Shingeki no Kyojin

Mikasa really wants her husband back.

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But...... she's not calling for me back? She hasnt texted me yet.

She looks so frail

You're just a fat smelly neet. Mikaqt is mine.

>She looks so beautiful


>her husband
But she's a man who just saved a little girl's ass.

She must be approaching 6 feet now

Let's check the fucking catalog

this thread was made before the other one

Where is Zeke? and manlet?

What is this face conveying?

What's this?
Patrician taste

Check the time stamps. That retard made that thread after this one because EM triggers them

>Where is Armin?

At least she doesn't have the same ugly haircut like Armong anymore.

>Your not Armin

She's probably the same height. Nips stop growing after they hit puberty.

It's from the Mangaka of Hidamari Sketch.

lol get fucked nerd, fuck off with your shit thread newfag

>I don't need a babysitter Mikasa!

>This is my home. All of my living relative are here.

Isayama triggering my vore fetish again

Manlet has a ponytail now

She looks like Ada from resident evil. I like it.

Who wants to bet that the plan is to lure the running civilians to one place where CT is gonna grim reminder.

Please no, I already think the manlet is a humongous autistic mong.

So where is Armin? Armin is the new Queen of Paradis, that´s right, he is posing as Historia. Historia is with SL and will be the one interacting with Porco.

In one day she went from

>having a blast with friends and uncle Reiner
>confident in ability to inherit ArT
>gonna have a great time at festival


>my entire life is a lie
>everything I ever knew was a lie
>My friends are dead
>My home is destroyed

How great I fucking hate this bitch

>with the coordinate, Eren will stomp the entire world
>we'll see Historia being the queen of the world
Glorious, Ymir would be proud

>that leg shot
Isayama you perverted bastard

I don't put it past Isayama to do pic related

>>confident in ability to inherit ArT
She doesn't have any competition now.


REMINDER that Gabi will be next one to bite the dust because of muh parallels

>next chapter
>mindless titans appear out of the ocean

Screencap this

reddit hi. Ama?

Her being alive over Zofia makes me rage so hard

Why is she wearing the Big Sisters outfit from Bioshock 2?

Falco is dead too.

Marcel... is he.. dead?

>Big Sister
Because that's all she'll ever be to Eren.

>Notto disu shitty agen

Moddified AP gear or Isayama is just really into bondage

>Next chapter
>Historia is flying with no pants no panties
>She open her legs
>Eren takes his pants off
>They connect to each other
>Start screaming

Does Udo run the wiki?

Is Reiner dead? maybe he could protect Falco like Eren did with Armin and Mikasa, maybe he could bite his hand.

>The mindless titans are the people who were aboard the 30 something odd submarines that were sent to Paradis.

Screen cap this

Reiner isn't, but Falco definitely is.

>"Bitch, don't you see I am in middle of something?"

>actually using the shitty wikia

>Mikasa, I just declared war on the entire world and killed a ton of innocent people. It's a bit late to go back home. Also, Reiner said hi before I crushed him

>Does Udo run

no he doesnt.

More like
>having a blast with friends and uncle Reiner
>being blasted along with friends and uncle Reiner

>Bertolt trends
>Armong don't
What did japan meant by this?

Too soon.

>I already gave you two kids to remember me by! Can't you just let me die in peace?

That is honestly funny

Anyone disappointed Mikasa didn’t grow her hair out?

I think the opposite, Eren ate Reiner but before that Reiner managed to make a torso or something to protect Falco.

I am.

>Girls with long hair>>>>>>pile of shit>girls with short hair

I don't know if this was already discussed because I've been away in Sup Forums for how long.

Is it safe to assume Eren and the others have been successful on their infiltration of Marley because of the memories of Bert? (And the 32 ships they sink/captured)

If so, is it also safe to assume they got information from Annie when she wake up? (Please just have a chapter with adult Annie ;_;)

Long haired sluts are garbage. Short hair girls are best girls.

Me desu

>implying Armin isn’t a big guy now
He’s either on paradis serving as its one man navy where he gets to stare at his ocean all day or he’s waiting to start the second part of the grim reminder, similar to how Reiner ran through the wall.

The only thing safe to assume is that everyone on those boats were tortured extensively.

Choose one. He didn't even have the time, he went straight to Vili. Reiner is unconcious not far away from a crushed Falco.

What is Eren thinking?

>when you overuse sterroids.png

Thanks. The pic the mangaka drew is adorable.

>Thanks for saving me, Mikasa. The big bad Warhammer was about to kill me if you hadn't saved me in time. Look, she even took my Titan's arms and head.

>girls with short hair are like guys
>hurr i like guys

kys urself faggot

This sounds like Isayama

Annie is dead and Bert wasn't related to Armong.

>Thank god you saved me

>make the girls' hair shorter
>make the guys' hair longer
I love this timeline.


Damn, did Eren do SS for 4 years? He got HUEG.
Ripp would be proud

>Reiner wakes up
>Sees all the chaos
>"Wait, those legs..."

I'm not that user and I'm not really trying to argue for Reiner's death here but I did notice that the armor Eren manifested on his hands when Warhammer-chan was trying to smash him looked like the Armored Titan's armor not the usual hardening Eren's used pre-timeskip. That could mean one of two things. Either he mastered hardening to the point it now resembles the Armored Titan's one or he just ate Reiner a few minutes ago and now has access to Reiner's shifter powers too.

Someone explain the 3/10 thing.

Eren's intelligence stat was 3/10

>he just ate Reiner
He ate Annie.

It was? I forgot about all about the stats.

What can we expect from Magath next chapter?

Eren has a inteligence of 3/10.

>that webm
3D women are disgusting

Why, because she was nice to a manlet?

>Mikasa (adopted sister)

>When the new commander got almost killed for using the new 3DMG with one eye only
She can´t fight, right? maybe she will only give orders and torture

He probably asked her to do that

Those armor plates aren't the type that the Female Titan uses. The Female's hardening is more like skin turning to crystal while the one Eren used this chapter was like actual armor plating you see Reiner's Titan have. Not saying he ate Reiner, he could've dosed himself on another serum over the timeskip to get that sweet armor but the simpler more logical explanation would be that he chomped Reiner just a few minutes ago and can now manifest his trademark armor too.

I have a theory

>Annie out of crystal
>everyone wants her dead
>Connie saves her using leverage as a SL hero
>Annie is forever grateful
>Connie takes her to his village
>to his house
>"C-Connie what's thi-"
>pushes her into his mom
>mom eats Annie
>Connie suffers just a bit less

He deserves it ;_;

>temper 10/10
>wits 3/10
literal ragetard

>Fucking really? I’m in the middle of a grim reminder and almost got killed by a titan with a big ass hammer that can produce spikes the size of the colossal titan, and you want to have this conversation right now.

Huge disappointment if dead.

Come home white man

>frogposter has shit taste
Not even surprised

what movie is this?

He looks more and more like Kruger. So, Eren Kruger is literally futur Eren Yeager ?

>Sasha will kill Pieck
>Connie will kill Porco
This is the power of the comedy relief plot armour