Is Detective Conan the most slingle-most neglected & poorly excuted anime in the west?

>huge gap of episodes not streaming
>unnecessary name changes
>Viz's manga is a decade behind
>no episodes on TV in almost 15 years
>some other long runners still get dub support

This checks out.

Also, it was made during a time nips liked mysteries. That genre doesn't seem to do well with the modern audience, except with those who grew up with it.

>unnecessary name changes
I've never watched/read the American versions. Do they pretend the series took place in America? And the character went to a city heavily populated by Japanese immigrants every chapter?

Hell, the Tokyo Tower was feature pretty heavily in some Cases. Do they pretend it is just some random Eiffel tower lookalike in America or something?

>most slingle-most

fuck, kill me

I think they do, but it's been a while since I've seen the dub

Probably either that or One Piece, initially.

I think they've tried too hard to Westernize it from the beginning to the point that they don't know how to fix the problems they created by doing that, and so they gave up on the dubbed version

>>no episodes on TV in almost 15 years

The fuck are you talking about, you mutt?

The west is not Am*rica, here in Italy it's popular as fuck, and they aired it until like a year ago

Yeah I kind of find it annoying that all legit streams have episode 1 to like.. 127 dubbed and subbed, then skip all they way to episode 700ish subbed. It's one of the shows I would love to binge and catch up on but it seems like a daunting task rely on shady pirate streams and/or reading inconsistent fansubs from who knows when and were they came from.

In America definitely.
In Europe it actually did fairly well but I don't think it's still getting dubbed anywhere.
I'm pretty sure they still have reruns of it to this day though.

Infinity Productions, though it's more of a fandub. From what I know of the earlier episodes, it needed work but they may have improved by now. I might check out more sometime.

>caring about dub
Out you go.

I really donĀ“t get it. It still airs here, but only old episodes. But for whatever reason they always dub every new movie that gets released. They kinda expect from you to watch fansubs/crunchy or read fantranslations of the manga.

>It still airs here, but only old episodes

What country would that be?

I'm pretty sure they say that Heiji/Harley is from Canada. But I think they avoided saying location names as much as possible

I thought they should at least say he's from Texas since Osaka is pretty much the Texas of Japan.

I think it was to pass off Osaka's Tower as the CN tower.
I don't remember what they say about Tokyo Tower

Netflix has OPs 37 to 40, whatever those eps are.

>unnecessary name changes
No, this is one case where I can get behind localizing the names. Not only does every episode have like 6 new one-off characters whose names the audience has to remember, but the show likes to have wordplay where the victim tries to name the murderer but the word gets mistaken for something else. I remember one episode where the solution to the mystery hinged on recognizing that every suspect had the kanji from a shougi piece in their name. I think that the localization is inherently bad if a case becomes unsolvable for western audiences.


I'm pretty sure Funimation dropped the dub right before an episode with really complicated kanji wordplay.

Conan is a series where you have to commit hard to rewriting so that the mystery and hints still make sense despite being westernized. Or leave the names and such as is, and leave the viewer completely in the dark until Conan explains everything at the end,

They should have kept it as a translated series, set in Japan. There have been many series that talk about the japanese language in english in ways that hardly sound coherent but at least they don't fuck up the world.

They still translate the manga in Germany, tho.