I love the embodiment of nature, so voluptuous!

I love the embodiment of nature, so voluptuous!

Where are her nipples?

Only British nature


Why does otome shit always have the cutest girls?

And a motherly personality


So, if Oberon is Oberon and Titania is Titania, is Elias Bottom?

He seems a bit too dignified for the role.
Also why does the British fae have an Irish title and a Greek name?

wtf, I love nature now


The title is Old Gaelic, so it encompasses all the Celtics that inhabited England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, etc etc before the Anglo-Saxons, Romans, Danes, and Normans showed up to turn what was pretty much a one-color sheet into a cultural and linguistic quilt over the span of centuries. As for the Greek, blame Shakespeare.



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It's my duty to guide the way.

Then you would have guided him to where requests are allowed.

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Dont start the sperg fest and drag this out longer than it needs to

It will drag on as long as it needs to for the point to get through your thick skull. The point being what you did was wrong. Spoonfeeding is frowned upon heavily here. When you spoonfeed it tells no-lurk newfags that being lazy is a good thing and that they don't need to use something as simple as the reverse image search imbedded into the site to find what they want. By spoonfeeding you are saying that you want the lowest common denominator into your community allowing it to turn to shit due to how ignorant and useless most of these people are. You are like a person who enables drug use, except the drug here is ignorance. Don't be that guy.

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Nature is nice

I want her to sit on my face

>Bountiful Nature
>Awesome goatman
Shame we never really get to see them again, they were a fun duo. It's even more a shame that we see the little asshole rock dude, whatever he was called.


Hmanga when?

>look at me trying to fit in guys!
If I had to choose between calling out a post that comes from a supposed regular but is brimming with underage and reddit or calling out a post that asks for source, I would still pick the first. Get rid of the people unironically using lul and emotes, and then we can talk about addressing people who ask for source.


she can make them appear and disappear at will

who are you quoting ?

>being this autistic about a dead board

How have you watched this far unaware that it's shounen?

Were you simply not paying attention?

Small boobs are better

oh mama

Why is she so mean with her husband ?

he probably likes it rough

Those are only small compared to an anime medium. Chise hides a very nice figure from almost everyone.

Is there no episode this week


True, in reality they would be perfect size to hold and squish

Stupid robots, stop fucking around and stop the space jews

>see the fairies roll up
>"oh shit is this Titania and Puck?"


>some pics int he thread had the source in the filename
>he asked for sauce anyway
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Just a recap. Does anyone actually watch recaps?

Animeonlyfag, please. You see both Oberon and Titania again.

Oberon is a notorious flirt despite being hopelessly in love with the Queen. He's not quite Zeus level of ridiculous about chasing anything that catches his fancy, but Titania is every bit as jealous as Hera though not nearly so ruthless or vengeful.

>being this dumb

So how many lovers does titania have?