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>mfw namefag isn't banned

what emotion is this face trying to convey

Yamoshi looks fucking badass. See? This is a saiyan, not those twinks from U6.

Whats that yellow thing on his cheek?

The shine of an utter badass

Regardless of 17 getting ringed out by Toppo in episode 123 or the ones following it.
How would you rate his participation in this arc so far, based on the hype around his return and personal expectations? Has he surprised you, disappointed, or did he performed just like you were expecting from him?

It's just lighting

he needs to be super 17 like in GT or else he is a farce

He's been enjoyable, the scene where he shot the universe 2 girls transforming was classic.

I really like his SSG form already. Hope we get to see more of him.

I have watched literally none of Super but hasn't 17 just been playing Firewatch for the past several years? How the fuck his he relevant?


Is there any confirmation on this? If not I'm calling bullshit.

>Becomes the very first super saiyan god
>still loses and gets killed by 6 normal saiyans

This guy is is more of a jobber than Vegeta

>genuinely the worst possible result

Why is Beerus concealing the fact he told Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta? The Monaka thing is one thing since it's embarrassing for him, but what does it matter if people know he delegated the destruction of some planet that wasn't even worth his time?

Mrs. Brief


He thinks it might cause Vegeta or Goku to hate him, despite how he acts, he likes hanging out with them and doesn't want to ruin the relationship.


I'm fucked

Goku doesn't give a shit about planet Vegeta or the saiyan race and if Vegeta really cared he would've used the dragonballs to bring back his planet and the saiyans.

Final Form or bust

That may be true now but it wouldn't have been the case in the very beginning of Super. Seems like something Beerus would've blurted out right after beating Super My Saiyan Bulma 2 Vegeta.

why did they ruin him? he had potential

Wait what? What episode was this? Or was this information only in the manga?

Also, how is the pacing for the manga? Like last time I checked and it's now at ToP???

look at his chin

It's during RoF arc, specifically when Vegeta admonishes Frieza for offering him a job after he'd destroyed the planet he was destined to rule.

>caring about some jobber from thousands of year ago

look at your feet

Look at your name.

Look at that trip tho.

he looks like Gohan from the side

Look at your (You)'s


Im getting trained by the person who stopped buu/cell/some god I think i got this

So will this be canon or just be like Bardock's episode?

he has no ass

will bills be in the movie?

>Trainer: Nappa
>Opponent: Icarus


Universe 3 has some problems.

Frieza is going to win AND YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT

It was like a band-aid for him, right off.

No episode this week?

what is that symbol before kami

Are you sure?


Are we going back in time?

not canon so no one

well now

But the symbolism in his defeat is interesting.

Literally the GOAT game


bubbles is canon you retard.

Shut up fagnny



September 31st?


Wh-where!? Oh s-s-sorry...I thought you said something else...

>mfw kai dub

Is Toriyama finally going to make this artwork canon?

we knew they were kinda effeminate, but this dub is crossing the line

I traced this picture when I was in elementary school and everybody thought I was so fuckin cool.

So far in U6:
Underwhelming eliminations:
- Krillin
- Tien
- Piccolo

Pretty good elimination:
- 18

Based as fuck elimination:
- Roshii

Trainer: Goku
Opponent: Krillin


where are the black eyes with red pupils?

Could this be it? The great Frieza-sama bested by a mere rabbit?

i am gay


the humor in these threads is so subtle


how many hours do you sleep?

>Based as fuck elimination:
>- Roshii

Speaking with a friend, I had mentioned that this would've been the best way to kill off Rishi, but the I remembered not too long after that episode Bulmas V/A died. So it would've been awkward to have a post-tournament wake.

8 normally, 24 when banned

Muten Roshi's original japanese seiyuu died before DBZ was done.

Why are Beerusfags always literal fags

He probably doesn't feel any need to, he was just doing his job and wouldn't think he did something wrong

because he's a twink

wakey wakey friezafags

The banter between him and 18 was great. He had some good fight scenes and more than pulled his weight.


U6 didn't eliminate any of those other than krillin.

imagine sonny chiba is frieza

imagine if a chinese live action movie is made and it had bills in it, how much of a turn off would that be?

feet post now

My bad, user. I meant in U7. You're right.

of course here you have

I wonder how slutty Beerus is


How fucked am I?

Isn't the 31st just the column (7th, 15th, 23rd) and the row (25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th) signaled by the arrows?
If so your opponents would be Cooler, 17, Krillin, Oolong, Gero, Marron, Yajirobe, Chiaotzu and Icarus. The two androids (17 and Gero) being the most powerful ones.
If that's the case I believe that Majuub, Gohan, Gotenks, Super Buu, Frieza, Janemba and Vegito are quite worse opponents, and that if we consider 17's power level past Cell's limit at this point.
And the worst possible opponent would be Vegito (22nd).

Trainer Andriod 18. Opponent android 17.


Android 18


Is there even a trainer that can train me for this type of match?

>trainer: Piccolo
>opponent: Chichi

Whis? His father?

No. You're pretty much fucked. Maybe Buuhan or Merged Zamasu.

He's not in the list.

>Trainer: Nappa
>Opponent: Vegito

Is this cropped?

Is the first Super Saiyan God the same as the first Super Saiyan?

according to toriyama yes. Bardockfags BTFO