had for that last arc that he let get cut short, but I have an inkling he just used them for Hunter x Hunter.
Honestly don't know what a good move is. Probably just something feel good and nostalgic is the best route.

aaww yeah I can't wait for Blukasho

I don’t want a remake or a new manga by Togashi who can’t even finish HxH but YYH still has a large fanbase in Japan and in the rest of the world, a Boruto Next Generation anime could work with Togashi doing just the supervision (the YYH anime was much better than the manga).

Yusuke and Kuwabara father appear in these last chapters, it was never clear if Yusuke demon lineage came from her mother or absent father.

Yu Yu Hakusho: New Generations

>the YYH anime was much better than the manga

That applies for everything he does. That fuckface doesn't deserve his kind of luck.

Mukuro was pretty fucked up and the anime had tone it down.

What Naoko Takeuchi saw on him besides the money?

His narrative style is pretty unique, and the dude knows how to make a good story AND drive it onwards. Take those traits away and the dude is nothing.

He definitely is more smart than the average Shonen mangaka

Wow. I literally lived to see the kids of Naruto/Ichigo/Goku/Kenshin and now Yusuke.

Ichigo had kids?

Why are people thinking Togashi is involved in this in any fashion?

Why do they think he would return to a series he himself pulled the plug on because he reached a plateau and wanted to end it 20 years later?

this is a bait thread though, right? Wheres the proof?

one with Orihime


Is gonna be a OAD released in October with the fourth Blu Ray box set.

Inb4 he gets jailed for cp first

YYH probably has the best animation of any 100+ episodes anime.

He had a son with Orihime.

When did Togashi become Toriyama?

He copied Toriyama a lot.

What, you mean the core shonen formula practically everybody in the 90s took notes from?

>all sons
>Yusuke will also have a son, probably

My dream would be Yusuke having a sexy tomboy daughter that somehow has Toguro muscle growth technique, also the cool tattoos that demon Yusuke has.



>Toguro muscle growth technique

Yusuke+Keiko daughter would be like Mikasa

I liked the english dub. And the english version of OP and ED.

Was the Makai and Yokai in YYH a analogy for foreigners/other races and criminals? Yusuke in demon form getting tats that in Japan would be considerate part of the Yakuza, the barrier proetecting humans from demon immigration,...

One of the few anime that had a good English dub.




Is Yusuke the only tattooed shonen hero?

I don't know if you'd call him a "shonen hero" but he is the protagonist of a shonen manga.

this just reminded me that I completely forgot to rewatch YYH in 2017 and I use to do it religiously on a bi-yearly basis