Why is this allowed?

Why is this allowed?

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Because its a good thing

But why is that a good thing?

Arranged marriage between Yakuza boss daughter and Italian mob boss son.

Streamfag pls go and stay go

Nice couple desu ne

16 is the age of consent in the Nihons, right?

That'd actually be a pretty fun idea for an anime/manga. Perhaps an "elseworld" story starring both Maika and Dino?

Yea it'd make a nise koi story, I mean nice love story

I don't know what's more surprising: the fact that I didn't see this coming of the fact I never watched Nisekoi.

So is "Maika's family is yakuza" just a joke or is there some basis for it?

Maika is an angel

It's a joke. You never see Maika's parents and the super traditional japanese family in the traditional japanese-style mansion with the sheltered princess-like daughter is a yakuza stereotype.

The bodyguards when Maika's sister visits the cafe.

Isn't just a standard bodyguard though? Being rich and all they can afford them.

>S2 in 2032
>Animates a bonus chapter
>Maika gets kidnapped by a rival Yakuza family, they demand loadsa ransom
>Maika's parents are out of town, Maika's siblings beg Dino for help
>The entire staff goes full "Italian = Maffia" mode
>Dino now has to pretend he's an intimidating Capo in order to negotiate for Maika's freedom
>He intimidates the rival Yakuza family by spilling his spaghetti almost literally by rapidly reciting a Spaghetti Bolognese recipe out of nervousness, which the Yakuza interprets as some kind of threat

That's honestly an excellent synopsis and I'd watch it.

Bonus chapter? That reads like manga grand finale material.
>The entire staff goes on a trip to Europe and Italy
>Maika gets kidnapped by actual Italian Mafia, her father's ex business partners
>It's Dino's last, tragic moment to win Maika's love
>Dino deepest lore backstory
>Mafuyu gets kidnapped to be sold as child spouse

That's actually great.

>Mafuyu gets kidnapped to be sold as child spouse

>dude will they or won't they tune in to find out
really close to dropping the show if they prolong this shit

I was thinking on watching this show because of the smug reactions of that girl, but nope, fuck it.

It's not he's too old and she's too young

police will have his ass deported

Dino is so fucking insufferable

I felt like he got better as the show went on, but he was awful for the first 3 episodes or so.

because they are a cute couple


Is it a "bleached" or "riced" situation?

Feels more like riced to me

How can such an innocent gaijin get mollested in public and nobody does a thing?

>In that universe, 2chan's Sup Forums equivalent is full of keiki's posting RICED pictures and talking about how they're going to steal all the handsome men from white bitches


He wasn't THAT bad but the show would have been way better off without him.

>16 is the age of consent in the Nihons
13 actually

Only in episode one, he's fine once we get to know him a bit.

Hate him all you want but he's the one who brought them all togehter.

What's her problem? Why does she always abuse Dino?

>Blend S The Movie: From Stile with Love


you know why
she gets off on abusing others of course is what i meant

She's convinced all guys who like her must be lolicons, she sees Dino as a pervert, so my guess is that she releases her stress on him. Sadly the anime cut quite a bit of Mafuyu's characterization and screentime.

Her dad is that guy with long hair and glasses, in the anime

Sup Forums hate alpha people like Dino or Umaru chan they are capable to unite people with low effort


I don't think you know what that word means

no, he actually got harder to tolerate as it became clear that the mangaka was forcing her BIG WHITEY fantasies on us

Can't blame him, Maika thighs are top-tier thighs.

If you're looking for a quick resoltion just drop it already then. The anime didn't add original endings for the pairings, so you're gonna have to follow the ongoing manga to see where things go.

He got a cute yamato nadeshiko gf so by definition he's more alpha than you.


>implying they wont be shipteased until the manga is axed, followed by some non-ending

very naicu

Miu drew that herself


Is this yuri?

It's the best kind of yuri. It has dicks.

It's country meets city.

Country-wide is 13 but it depends on the prefecture. Many of them have it set to 16, the 13 is more of a cultural thing


>not with Owner

This doesn't jive with the endgame ships.

Mafuyu X Itou is official though.

Race mixing is wrong.

Could someone tell me the source of this?

I want to put my dick in between Kaho's Kahos and slide it in and out until I cover her face in cum

I don't know the source for this, but
google for sites with Raws manga i.e 13dl dot netand then look for the manga you are interest in, you can find a lot this way

I don't follow

Blend S

normalfag show

ironic weeb show

nothing wrong with being a normalchad, dirty weeb

Is this anime good? i'm drunk and i need something to watch

It'll be worth your time mate.

Perfect, thanks user

real talk though literally WHO was the target audience of this show?

trap fetishists

Japanese cuckolds who like seeing their women BLEACHED.

He kidnapped her to work at his shitty cafe

Also he is a faggot and deserves it

I will never not be mad that the shitty trap faggot gets the sexy fujo onee-san

That was the best thing that ever happened to her though. She has actual friends instead of being a cunt drinking coffee alone.

What's the real reason she does not want a boyfriend?

I want to kiss a loli so bad.

Thinks only pedos want her

What's wrong with a pedo boyfriend if you have the body of a child?

Well, a non-pedo could be attracted to her personality, but any sort of sexual relationship she has would have to be with a pedo.

>the mangaka was forcing her BIG WHITEY fantasies on us

If it weren't for dino the two other idiots wouldn't be an item, so in the end he helped boost the nip birthrate. The creation of an autistic spaghetti hafu is a fair trade.

god I wish I was Hideri

Why do all the Blend S' have a confirmed OTP except Mafuyu?

she's ace

Stop using this template OP

>Why is this allowed?
Because being close friends, kissing someone on the cheek, or even their lips, or walking in public holding hands, or for that fact loving and caring for *anyone* doesn't break any indecency laws even in places where the age of consent is 18yrs old+. Laws have a purpose, they're not just tools for you to abuse to dictate who can or cannot talk or be close to someone else, or when people are allowed, or not allowed to care for one another simply because you may or may not personally approve

>target audience
This is a Kirara series, so the intended audience are the moefags.

> Mafuyu has no OTP
user, she has, it's just not in the anime.

>a woman into mahou shoujo anime
Only if it's ccs

I think she likes any kodomo anime, but esp mahou shoujo ones.

Why are you stupid OP?

Thanks a lot user, gonna check. I'm looking for a way to find the latest chapters raws (beyond volume 4), I sure don't want to wait October/November 2018 for volume 5 scans.

I actually chuckled.

Look for the magazine they are published in, that sortof sites has magazines too

As a moefag I can attest to this.

Should be Manga Time Kirara Carat but searching まんがタイムきらら yields only two results. Guess I'l try somewhere else for now.

there are other sites,this has 11/17 an 01/18 soso the number of december is missing

It's Manga Time Kirara Forward though, Manga Time Kirara Carat is where Blend S is published. Do older numbers get deleted after a while?

teens and tards

To be fair, he hasn't realized she's into him yet.